Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Post DomConLA update

Hello once again fans, friends & stalkers! 
Doing great, thanks for checking in on Me ;D
Unless you attended Our most recent Eyes Wide Shut CFNm Play Party in DTLA during DomConLA then you didnt get to worhship or suffer for Me while I was wearing this super sexy outfit. I just had one of My first clients from years ago see Me this week & tell Me that I "get hotter and more irresistible to serve as time goes on" & I agree. 
Lounging in My dungeon after some fun camming. How to cam with Me: Tribute $50 to be added to My skype contact list. This lets Me know you arent going to waste My time & when you contact Me on skype I will be responsive & know you are ready to play vs time waste & clog up My contact list. you may then pay by the minute for cam time by using one of My cam line listings at or by prepaying using an email delivery gift card of My choice. Good boys pay to cum, great slaves tip Me with a tribute or present for the opportunity to have 1 on 1 time with Me on webcam. Its really not that hard. Ive tried other cam sites like MyFreeCams but they are really not worth wasting time on in My opinion so this is the only way to have a virtual session with Me. youre welcome! 
 I met Jewell Marceau years ago when We spent time in the Dominican Republic while enjoying a DommeTrips vacation. She has been nothing but sweet, charming, professional and highly talented as Im sure you all know. Its truly such an honor to count Women like Her as My friends. We snapped this selfie during Our DomCon edition of Our Eyes Wide Shut CFNm Play Party. Usually I expect a couple really great play scenes & I pace Myself but this party I played the entire night! I was so sore the next day & really wanted to stay in bed but I didnt, instead I hit DomCon! 
 Snagged some smoking time with Mistress Anli. Too bad you werent there to enjoy the free show I got of the nice camera guy and Mistresses back side while smoking :D I really need to shoot with Her! Love Her!!!
 I love Mistress Simone Justice!! So glad I finally got a picture with Her. She has such an amazing energy, you truly feel Her when She sees you. What a Goddess. Seriously, I cant stop looking at Her in this image. Total babe!!! Thanks to Her efforts We now have a relaxing retreat to enjoy during the busy DomCon weekend! The Whiplr lounge was such a relaxing breath of fresh air! AC, cocktails & Hot Dommes all around! 
Woo, got a picture to share with you all of one of Our favorite Top LA Dommes, Cybill Troy. Thank Me by purchasing all of Our clips on My, oh you have them already? Buy them again to encourage Me to shoot with Her more often!!
 Happy I got some time while the Boss Herself, Irene Boss, was selling all Her HOT Domination videos at Her DomConLA booth! I love that She now is spending half of Her time here in OC & has created an amazing shooting / session location! I told My client the other day that I felt like I was at a new Disneyland and like a kid in a candy store! So fun. 
 A couple of My favorite FemDom Friends, Mistress Nicolette Rule & Goddess Stella Liberty after the Mistress Photoshoot at DomConLA. I love these Ladies so much. I spent the first couple years as a Pro Domme with My guard on high at all times after a couple Mistresses tried to take advantage of My kindness. Now that Im well established I know who My friends are and who I can trust. I also know exactly who to watch out for even if they are brand spanking new. I can read people perfectly, always have been able to, now I just trust Myself more. Ive gotten to spend some time with each of these Ladies over the years and Dommes dont come better than these two! Creative, fun, controlling- no wonder We're friends ;)
 I got to reconnect with Houston TX Domina Shannon! I met Her a few years ago while partying during Montreal Fetish Weekend & I am so glad She is back and better than ever! Ill look forward to hearing from a few TX slaves, Id love to visit Her and Her dungeon in Houston as well as Maitresse Renee (who was very missed at DomConLA) in Dallas!
 Two of My Favorite FemDom Bitches, Myself with London based Mistress Absolute and Domina Bellicose of Atlanta GA! I fell in love with these two over the many years of enjoying their well put together FemDom yearly trip: Because of Them I have had experiences (during DommeTrips) that I know I would have never been able to experience otherwise. So much love for these Ladies! Also, who is sponsoring this trip to Jamaica so We can reconnect again?! Email Me to beg for consideration for this opportunity. 
This guy. Gotta love him.
Me. youve gotta love Me. 
I always say: you arent allowed to be My slave unless youre completely obsessed with Me. 
Arent I so generous? 
To allow you these candid glimpses into My life?
Thank Me.
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

NYDominatrix & OC Latina Dominant Fetishist

So basically whenever Ms Elena De Luca & I join forces magic happens ~ this visit was just the same! Since Im based in OC its not very often that a Mistress visits from the East Coast. I was so happy to show Her around OC, to the beaches and dungeons. We snapped the above picture in My private dungeon right before filming. We are so pretty. Thank Us with a tribute! 
We might look like your normal girls next door but once you cross Our path your life will be forever changed. This lucky guy just so happened to have his life changed forever by being kidnapped in broad daylight in Orange County by the Two Hottest Dommes around. One of My favorite long time role play enthusiasts mentioned wanting to experience being kidnapped... Threatened, blindfolded and waiting with Ms Elena standing so closely behind him (I can only assume she was nudging him with Her weapon of choice) I absolutely loved turning the corner to find Our victim ready and waiting. Such a gorgeous day to be kidnapped!
orange county femdom
After an inspection and interrogation We changed Our minds about wanting to kidnap him to Mexico to become a drug mule / whore for Our profit so We abandoned him somewhere random and enjoyed Each Others beauty without distractions. Isnt it crazy how pretty We are?! you should probably shop Our wishlists so that We know just how much you appreciate Us in gifts. 
orange county mistress
I took Her to hangout at a few of My favorite places in Huntington Beach. Champagne, cheese plates & bacon happened along with much planning for future kinky fun. I mainly wanted to drop this blog right here because I love Ms Elena so much! Any time you see that She is visiting LA be sure to request double Domme sessions, custom videos and webcam time.  
irene boss orange county dominatrix
I also wanted to say a big thank you to Mistress Irene Boss for allowing Me to use Her space. The set up is amazing & the location is great too. I have been letting play partners know that I can also see them at this awesome location, a teensy bit more west than My current dungeon. 
Here are some hot videos starring the two of Us:
If youre going to buy only one video let it be this one! 
So creepy its hot!!

Fly Me to Her!
Fly Her to Me!
A tribute can make your dreams come true if you play your hand right. For Ms Elena De Luca for Me