Thursday, May 31, 2012


Listen up pervs
Getting some sunshine...
I am tired of ignoring you wankers & more importantly- I would like to spoil My subs, slaves & fetishists with more attention.. I have created a NiteFlirt account to occasionally indulge in some kinky phone sessions & to also allow you sweet generous pets a way to easily send tribute. I will be adding more options & content to offer you there in the future so check back often. you're welcome.
Call SheriDarling for phone sex on
Click to call..
Serve your Miss...
Wondering what it would be like alone with Me?
I do intend to put up some sexy images there too for you to buy & worship, even sexier than the ones I usually post here or on My website...
Oiled & soaking up the sun..
Please buy, or send Amazon gift cards for, the GoPro Hero Video camera with head strap! Total, its about $300 & I know some of you perverts are aching to worship Me on your computer screen over & over & over..

Schedule your sessions!
Summer is here, I can tell you guys are getting all hot for Me & I love it! I know its hard to schedule your boners in advance to coincide with play time but I only require 24 hours notice & deposit for NEW play partners! If I know you & have played with you before I do accept same day appointments with a couple hours notice & with the understanding that I am Orange County based. I understand this might exclude a few new players but I prefer to be prepared, (not arrested), & actually feel we have chemistry before I can accept your request. I never do "gimme now", I'm a Dominant Woman & I don't like feeling like I'm on call for anybody but I do love fetish & kinky play OFTEN & do NEED My fix. Play partners who understand, I appreciate you.
Stay kinky xoxo

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whats coming up...

Hello slaves~

I had been laying low this last week or so.. I was wiped out after DomCon & took the week after easy.. Then came Memorial weekend so I spent time with family & enjoyed the sunshine with rad people. All in all, things have been going great!
I have been thinking up new ideas to spread My Hussy ways.. I made these animated pictures from some shots I snapped over the last few months. I think Ill be posting more like these & you can find the links on My twitter feed. Ill also be posting some naughty pictures on My new Tumblr account! I wanted a place where it would be (hopefully) mainly images & less words behind them. Ill continue to post stories and pictures here but without tumblr I wouldn't have a way to publish naughty pix without twitter, instagram or most other picture viewing services would simply delete My account! 

I had over 500 followers on Instagram so instead of getting the account reported (like it just did, probably by haters with too much time on their hands) Ill just post those naughty pictures anyway, and have them saved on tumblr, & My blog, & maybe My website~ Nothing can stop Me..

Look, its Mistrix!
I'm working on a few different avenues to bring slaves & fetishists entertaining ways to worship Me while I'm away or if I am too far from where you live. Aren't I the nicest Domme ever? Niteflirt & clips-for-sale are probably in your near future so go ahead and work a few hours of overtime to tribute Me properly xoxo you're fucking welcome ;) keep posted for announcements on those!
I texted this to Emily Marilyn since she has such a big foot fetish
& since She Herself is one of My biggest fetishes ;)

OK slaves~ Its the end of the month, bills are due soon!!! Send tribute & Ill spoil you with attention. I also have a very possible Vegas trip coming up in 2 weeks also so send money so I can dine fancy & order room service ;)
xoxoxo Stay kinky

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hussy Post-DomCon Update..

DomCon LA 2012
Better than I ever could have imagined..
yours truly..
I was excited knowing I would be able to meet so many new people this past weekend! But the amount of events throughout the week/weekend & energy of so many kinksters in one place was so much more intoxicating than I had thought it would be. Took Sunday, Monday & Tuesday to recooperate! Staying up till 4am for that many days in a row will do it to ya.. I do feel so fortunate to share the weekend with others who understand why it is that we all are drawn to the scene...
random surfer boys who seemed to enjoy Our company ;)
I experienced many firsts, it was My first time attending DomCon. Mistrix was there to lead Me into My first fisting scene, which was how We kicked off the weekend! I had My whole fist & up to My forearm up a guys butt hole, it was awesome! She has a wonderful small camera that straps on to the slaves head for a true POV video which I have added to My wish list, I NEED THIS CAMERA!! Please send it to Me! I had brushed off the idea of filming clips to sell online because I do enjoy the interaction between a submissive & Myself in a 1 on 1 session... that's why this camera is so wonderful, no camera person needed & now submisives everywhere can worship Me! Cant wait to post an online store & share some naughty clips of Me playing with My most special & favorite play partners! Send amazon gift cards so I can buy this or save Me the trouble & send the camera to Me!
Strapon peeking out under My latex dress...
There were so many enjoyable activities. We attended a lovely Mistress Dinner, Fetish Parties, Mistress Tea where sissy boys & butlers served Us, lots of seminars & social events. I was brought into the scene by a bitter old woman who gave Me the impression that all Dommes were catty, that these events were really just free shows for other people to use Me to promote them, & that mainly, the scene / slaves were a joke. I feel so fortunate to be truly independent & not have that brainwash bogus bullshit being pushed on Me. I wasn't treated bitchy by even one Domme or Dom lol & I met plenty of lifestyle slaves who served Mistrix & I very well throughout the weekend which saved us lots of time, money & mainly energy. Thank you to those slaves who were attentive, who treated Us like gold, & who went out of their way to please Us & make things a little easier for Us. We both appreciate you very much. 
We did get a visit by Siren Savannah
pic by Ashes Wednesday
Sometimes I get a bit emotional when I take a step back & look at the big picture.. because I hadn't felt so comfortable in My own skin until I found the scene. Listening to Michael Sols Energy Piercing Seminar almost brought Me to tears within 10 minutes.. He was telling us all how seriously he takes the energy, the connection & relationships within his craft.. I feel the same way.. I know I could get a lot more sessions if I accepted walk in type of sessions or just didn't really screen anybody. I just don't have the time & refuse to spend My energy on sessions where there is no chemistry. I cant pretend chemistry & I like doing what I want, no amount of money could change that..
Myself with My Evil Mentor MistrixMsE
I did experience many other firsts. I met many new kinksters & had great sessions. I met a new masochist to play with.. I even babysat the most handsome, sweet baby too. There's such a huge range of kink in any given week, that's what I love about being Me. I cant wait to see those new play partners again, Ive been having so much fun with them. 
Headed out to the industry night social..
Another first~ latex. I had a few random latex pieces but this was My first custom piece I had made courtesy of donations from a sweet latex fetishist. I was thrilled to join the other brave Mistresses willing to meet at 8AM for the shoot! lol I cant wait to tease a few of you other latex lovers as soon as I get a few more pieces bought for Me. I'm already full of ideas for new custom orders..
Latex on the beach
DDI Photo shoot 2012
I appreciate everybody who coordinates this event, I know how hard so many have to work just to keep this type of lifestyle going & I do not take it lightly. I am pretty sure I need to make arrangements to attend DomCon in Atlanta later this summer because My presence is being requested, yay! If you are a slave or submissive who wants to meet Me while I'm there please contact Me sooner than later. I do also need to visit Mistrix in her home town at the Disciplinarium too!!!  Other than that I don't have many travel plans which means I'm looking for excuses to travel! I do need to sneak off to Vegas again soon, its time. I am always up for travel, on your dime of course & with a deposit. Feel free to email & request My presence in your town.
Gag sent by a cucky sub...
I have plenty of new kink toys too! A sweet slave bought a few toys for Me at DomCon & another slave has taken over shopping duties for Me weekly so Ill have plenty of new outfits to tease you in as well ;)
Stay slutty subbies xoxo

Sunday, May 20, 2012

DomCon LA

DomCon LA 2012
Latex Photoshoot, Manhattan Beach 5.18.2012

Latex by  & you latex fetishists should buy Me more...
DomCon has been amazing, met so many nice kinksters, lots of rad Dommes & some very sweet well trained slaves. I ran into a few farmilliar faces which was very nice. Im already looking forward to next year & I will be more prepaired! The seminars have been really good, great educators & demonstrations. 

I'm typing this in panties, in bed, at the LAX Hilton...
Im a bit tired & dont have the proper time at the moment to share with you a few things I feel like bragging about but wanted to share with My pets a couple of photos to tease you until I find more time.

In the meantime, send gifts from My wishlist ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DomCon slave

Hello pets,
shopping slave started his service right with a sexy corset
thanks slave t

Mistrix & I are all settled into Our hotel room by LAX until Monday for Her & Sunday for Myself & We are excited! I'm looking forward to seeing how well these slaves can serve Me! Ive been begged and begged to allow a slave to clean My heels, bring Me food, run errands, drive Me around, and plenty of other random shit & until now I have usually declined. I love having control over even the smallest of things but am looking for reliable slaves who desire working to make My life easier. For the time being~ This week/weekend at DomCon Ill be allowing a few carefully selected slaves who have applied through My website to help with those personal chores. Any slave, submissive or fetishist wishing to make Me smile may request to serve until Sunday. Mistrix & I don't have the exact same schedule & She is a bit busier than I am with other professional meetings She has so for Me, I am calling upon a few of you who will have an opportunity to entertain & serve Me for a bit.. We shall see how this goes.. 

I have been having so much fun lately meeting new subbies & a new slave
that I wanted to document these 3 in this blog.

To request a session POLITELY contact Us through Our websites.

Stay kinky xoxo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DomCon 2012

Slaves listen up~

Mistrix & I are attending DomCon~ you now have the perfect opportunity to submit to TWO powerful, deviant Women who love exploiting your kinks & most extreme fetishes.

My favorite evil vixen is returning to So Cal! We will be staying at a hotel near LAX during DomCon May 16-21st & are already booking up sessions~ We are accepting session requests, service & spoiling from slaves & kinky pets the entire time. It will be so great seeing you guys try to top each others lengths you'll go to please Us.. It'll be so fun for Us too! We do appreciate Our most loyal slaves so I'm excited to spend time with everyone! All you lurking submissives & slaves need to find your balls instead of missing out on the opportunity every man has been waiting for~ Being topped by 2 Dominant Women who aren't afraid to make you cry ;) We always require a deposit for new play partners & proper notice..
service slaves: There will be so many things for you to purchase & to do for Us it'll blow your mind. Sponsor Our room & sleep at Our feet.. Corsets need to be bought, along with latex, leather, toys & probably needing errands ran also.. Mistrix is coming from the East Coast so you subs need to make Her want to stay!!! I think the main thing were both looking forward to is scoring some new whips & using them on new pain slaves! I assure any slave who provides shopping for Us will be showered with many thanks & have bragging rights about putting Us nearly into a Domme high just from the shopping experience. Follow Us around with your credit card & watch how We smile in delight ;)
*****Film slaves: This is your opportunity for a great deal, which We never do... We are offering a half hour Double Domina sessions for POV video slaves at $200 with ID & release signed.*****
I'm looking forward to My first DomCon attendance & really looking forward to playing with pets while I'm staying in LA & also meeting lots of new Ladies & kinksters in the lifestyle. I have a special dress being made for the occasion courtesy of a sweet slave :) Come make it special for Me, even just seeing you or meeting you readers there would be awesome!

For info on scheduling solo Domme or Double Domme sessions:

I know you want to submit,
fucking do it  xoxo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mindless worm

I am training a mindless worm to serve Me for the next month. What a lucky loser, right? Its gonna be tough training a maggot to do anything of use to Me, luckily I can do anything I want to. I thought this would be a good time to blog. I do get asked almost everyday if I will own someone & I always say sure, lets start now just prove you're sincere - right away that eliminates 75% of them. Others will will ask how, some will say ok & begin to beg.  

That is not the way to earn your keep. Money, gifts & shit like this is:
Of course he did it, duh.
He wanted to please Me & it did.
Adore, spoil or worship Me enough to make My desires your PRIORITY. Approaching with a "gimme gimme gimme" attitude will get you turned down immediately. I deserve to be worshiped, to be made to feel like the beautiful Woman I am, and to be entertained by loyal pets who will do what it takes if they desire favor by Me. I only ask you to complete the form so I know who Im dealing with & to give you an opportunity to apply for the honor. you should thank Me!
This new slave happens to love feet
~he would get more personalized pix if he spoiled Me more~
I offer Domination and Fetish sessions to professional discrete gentlemen who like kinky fun playtime. A little escape from work to come play never hurt anyone, permanently ;) I have a lot of fun hurting or teasing guys who approach respectfully, sincerely & who jump through a few loops to prove they are who they say they are. On the other hand I do consider lifestyle slaves, but I am not easy to please & I am picky as fuck.
Quick way to get ignored~> not being thoughtful.
If you do wish to serve then please apply on My website & go to Lifestyle slaves tab. Its not hard & there are no trick questions. Simple. If you have a scenario you'd like Me to consider: be persuasive & I will reply. Being My slave does not mean that I get to do whatever you allow Me to do to you.... It means you & I have an agreement, the agreement is never to be something you offer or do for Me with the expectation of reward or punishment. If you ever do act like I owe you something~ unfortunately you will be dismissed & replaced.
This isn't about having a "bitch" to do whatever I want.. Although that is a huge plus, because a man who is willing to prove his devotion to My happiness is the type of man I want around. I want smart, proactive & dedicated slaves & kinksters around Me who are loyal & who make Me & My needs important to you. I am not one of these "Dominas" who will allow you to serve Me but then disrespect you behind your back. I love humiliation & degradation when it is practiced in any controlled setting & if that's your kink.. I'm a smart Woman with a huge heart, but kink & Dominance is & always have been in My blood. No, you aren't worthy of being in the presence of such a superior Woman like Me but I will allow you the opportunity to exist in My world if you think you can entertain Me.
Chastity wannabe sent this, I wear it every day.
Just needs his key to control that distracting cock of his..
I would appreciate slaves in My life who can offer services that benefit Me, for example: 
  • Perhaps you'd like to be My nail slave & pay for My nail maintenance. I spend $50 every 2 weeks on a manicure, pedicure & massage. Usually between manicures I get a polish change too.. 
  • My phone bill is at least $100 every month. Would you like the honor of Me acknowledging your existence throughout the month? All those pictures I snap on My phone, all the clients I speak to~ all made possible by a sweet phone slave?
  • Gas~ I spend hundreds a month on gas depending upon how many sessions I have & how often I travel back and fourth between LA & OC any given month.
  • Other bills~
  • Rent~
  • Car Maintenance~
  • Groceries~
  • Dog Grooming & care x2~
  • Latex clothing~
  • Leather gear~
  • Toys~
  • Entertainment~
  • Travel~
  • Is there something Im missing in My life?
  • The list goes on & on...
My expenses are high!
Ran errands around oc in these last week..
I understand we all have vanilla lives, relationships, jobs etc that we manage.. Offering BDSM & Fetish sessions is how I pay My bills because Ive made it My life..  I am the safe escape from those burdens of everyday life. You come to allow yourself to be Mine and to be controlled and played with and to expose that dirty little secret that not many know you have.. I know that managing real life gets stressful & that you sometimes need a place to go where there are no judgements- especially a wonderful place where I encourage your dirty mind & filthy mouth to come out & play in ways you only fantasized about until we met.
I know that true lifestyle slaves NEED to serve, nothing makes them feel as happy as they are when they know they did something to please their Miss, to make Her happy, or to make Her life a little more enjoyable, or even just to know that I am thinking of you and appreciating you.
Yep, you'll pay to play, but do you want to make Me happy long term?
Whats coming up?!
FemDom First Friday Party~ at My favorite playspace. Invitation only, Ill be partying with other Dominas & using submissives & masochists for amusement. It's always a great time.
I have a super sexy surprise for some of My fetishists~ cant tell you yet!
DomCon LA May 16-20th Ill be hanging out with a lot! Book your sessions or double Domina sessions in advance! We love hurting brave men & playing fun games with slaves & sissy cross dressing gurls so much. Theres a chance of SHOWERS too if you properly schedule & deposit.
Complete the contact form on to "Request a Session"
Request consideration after introducing yourself at the "Lifestyle slaves" tab.

Lets play~ I have a kink bag full of toys, swesome dungeons perfectly equiped for tons of fetish & Domination scenes that you will love!  Plus I have lots of new lingerie, pantyhose & high heels to parade around for you in ;)
xoxo Stay Kinky