Monday, August 12, 2013

Hussy update time

Greetings, sluts!
Shot that while getting ready for a cam session
Thought Id update you perverts with a little reading material. So, the last few weeks has been quite fun! Met so many nice perverts, been chatting on the phone a lot with you sluts from afar & been offering webcam sessions more regularly! Its amazing the shit I can get you sluts to do on cam! I love it! I hope to meet all you distance sluts someday soon! I love imagining what it would be like to see you grovel at My heels, all around the world with each and (nearly) every one of you ;)
One of My chatty callers...
Lets see, what can I share that was the most fun happenings of these last few weeks? Lets start with the amazingly fun Multi Mistress Play Party at a few weeks ago :) I always have a good time but it was so fun to gather the hottest Mistresses around for a night of strapon worship, forced-bi, fetish play & slave teasing at My favorite playspace. I met a few of you newer players & some perverts I hadn't met before, thanks for coming out We loved playing with you guys! All Us Ladies were so pleased at the sights & scenes Our dirty minds orchestrated. HOT males sucking each other off & touching cocks is burned into My mind - yummy! I hope you sluts daydreaming about joining next time will find the balls to do it! We love to have fun & making you Our entertainment is always a good time, you should be so lucky... September 6th is when your next opportunity to party with Us.
Mistress cocks during the party
Myself in latex & stockings, relaxing between cam sessions.

I got this gorgeous leather corset sent to Me from My slave. I wore it during his last visit, for his birthday weekend. I was so nice to him, I almost feel bad for it.... But don't get Me wrong, I still beat him until I was satisfied, lol. I even tried to go a little overboard but I didn't want to break My toy even though he didn't call mercy lol such a good pet!
I was so nice I even let him eat his birthday cake off My cock... I baked him a 4 layer chocolate & funfetti cake & covered it in chocolate icing. I made sure he enjoyed some when he arrived at My apartment. We shared some with the Ladies of Submission LA too, fun. The Ladies happened to be at the studio gang banging one of Our favorite fucktoys! Lol He likes it when we take turn fucking his slut holes, we like it too! I think its one of the most fun ways to bond with other Mistresses! Lol. I think Mistress Lucy & I have had the most fun during these scenes together, we crack up & find the most humiliating ways to use that slut :) Perhaps someday soon that good slut can take Our DP, hopefully. Goals! lol ;)
Got a few items of My wishlist I was extremely happy about! These yoga toe socks are knee high & satisfy the sock fetishist in Me while also allowing Me a new pair of socks to workout in! Ive been working out nearly daily & I only have 5 pairs of sticky socks, these are 6! I slipped them on while at home as you can see, I love them. Each toe is special & gets its own sock!
Ooooh & these babies came in too, sooooooo hot! I need more practice in them but damn they look good. When I saw them online I couldn't stop envisioning Myself on a hammock in Dominican Republic in October during with My slave below worshipping them in the sunset... So Wwe are making it happen!
What's coming up?!
Im off to a personal vacation this weekend in wine country! Tributes for room service, a spa day & wine to bring back are more than welcome! Paypal to Sheri.Darling13 at gmail dot com. I will return to LA the evening of the 17th, just in time for Sunday Worship ;) Im also trying out a new dog sitter so My puppies will be taken care of & My apartment too!
Montreal Fetish Weekend~ So excited! Itll be My first time attending, Ill be there with My slave, and likely around Miss Julie Simone from NY a bunch. I know Miss (Fetish) Kitsch will also be headed up from LA,as well as Domina Shannon from Texas who I met during DomCon, so Im looking forward to a lot of fun with awesome people! Ive gotten a lot of  NiteFlirt callers based in Canada, hopefully some of you sluts will come introduce yourselves! I will have brand spanking new latex with Meeeeeeeee :D So excited to debut it at the parties!!! Ill definitely have to update this blog once I return to brag about all the fun :)
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