Monday, February 3, 2014

January recap update

Don't try to copy Me, fake dommes
you will fail miserably
and We will continue to laugh about you.
Besides having better photographers, better lighting, better wardrobe & a MUCH better location..
there is only one Miss Sheri Darling & you don't even come close.
I just have to laugh at them. So much ego, so little brains.
Is it any wonder that she's really submissive / incredibly insecure when she's not being paid to top?
It is a great pic though. By
Bedroom photoshoot 1.19.2014
Speaking of shit you cant fake.. Ive been posting the photoshoot images that came from My rad friends over at this week. Here are the images that Ive been posting which can also be found on My newly updated, redone website along with the other most recent photos Ive taken.
I had an overnight with My sweet little sissy pet & surprised her with this photoshoot. My slaves are so incredibly good to Me, I love bragging about that. Im very fortunate for the service of all My slaves.
Wwe got great use out of the new human pet cage sissy gifted Me. 
I see it being used quite frequently in the future.  
Also, I made a few banners out of this set of images.
Im trying to be really on top of doing My own ads for new advertisements.
I think its important for clients to see images of Me that are as up to date as possible and it can get pretty expensive to always pay someone to do it for Me. That's money I can put toward bills, vacations or more sexy wardrobe to tease you sluts. I do have plenty of advertisement opportunities Id love to take advantage of that you pervs can sponsor. Email for info.
Like them?
NAMM was a lot of fun, I stayed in OC for 2 of the 3 days and Im glad you pervs made it well worth it. I met a few new perverts that I had quite a bit of fun using as toys. I really do enjoy new toys almost as much as My favorite toys. When Im entertained & amused every single day by you fuckers Im pretty happy. you might have important jobs & families but you will always be My toy.

Our Multi Mistress Play Party was a hit, as usual. I decided to be even more of a tease than I usually am, pictured above you can see I wore an early Valentines present made by Vex Latex to the party. I was very amused by how the slaves pretended not to stare & the Mistresses all got a good couple handfuls lol I have to be honest, I totally hogged the plaything that I met at the party. This pervert had a HUGE cock, which I kept on a cock leash most of the night, and he happened to look like one of My favorite actors. Me "hi, youre wearing too many clothes" him "would You like me to take them off?" Me "yes."... 2 minutes later Im presented with a big cock to torture. I made sure everybody saw this cock, I made sure to share it with My Mistress friends & I even made sure to objectify this cock by making him look at the other small cocks in the room. HAD to make sure he knew that I was pretty amused. It was like the fetish Gods blessed Me with inches upon inches of gorgeous, HARD all night, THICK cock. I absolutely loved the way he got off on the pain I made him feel. I loved the way that at times Wwe stared into each others eyes, him getting off on Me, Me getting off on his pain. It was truly a lovely S&m treat. Fisting, sounding, strapon, foot worship- Im sure all the Ladies were pleased & that Our guests were even more thrilled to be so useful for an entire evening.  
Thank you phone pervs! Ive been completely amused, flaunted & worshipped over the phone lately as usual. I love that you sluts can not just confess your fetishes but really indulge in some fun & kinky chat with Me. Keep it up perverts!!!

What's coming up?!
Im moving this month so help your Mistress out & offer yourself up for some stress relief! I spent 4 hours on the phone today scheduling start, stop & new account set up for My utilities & now all I wanna do is skull fuck someone. All I have to do is actually move now! WISHLIST is updated.
Miss Julie Simone is also visiting this month! She will be here from 2/17-2/25 & is scheduling sessions & shoots. Make yourself useful to Her, it is Her birthday trip! Beg to sit at Her feet & watch Her smile while She opens the presents you buy Her. Put a star on 2/19 & make it a special day for Her. WISHLIST is an easy way any slave could say happy birthday to Miss Julie and get Her just what She wants, handle it. 

Serve Me.
Lets get kinky