Sunday, April 10, 2022

spring season Mistress update

Me in Sheri Land, My gorgeous independently owned / run Huntington Beach, Orange County California dungeon.
Hello fans and former friends lol I am still here and still doing incredibly well. 
Thanks for sticking with Me and always checking back :)
This gorgeous leather dress was sent to Me from a very sweet slave <3 
Since My last update just before the end of the year I have managed to keep very busy while also accomplishing some things in My private life. I am happy to have some of the best slaves who get Me and keep Me busy regularly. I am still not that eager to add in new people. Id say how few people new that Ive seen since scamdemic but I dont want to deter anyone from presenting themselves for servitude. Im picky (as I should be) but I am becoming more open to meeting new people. Especially since changing My screening methods. Prior I would rely on another girl verifying that the guy is cool and trustworthy. Now I do not trust other peoples decisions like I did previously. Some girls are just not safe and can take chances because they need to. I am not one of those girls. I have a large stable of slaves who have met and upheld My standards through their servitude. Anyone new has to rise to the set standard in commitment, consistency and communication -to begin with.. I do not chase after slaves, that is not My job. Im here to be served.
New custom latex <3 TY slave for Sheri for ordering this custom bodysuit for My birthday present.
This custom catsuit was also a gift for My birthday. TY slave g for going out of your way to gift Me something that will keep on giving for years and years. Being sentimental there is no way I could ever get dressed in these stunning custom latex looks without thinking about the sweet pervs who enabled Me to own them. 
I still have not traveled lol I was in a really "fuck you" mood to the airline industry for all of scamdemic for treating people and staff like such shit but to be completely honest - those idiots can fly Me everywhere now: Im ready to travel. I miss it. I have worked hard on My dungeon and stuck to My stable of slaves and have met tons of fun distance slaves over the last two years. I am huge on planning but am now growing tired of hearing what you would do if you could. You can. And you will. That is, if you want to actually serve Me. 
This was from a fun slave date. He has been so sweet to Me for years. We finally reconnected for another session in Vegas where he got to take Me out to sushi and then play. More of this please :) Especially since I do have such a flexible schedule and bounce back and fourth between oc and Vegas easily.

Process to become My slave in a session:
Email Me with a polite introduction.
Explain exactly who you are and briefly outline your interest.
I expect you to be able to prove who you are via professional website link, online mentions, official ID and travel itinerary. 
Its really as simple as that. If you are a good slave who cares about their health and safety then I would expect for you to have read My website and blog to approach with an obvious understanding of who I am and what I expect from you right off the bat. If you are a good slave you have done this and are eager to be screened to make Me feel safe and to show Me exactly who you are online and offline. I do not want to meet anyone that I do not feel safe around or do not think I can trust. Its as simple as that. 
I have gotten tons of applications for houseboys. Does My space look like it needs cleaning?? lol I understand this is how some new guys think they can gain entry into My private life but they're wrong. Im a control freak who has a constantly clean and neat work space because I need it to be that way. Take Me out. Dates, shopping, activities. Almost anything sounds better than playing get-to-know-you while I manage someone new doing My chores. Unless I feel like Im saving time or money it tends to feel like work. Being My slave is about improving  My life - not just being in it. slaves I already know and like are different, they are always welcome to offer themselves up to serve after a session. Fortunately all My slaves understand the love I have for My free time to enjoy peace, quiet and privcacy <3 Bring something to the table or book a session. you can be a great client, you do not have to also be a lifestyle slave. 
I really like being a Mistress though. I have some really sweet guys who would do just about anything for Me. This lifestyle has definitely led Me to become more private and I do keep Myself isolated at times. Its just easier to keep all the secrets that way lol But we all need balance. Because I like planning dates and play scenes My balance tends to be focused around time with family or time in the gym where I can just not think about anything while Im there- true Me time. I feel super fortunate that I have plenty of time for it all <3
Its been a long time since I have ventured out into the fetish party scene but its finally happening and I hope you all come out to join Me. The largest international fetish club is coming to Vegas. I will be attending Torture Garden in Las Vegas this May 6th in Area 15! The nice people at Torture Garden gave Me a link to share with you all for a 15% discount: CLICK HERE for tickets or use code TGLVSHERI2022 at checkout. It was the perfect excuse for Me to order something new and shiny from My Los Angeles based latex designer Abigail Greydanus, I hope you slaves will send tributes towards paying for it. What I am most excited about is the TG strict dress code! I cannot wait to see what everyone is wearing to the party. I am excited to reconnect with some friends as well as people I have not seen in years and also meet some people in real life that I have only met online so far. If you're going I hope you drop a note or say hello if you see Me. 
I will be available for play scenes as well as slave dates with a bit of planning. For play scenes you must host and deposit 50% up front so sort your calendar and make plans while we both still have time to set aside for play! Thank you for reading My website and following directions if this is your interest. Obviously I will be busy with the event on the 6th but will be in town for a few days before and after the party.
I have been regularly updating My fan pages:
worshipSheri dot com -loyalfans
onlySheri dot com       -onlyfans
sextpanther dot com /MissSheriDarling
Join one and serve Me virtually from wherever you are. All of these sites have a webcam session feature that you can utilize to cam with Me. Tribute to get My attention to start off and then secure a time slot - let's play. I love seeing the look on your face as we meet on cam and then finding out how fun and submissive you can be for Me.
Ive also been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Its been almost a year since losing someone close to Me. That really put things into perspective and still does daily. That defining time showed Me the value of the relationships I had. I reflect about how I spent the last year. With who. Did they make Me happy or impact My life positively? I reflect about how I got to this point as a seasoned pro dominatrix of over ten years now. Long story short Id just really like to emphasize how fake the relationships I had within My own industry turned out to be. All the girls I've worked with have tried to screw Me or My biz over one way or another (except Isabella and Jordan).

The relationships that stood the test of time are all with people who don't need to use Me for promo, who don't need Me to bring them clients or need people to help make them look good. Thank you, friends.  

Its liberating to see the growth I've been able to experience since leaving those relationships behind. I'm  not sure if Id have Sheri Land and a footprint in Las Vegas if I was splitting My time between HB & LA like I had been doing before. Being a conservative health nut who still refuses to be vaccinated definitely sets Me apart from the bunch. Good. I'm glad I'm not like them. Once in a while I question if I should be in this "world". But Ill never leave, it's My personal fuck you to anyone who would love to see Me go. :)  

And for some Vegas photos..
I dont think I have ever felt or looked better. (photo above is Me poolside enjoying some tanning time on My cabana)
I have never felt more fortunate and balanced. 
Thank you slaves for being there for Me and for working hard to be able to serve Me and shower Me with gifts and acts of service. I love being your shiny Mistress. 
above photo taken 3/21/22
**Side note~ My 10 year Niteflirt anniversary is 4/30! Call Me at to celebrate with Me. **
Serve Me.