Thursday, June 21, 2012

New mid-June update..

I know you fucks ache to hear me talk about what I did to another mans cock. you're all pretty cucky if you ask Me..
yumm this slave is hot...
Mine Mine Mine lol
From our last session..

I do show the naughty pictures I cant post on social networks & that I expect true devoted slaves, submissives & admirers to collect on My NiteFlirt account & some freebies on My tumblr account. youre welcome...Ive been super busy lately & having a blast. I love it when I meet a new kinkster who goes out of his way to show Me that he appreciates My attention & respects My time. I do make it hard to serve & I definitely make it easy to be dismissed. I just dont have time to put up with begging, screening, giving a fuck & then find out that you think because I called you slave that your work is done. WRONG. your work has just started. I want the best & I dont accept anything less, you will thank Me for this later.
Smoke Fetish anyone?..
I expect attention to detail & for My happiness to be a priority in your daily life. Yes, you guys have lives but guess what- so do I. Communication is key. Besides, I actually have been doing this for a minute & I do have the freedom to be picky... Im used to guys spoiling Me expecting nothing in return. I love guys who just want to support My lifestyle because they admire Me. I read a comment from a caller who said that I "make you feel good about your submission" & that made Me happy, thats exactly what I am aiming for. 
Molding new slaves into My favorite playthings has always been extremely easy, each slave I accept has been very good to Me & I wouldnt expect any less. They tend to be shy & its adorable. Why is that? Lol, granted some I havent seen in their pants because some are distant slaves in training around the world.. I wonder if they have something to hide?! Lol Its always so fun getting them to do slutty shit for Me & further brainwashing them into being a GREAT slave WORTHY of being in My presence. I do go through great detail & dont just take money for slaves who ever expect to meet Me, I neverrrr associate Myself with dumbasses & you perverts arent any different no matter how many dollars you have. Although- handing over a fat wad of cash & then leaving Me in peace is always welcome & encouraged.
I just added a cam with phone line to My NiteFlirt account, go to to see My profile & listing. I have made all other lines able to accept calls but the phone with cam line says send mail! This way you can set an appointment to meet Me online & let Me know what youd like to experience. I love real time Domination sessions but phone sessions are fun and Im thinking cam with phone would be fun too. 
At the pool 6.21.12
Kink bag~ I will try to get back into the habit of making notes of new toys I get for My kink bag. I was actually gifted toys from a few great pets & playpartners, thank you boys! I loooove new toys. Especially because I play often I find that new toys make things a lot of fun for Me no matter if the sub is new or a returning slave/pet. Flogger, a really skinny tailed flogger that is made of a rubber type of material. I acquired an awesome zappy toy! I love electric toys! I was sent a pig tail!!! So excited to make some of you fucks squeel :) New leather restraints were also sent!! I love bondage! I bought an awesome ball stretcher & got new weights in! It might be a new favorite activity lol I replaced a chain tailed flogger too! Yay I cant wait to use it again! Ive been playing around  with sensory deprivation more often lately than I did before so that is fun for Me. I got a bunch of new toys but those are the newest that stand out & its probably because Ive been having so much fun with them.
New slave sent this & geeeeeez its a good gift!
I look forward to playing with you guys soon. I do miss a few play partners, specifically having a rad roleplayer & dressing up My favorite gurl..  Its been great meeting all you new kinksters & Im enjoying getting to know/exploit & play with you ;)
Stay kinky xoxo

Monday, June 11, 2012

Update, fuckers..

Whats up fuckfaces?!
Snapped these 6.9.12 on My phone..
I thought now would be a great time to blog again. I wanted to welcome a few new slaves to the stable. I met such fun & creative kinksters these last few weeks, its hard to remember the timeline but I wanted to mention them because I usually do when I have the time. Although I am meeting new kinksters all the time I do take very detailed care with each pet. These newbies will quickly learn how hard it is to please Me, they'll also learn quickly that I'm almost never satisfied & I always want more. I love bragging about all the kinky shit I get slaves & submissives to do. Then the only thing better than getting them to do fun stuff is topping the last scene. I love that I get to document it here in what has turned out to be like a "diary" lol I love hinting at dirty secrets but never telling it all. I love that you guys tell Me & do for Me things that you cant say to your wives or girlfriends. Its what gets Me wet in the morning ;)
Party supplies...
I met some rad kinksters at the FemDom party too. I honestly cant remember if I bragged about all the rad people I met there?.. O well, I did & I cant wait to run into them again. We did mention a Cross-Dressing party! What a fun night that would be! I'm getting My creative juices flowing about that one. I love sissy boys, I honestly do have a soft spot in My kink heart for them. I forget completely what they are & only care WHO they are. I find that they tend to do the same for Me in return in a different way than other kinksters do.
Snapped on My iphone4 6.10.12
So Ive been really busy & I love it. Between real time sessions, phone sessions, teasing you guys with images of Me & normal day to day errands or personal stuff~ just coordinating it all keeps Me busy lol But I love it. The newest slaves have Me really excited too. I love dirty minds.  
Although I love teasing you guys, I am at a point where I need better equipment. Specifically: I need a camera that has dual sided screens for self shooting.. I also need a tripod type of thing... & lighting.. Everything else I either have or am already getting. I added these items to My wish list so if any of you would like to contribute toward those items I will likely be buying them at the end of the month. Or, you could shop & just send them to Me (that means hot sexy images to you sooner than next month!). I would thank the sender in a special way.. & that would also get you pets CLEARER & BETTER photos of Me to worship. See- I get a new toy & you get better images- win, win!
A peach!
Cant wait to see you pets again soon! The OC dungeon was off limits for about a week because the owners had stuff planned or because I had things planned.. Sooo.. This week things will be back to normal. I can be in LA with a days notice & am already expecting to be in LA two days this week for sessions. I do require a deposit for all new play partners, ESPECIALLY if Im scheduling Myself to drive to LA to see you. I am looking for a dungeon in LA that will better suit the more extreme fetishes, medical play & showers of all sorts. I should be checking those out in the next week or two depending upon how busy the week gets.
Phone sessions are ALWAYS available.
I will take NiteFlirt calls 24hrs a day! 
Even if your kink is drooling over a Woman like ME,
Even if your kink is lurking, while I run errands or while Im sleeping!
Even if your kink is handing over your $ to a Woman who could use it better than you ever could..
Even if your kink is being cucky while Im with My boyfriend on the weekends. Stalking My twitter sure could pay off for a cuck like you..
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Maybe you want to talk about your fetishes & see if we would have good energy in a session..
Maybe you want Me to talk about the fun things Ive done with other slaves..
Maybe you just want a phone Domination session because you live to far..
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Are you a foot lover?!
Are you longing for Me to talk about the things I can do with My feet?
Are you ready to see the tease images Ill send out almost daily???
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I do have a few other lines, images for purchase & a pre-recorded listing as well. Go take a peek & thank Me for it later ;)
NiteFlirt teaser..
I do send almost daily exclusive photos & images of Myself on NiteFlirt for purchase, things you wont find posted anywhere else. Its also an extremely easy way to send tribute & to worship Me in a way that benefits Me & we all love that dont we.
Stay kinky My pets xoxo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Loving NiteFlirt

 Hi perverts~
Shot by Myself 6.4.2012
Ive been having a blast on NiteFlirt! Im excited to be meeting such fun & kinky callers, I wish I had set up the account earlier!! I have always been told that I have a great energy & that Im easy to talk to. I love that I get callers who want to talk about all My favorite activities with Me, I have even been considering a cam with phone line being set up in the near future if the calls keep rolling in.. 
I love having My boot collection worshiped..
I always have lots of creative juices inside Me so I ended up playing around with the camera & thought I would share a few...
Crushing some berries I was having for lunch...
Any foot activity can be so fun, or quickly turn so erotic & sensual...
Call Me..
I have a few different lines but Im usually game for kink chat of all sorts.
Ive gotten a few phone Domination calls as well
I made a guy ballbust himself while I laughed and made fun of him...
Another guy wanted Me to tell him about a cuckolding sessions I did..
I love talking fetish with perverts
& now Im teasing them with images like these ;)

If you see the "call now" Im available to talk NOW!

Call SheriDarling for phone sex on
Stay kinky perverts
& then call Me
& lets brag to each other about it xoxo