Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hussy update with travel news

Hello pervs & copycats ;)
Latex & leather clad Mistress Sheri 3/6/13
Shot by the official Irongate Studios photographer David G.
(1 of the 3 dungeons I have available to play at.)
Ive been super busy lately & I love it! I'm about to be traveling during the first half of April so keep up! I finally found the perfect house sitter who will also be My dog sitter & keep home taken care of while Im gone! Fuck yes! I'm hitting Las Vegas during the last weekend of March for some fun in the sun Rockabilly style. The first weekend in April I will be joining Mistress Julie Simone to cheer Her on & participate in Her performance for the Miss Rubber World Competition April 6th! We will be doing a performance during Miss Rubber World so Im pretty excited!!! Please say hello if you are in NY as I will be staying with Mistress Julie for the remainder of the week, April 8th-11th. From NY Miss Julie with My slave & I will be attending 'BOUND in Wonderland' in DC April 12th! Mistress Julie is in charge of the dungeon area & I know it'll be tons of fun. After DC I will return home to continue exploiting the kinks of so cal sluts. There are a few concerts Ill be attending while home during April!!! Plus I have a new slave traveling from out of state to play for a few days at the end of April! Should be a fun month :) 
Latex clad Mistress Sheri 3/19/13

Last week I had a blast shooting with Tommy O & Xanthia so we shot this of Me with the last ad we all worked on together! Xanthia came to do My makeup at SubmissionLA in West LA.. Then Tommy & I got great photos of Me smoking various items while I allowed My slave to watch on webcam, aren't I nice. Both are such rad people with great energy, they make the shoot into a beauty experience, I love them! This photos shows the current DDImag that features Me on the back cover! I am so honored to have such a prominent spot on their internationally publicized magazine! The back cover can not be bought, the people over at DDI decide. Since this only comes out 4 times a year they dedicate 2 of those covers to an American Domme & I am the 1st of them this year! Thank you slave M for making it possible! Thank you Tommy & Xanthia for being such an awesome team! This was truly something I was very flattered by!! 
Oct 26-Nov2
That's right pervs, Wwe're going back to Dominican Republic for another round of Dominican Domination with later this year! slave just paid the deposit & I'm already daydreaming about going back! Laying in the sun, being served, sipping cocktails & having kinky fun for a full week sounds so perfect right now... I had a blast last year, the organizers check on you the whole time to make sure that you're having fun, that things are going well & to include you in everything. Participate as much or as little as you like, which really made Me feel comfortable & is why I want to go back & participate more this year!

 yours truly on the flier
I hope that some of My Domme friends get their slaves motivated to spend a week on a gorgeous resort for a kinky all inclusive vacation! Last year was fun but it would be lovely to have more of My friends there. What slave wouldn't want to spend a week on a kink friendly vacation?! Visit their website for complete info on the resort, theme days, cost & to see photos from past years.  
Mistress Eden Winter & a slave boy..
Myself with a pain slut & Mistress Eden Winter & her puppy
So yah, come with your Mistress or come serve Me & My Domme friends.

Got some new latex I cant wait to play in..
By Abigail Greydanus
There is more, I just havent felt generous enough to share it just yet ;)
...watching anal fisting videos I made but never edited or showed anyone. Im considering having them edited & posting them in a clips for sale store, Im just really wanting to do it the right way. I know I need to learn how to edit them Myself, after I begin to shoot here at home, after the bondage furniture arrives, and perhaps I should get a better video camera?... Just a few more things to do while I get the old stuff edited & then I can shoot & show off more for you pervs.
 As always
Im available through the week for phone sessions
Visit My website for complete info on sessions
& lets get kinky...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

submission Los Angeles

I just saw some awesome photos of My main playspace & wanted to share.
yours truly lol, had to & you're welcome!!!
Ok serously though, this is a playspace that puts Me in the mood for some extended play.
Awesome suspension rigs above,
theleather swing is removable & can hold a few people,
dont ask Me how I know that *wink*...
I love the setup, great cross with full length rope rigs, nice decor &&&  
I can watch Myself & My plaything in mirrors on each side of the room...
Maybe because Ive had so much fun in this room Im super fixated on this image....
Then the Onyx room is super bad ass as well
Amazing rigging going in an X on the ceiling as well as up & down the corners of the walls
Nice wide leather bondage bed on wheels, I love climbing on this & being evil
You will notice in these pictures the nice equipment, electric crank suspension,
tons of restraints as well as toys live at SubmissionLA
Standing cell, theres only 1 way out of this & you have to get past Me....
I wonder what you'll do to get out...
The studio has two rooms fully equipped. There is also a full bathroom with standing shower available with fresh clean towels & toiletries. A full kitchen, cold water & coffee offered. There is a lovely patio for smoking, but the studio does allow smoking sessions which I love. There is also a living room lounge area which can accommodate domestic scenes which is great for domestic servitude humiliation or adult baby play as well.

Just thought Id share some awesome photos & a few reasons I enjoy playing at great dungeons. I also love Dragonsgate in OC, they have an amazing space. I figure that since a lot of My play partners like to take their breakfast break or lunch break with Me I have spaces available so that I can be where is most convenient for you sneaky little perverts ;)
Lets get kinky

PS. submission LA was nominated last year for best playspace 2012!
(It was formerly called Dungeon West before the old cuntface Mistress left *good riddance*) She loved taking credit for that nomination even though she really wanted to erase any proof that her new pop up dungeon wasn't even set up yet. Adorable, really. Now SubmissionLA is stronger than ever with REAL FemDom professionals who are truly independent.
If you look at old Dungeon West photos you will notice this is that space!
It won 3rd place of all playspaces that were judged!

The original owner, Head Mistress Eden Winter is still in charge which is why this is still running as the most discrete upscale private playspace in LA.
Come play ;)