Monday, December 16, 2013

Miss Sheri Darling by Sardax

What a wonderful gift!
Image of Myself with slaveforSheri & Sherispaulina included! By Sardax
This picture of it doesn't do it justice!
After spending a fantastic & fun night out with My two best slaves we came back to My apartment where Wwe shared a special moment.. The revealing of My image by Sardax! The living legend FemDom Artist Sardax and My sissy pet worked together to come up with this image that is just perfect in My eyes. Portrayed in this image is truly where I find bliss, being served by My sweet & loyal pets. I got emotional looking at it and to be completely honest I'm a teensy bit emotional typing this, kinda crazy how much this so accurately portrays the 3 of Uus. My slaveforSheri on his knees by My side, serving Me in so many ways like the sweet, loyal and hard working pet he is.. While My sissy pet, all dolled up, proudly serves Me by bouncing around the house and working hard while looking so cute! lol Too cute, I really love it so much. Everything from what I'm wearing, what I'm holding, the details about the setting, the light, My slaves details & everything about this is so perfectly capturing this time in Oour lives. Brilliant. Ill treasure it forever & ever.
The inscription reads:
"Whether sweet or sadistic
Her gifts are fantastic
She is filled with unbridled passion
Yet Her cop lands with compassion
Once Her laughter She gave
one will forever be Her slave
one's true destiny is finally met
As Miss Sheri's sissy pet"
Signed by My sweet sissy pet & Sardax.
Absolutely perfect, thanks perverts xo
Heres the image sent to Me by Sardax, the one above is a picture I snapped of the framed image so its a little off.

Christmas Wishes

~Christmas Wishes~

I love being spoiled all year around but here are a few ideas on My wish list:
4k debt paid off
Whole Foods gift cards *HERE*
PetCo gift cards *HERE*
PopPhysique monthly membership payments $150
Gas Cards *HERE*
Etsy e-gift cards *HERE*
Louboutin pumps & boots, size 37.
Handle the wishes on My wish list *HERE*
A 1k-10k gift voucher for *Fabulously Fetish* heels
Jewelry- silver, gold, rubies & diamonds are My favs.
1yr Membership at *Burke Williams Spa* ($80-150/mo)
Latex Vac Bed
I especially would really really enjoy a new *Puppy cage* in My new apartment

Tributes may be sent via Chase Quickpay to My email address, or by clicking & paying tribute via the Niteflirt buttons below ~ Id like to see the world & you can help make that happen xo
Tribute $100  
Tribute $200
Tribute $500
Tribute $1000

Sheri Darling
POBox 18431
Irvine, Ca 92623

Happy Holidays, perverts xo

Amsterdam / November Update

Hello perverts!
I know you pervs enjoy reading My blog & thanks! I get many compliments on how I'm so open about what I do & who I am- Ive got nothing to hide. Unlike the fake dommes who will tell you they're "the real thing" and they've "been this dominant since they were born" but can only copy what they see- I'm just plain real. I share My experiences, I do what I like & I do what I want.
By the way, look at My copycat. Just have to laugh when girls cant think for themselves. Couldn't help it, had to repost this, its just too funny lol
she wishes she could be as real as Me.
One of the many gifts I was given for My birthday, so cool!!!
Got to watch one of My favorite bands play on My birthday! Happy place!!
Time for a recap to catch you all up on what Ive been up to lately. My birthday was great, so different from last year though.. Gotta say, slaves truly show their colors when it comes to birthday & Christmas time. I hate to admit, but I can be let down! lol I appreciate everything I have and am fortunate enough to enjoy but sometimes when I feel slaves are lacking or lazy I feel that same way about them & it doesnt encourage Me to want to be generous.
Dorian Gray with Miss Julie & Her slaves
I just returned from a lovely trip to New York & to Amsterdam with Miss Julie Simone. We always have so much fun together! We are definitely twice as powerful and twice as spoiled when We are together. We don't simply stop to consider each of you begging for attention. I love how amusing slaves will be just to try to gain Our time, that's what makes Me happy. The first stop was New York for a few days. Miss Julie took Me out to one of Her favorite clubs where We decided to take over a back room to get kinky & play. Spanking, foot & boot worship, I even served up My very own flavor of champagne to the good slave on hand. Lucky fuckers.
be useful or get out of My way.  
Backstage at Wasteland, Amsterdam with Miss Crash.
I have only been involved in performances due to the fact that if Miss Julie asks I pretty much always will agree to what She wants lol Ive always wanted to travel & see the world, this was definitely lined up to be a once in a lifetime trip & I'm so fortunate I got to enjoy it with Miss Julie. Its too cold there. Other than that I absolutely love it there & hope to return in the near future. Met a really nice slave boy thanks to the power of social networks. I felt very well taken care of & missed by My slaves while away, as I should be. & yes, absolutely loooved the cannabis coffee shops. A lot. Loved how people there seemed so much less judgmental, even though I do enjoy judging quite a bit.   
Im really good at pretending to cum & die at the same time, latex clad of course for Miss Julie Simone.
The Wasteland party itself was pretty amazing. We knocked out two performances in the same night, thanks to Miss Julies skills & contacts the nice people over at recorded & gave Us a copy of the performances! I have to say, that was crazy but so fun!  
Courtesy of  
Miss Julie teaching a class on Rope Bondage.
After Miss Julies class We snapped a picture with the nice people at MFEtv in their Mail & Female shop in Amsterdam. 
 Miss Julies latex & high heel left overs the next morning.
Upon My return, seems like its been tradition to Chronic Taco it up on the beach.
Other countries are really missing out on burritos & its all I want when I return.
Gotta love California, high 70s in December on this beach day.
Good news oc, I'm apartment shopping for the next couple weeks in OC! Will be moving back soon after ringing in the new year!
Had to snapshot this image of Miss Julies submit sticker in Newport Beach. Seeing the happy look on Her face as She stickerbombs makes Me happy.
Pretty much what My life revolves around, & her sister.
Wanted some boot worship, got it.
My slaveforSheri came to visit! I love how hard he works for Me while he is here. Really is so helpful, melts My heart. I love being served. I even had My belated birthday cheesecake served via slaves human-serving-tray he got Me. Delightful! I was telling someone the other night that I love the feeling at the end of the day when Ive had a slave serving Me, knowing I got twice as much done as I normally would have. Best feeling! Its like being super human, I love it. I really needed a few things knocked out & he got it done. The next day, I enjoyed a thanksgiving dinner he recreated for Me.  I missed the turkey, stuffing & green beans so I was beyond happy I got to enjoy that. slave is a great cook! I actually had him cook late on his last night specifically so that Id have left overs to eat when he left lol Greedy! So good though. Thanks pet!

slave & I met up with My sissy pet Sherispaulina & went to see Guana Batz perform their only US show this year! I was so happy to have both of My favorite pets by My side! Not a competition, just out enjoying the night together. I loved it. I wish often that slaveforSheri lived closer but I know his family would miss him. At least he comes to visit, all the way from across the country, and regularly, I hate going more than 6 weeks without seeing him, I usually need to hear of plans to return pretty soon after he leaves. Mine! Owned. Collared. All Mine. 
Last night, right after taking off My leather corset.
The last thing slave & I did together this trip was attend the SubmissionLA holiday party / open house. I absolutely loved the vibe last night, everybody seemed pretty cool & it was a pleasure to meet everybody. I'm just a normal but very kinky Girl so its awesome meeting others curious about all the fun We get to have, I love sharing it! No shame in My kink!
No travel plans in My immediate future!
Will be home in Cali for Christmas!
(London trip will likely be planned in spring, or whenever its warm there!)
Considering Vegas for NYE, or for AVN but haven't decided.
Miss Julie will be here in February, looking forward to that.
Ill update here & My website calendar if I decide to make any travel plans.
Serve Me.