Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Las Vegas Dominatrix Birthday Wishlist

Hello fans & stalkers,
I have been very pleased with My stable of playthings, slaves, clients and worldwide worshipers so this update has been overdue in My mind. But I overthink things sometimes instead of just writing an update and posting it lol I am happy to be finally feeling like My people are reemerging after the scam that had us separated for over a year, I could not be more excited. Most of you stayed in good communication with Me - good boys. It has been fun to execute some of those plans we have been formulating together over the recent months. One of My favorite things about planning BDSM scenes with lots of notice is how elaborate I can get. Casual is sometimes fun but only if its with someone that I know very well and it has to be kinky. Vanilla casual sometimes feels like punishment, because I believe that I am worth way more effort and planning.
I am used to feeling like a black sheep with My kinky life so this entire scam has just been -that- but on another level. And its ok especially because I feel like a lot of people are finally coming around to see that just like kink being a personal choice for each individual so are the decisions on measures that we take to protect our health. Also, some of you need to go back to minding your own fucking business. I am totally fine holding out to do some of the things that used to be My favorite for as long as it takes for Me to feel like I want to participate again. I am just focusing on staying positive and spending My energy differently these days. I have always been a firm believer that you support what you love actively + vote with your dollars. I am excited to begin to split My time between Huntington Beach and Vegas! I have made sure to update My website calendar to reflect where I will be seeing My favorite pervs. I am utilizing My website more and more these days. Check it often. 
Summertime was fun. I managed to move half of My stuff to Las Vegas and began to set up camp! Im already finding My favorite local things to do while Im in town. I have a lot of dreams for Myself to fulfill while Im in Vegas. There are a lot of things Id like to do with My slaves here as well as solo just for Myself. During covid all I did was workout and garden so its nice to be able to manage those two passions on a larger scale now since I have more space. Plus the added bonus of interviewing new slaves post covid & in Vegas has been quite fun to break the tedious day to day stuff up. It had been tricky sticking to My fitness routine but I am back at it and I feel better than ever. It feels good to stay discipline and give My body the self care and hard work that I crave. Work hard + play hard. I could use additional fitness slaves to sponsor all of the supplements & gym passes Id like to enjoy. 

I finally went to My first concert in two years! I am so happy that live music is coming back. I am selective about what I support so it was an outdoor festival where no tests, masks or vax required. I would also love a concert pay slave to sponsor all of the shows Id like to go to in OC and in Vegas. Gimme :)
There are a handful of experiences in Vegas that I think would be extra fun with My people. So reach out via email when you will be in town, lets coordinate some fun.
When I do sit still for more than a few minutes you slaves have been lucky to see Me utilizing every curve as a weapon against your weak mind on webcam very regularly these days. Usually week nights but available most days with a few hours notice. I love cam domination sessions, it is so fun to see your face.. etc. The best part of online domination is that it bridges the gap in distance for all of us. I have been getting a lot of requests to see Me in person but I am still being selective. This has been a great way to meet for the first time face to face to a bunch of My people. Still seeing My favorite people who I have ongoing play with feeds My kinky heart and adding new ones in who earn their approval here and there has been going well too. After re-doing My website application process a few weeks ago I have already noticed a significant positive impact on the interaction that I have with new people. I like that it feels more like a conversation than you asking Me for a service. I am not interested in people seeking just a service and I enjoy people who understand that the relationship part of Ds / Ms is more important to Me. If I do not vibe with you right away I honestly think it is for a reason, I am easy to vibe with.
My dungeon >     I always get compliments on the vibe so I am very proud of being able to hold a space where the outside world is easily forgotten. I am excited to continue working on it to create more elaborate scenes with more fun toys, I love being your lifestyle Mistress. My scenes have become more elaborate with the added bonus of never having to share the space with anyone else. Its fun to be able to ask if you guys are on a tight schedule so I know how deep we can dive into play- a few of you lucky ducks have gotten Me on days where I could not care less about the clock. Thank you to the guys who get Me and make Me happy here regularly. Without you Id be sad. <3
Snapped a few photos of a fun scene with a good boy recently. Electro play violet wand, bondage, sex swing, locking heel cuffs, latex bondage tape were just a few things that got this party started. I never stop play for photos unless I know that it is something that you like and want because you specifically said so prior to beginning play time. Sometimes it can ruin the moment but sometimes it is fun to capture the moment too. 

All My hot photos get posted to now instead of social media. Its the website where My true fans get to know Me and get to see the real Me, what Im up to, what I like, teasing, photos and videos. If you want a Domme who has a set number of updates promised and a certain fetish to cater to each of you every single day - look elsewhere. My fan account is literally My true fans supporting Me and being allowed access to My private kinky life as a Pro Domme. If you have ever wanted to be My slave this is where you should start. Once you join you should use it to send tributes and compliments regularly. I love being served. If you are not serving you do not exist.  

This extra wide and extra long custom latex vac bed behind Me was a gift for My birthday last year from one of the sweetest slaves <3 My birthday is already coming up! I am so greedy for latex that its just a matter of narrowing it down to a manageable wish list that I can share. More on this below.

This was Me stepping out to a play party a few weeks ago.
I was happy I could match these emeralds to the rubber, both slave sponsored.
Be sure to sign up to My website email list. 
Find it at the top of My website
That is how you will be notified when I am ready to party again. 
Soon. But no promises.
I have a lot of great excuses to celebrate but being an independent person Ill probably just take Myself to a fancy af dinner & get a nice bottle of champagne. I would love to celebrate it the same way with each of My favorite slaves, offer yourselves up. 
Ten years as a Pro Domme is here.
My Birthday is also almost here.
Life is great, I have never felt better.

Ways you can make Mistress happy when meeting or taking Me out:
  • Communication is key. 
  • Be open because having expectations is the quickest way to suck the fun out of things. 
  • When I feel like I am well taken care / that you are being generous I want to return it in kind.
  • Acts of service and gifts are My love language. Do homework to learn My preferences.
  • If something does not feel like it is worth My while I will be honest and not spend much time on it. 
  • Be thoughtful by never arriving empty handed. 
  • Have a plan B & sometimes C.
  • Manners. Get all of My doors for Me and offer to assist with carrying all of the things.

Birthday Wish List
MsSheriDarling@ ProtonMail . CH
Just delete the spaces. Gift Voucher. I put two dresses and one catsuit in My cart that I have been wanting to order for a long time so that I could calculate the total with shipping and the order came to $1,010.00 rounded up ($371, $272, $272 + shipping). ** TY slave grayson 🖤 for your contribution towards this ** TY slave Jeff for your contribution towards a new rubber catsuit 😍 ** I ended up getting two catsuits and two new rubber hoods for Sheri Land <3

I would love more custom latex made by Abigail Greydanus who has made most of My rubber collection. She has My measurements and knows Me very well. Over the years she has helped Me bring My hottest custom rubber fantasies to life so if there is something you would like to be made for Me please order through her! I would also love a tab to use up so that I can design something special Id like! Coming up with something unique is always fun and a must for a true latex fetishist like Myself. If I were to place an order for a complete custom lingerie look (includes bra, panty, gloves, stockings & accessory) I like I would expect to spend around $1,000.00, or for a sexy cocktail dress or bodysuit maybe between $300-$500. Off of the top of My head Id love a new complete lingerie look or two, a cocktail dress and a few swimsuits. ***** Thank you slaveforSheri for sending Abigail 1k towards My rubber latex lingerie! 😍***** I ended up getting two sets of lingerie with matching opera gloves and a bodysuit all custom designed just for Me <3

Photoshoots. There are two photographers I would like to work with, one in LA/OC and another in Vegas. Their photography packages begin at $500. I have not done a proper photoshoot in over 2 years so this is overdue. Especially because My body has never looked better. 

BDSM Furniture. I would love additional pieces made. This is for My big slave spenders, I expect to spend at least $1k per item. I have too many ideas so this would likely be something the buyer would enjoy most. 

Id like to treat Myself to all of the finest spa day experiences that I can get My perfect little fit body into while Im in Las Vegas.

Here are links to all of the Las Vegas spas that I would like to enjoy on your dime, not all of them have gift cards so you can send a gift card for the amount instead:

The Euphoria Kings Bath: Menu

CBD From  This website has kept Me sane since finding their products about two years ago. Still have not found anything that works better for Me when I am feeling anxious.

I am looking forward to finishing the year strong with some of My favorite slaves and kink friends. Planning a head and communication are key. So if it is serving in person, on cam for sessions or calling on the phone I want you guys to know that I appreciate all the servitude that goes into keeping your Mistress happy. I truly am.

Thank you / keep it up.