Sunday, January 1, 2012

Im back...


I had a nice time on vacation and all but geeeeeez the hussy in Me is ready to come out and play again. I had exactly 2 orgasms while I was away so you know there is tons of pent up perverted kink to go around for all My pets ;)

I had a bunch of packages to open when I got home. I used a gift card a sweet generous pet gifted Me to buy lots of gorgeous lingerie lotions and pantyhose! you pets should thank him! lol I also sent Myself some items to include in My kink bag so I'm pretty stoked for the day when I get pulled over & car searched ;) (I'm kidding..)

This month is bound to be fun-filled:
Mistrix will be in town 1/17-1/22..
Julie Simone 1/8-13 & 1/16-19..
It would please Me very much if my pets requested a Double Domina session with Myself & either of these Ladies while they are in town.. a Triple Domme session would be even better!

Mistrix & I will be in Anaheim while she is in town so those pets attending NAMM, if you show us your badge we will discount your session by $20 ;) We will be in Anaheim 1/20-22!!!

I'm interested in attending the bondage class Julie Simone is teaching at Dungeon Servitus SUNDAY JANUARY 15th 3-5pm so I expect my interested pets to offer to bring, meet or sponsor me there. 

The Ladies & I will be playing in LA at The Catsuit Lounge!!! (***UPDATE*** NEVER in My life would I ever return to that place, couldnt pay Me enough!!! Oh & Mistrix too, She has moved Her bi-monthly dinners elsewhere!) (I am always available for OC sessions as well). There will likely be a Domina Dinner 1/22 @5pm! Gotta love Mistrixs cooking, Ill never miss an opportunity to eat her food! I expect my pets to come dine with me, serve me, bring me wine!, keep me company & also donate to Mistrix for her time and to cover costs of the food. This is a no pressure to play night although sessions are available.

Please contact me directly to request Fetish/BDSM sessions (private 1 on 1 or to request a Double or Triple Domme sessions), or if youd like to attend the Domina Dinner:
Sheri.Darling13 at
or call 626-247-4374
READ this blog on protocol for scheduling sessions: HERE

Lets get kinky xoxo