Wednesday, March 6, 2013

submission Los Angeles

I just saw some awesome photos of My main playspace & wanted to share.
yours truly lol, had to & you're welcome!!!
Ok serously though, this is a playspace that puts Me in the mood for some extended play.
Awesome suspension rigs above,
theleather swing is removable & can hold a few people,
dont ask Me how I know that *wink*...
I love the setup, great cross with full length rope rigs, nice decor &&&  
I can watch Myself & My plaything in mirrors on each side of the room...
Maybe because Ive had so much fun in this room Im super fixated on this image....
Then the Onyx room is super bad ass as well
Amazing rigging going in an X on the ceiling as well as up & down the corners of the walls
Nice wide leather bondage bed on wheels, I love climbing on this & being evil
You will notice in these pictures the nice equipment, electric crank suspension,
tons of restraints as well as toys live at SubmissionLA
Standing cell, theres only 1 way out of this & you have to get past Me....
I wonder what you'll do to get out...
The studio has two rooms fully equipped. There is also a full bathroom with standing shower available with fresh clean towels & toiletries. A full kitchen, cold water & coffee offered. There is a lovely patio for smoking, but the studio does allow smoking sessions which I love. There is also a living room lounge area which can accommodate domestic scenes which is great for domestic servitude humiliation or adult baby play as well.

Just thought Id share some awesome photos & a few reasons I enjoy playing at great dungeons. I also love Dragonsgate in OC, they have an amazing space. I figure that since a lot of My play partners like to take their breakfast break or lunch break with Me I have spaces available so that I can be where is most convenient for you sneaky little perverts ;)
Lets get kinky

PS. submission LA was nominated last year for best playspace 2012!
(It was formerly called Dungeon West before the old cuntface Mistress left *good riddance*) She loved taking credit for that nomination even though she really wanted to erase any proof that her new pop up dungeon wasn't even set up yet. Adorable, really. Now SubmissionLA is stronger than ever with REAL FemDom professionals who are truly independent.
If you look at old Dungeon West photos you will notice this is that space!
It won 3rd place of all playspaces that were judged!

The original owner, Head Mistress Eden Winter is still in charge which is why this is still running as the most discrete upscale private playspace in LA.
Come play ;)