Thursday, October 15, 2020

mistress birthday blog update

Hello slaves, fans & stalkers! I'm still doing great!
Thanks for sticking with Me! ;) 
My birthday is coming up. 
Any guesses as to what I'd like??? 
I thought I'd be helpful and make a top ten since a few of you have asked for ideas on what Id like. 
Here you go:
10. gift cards. I have also been updating My Amazon wishlist for easy gifts sent to My pobox. If something cannot be sent to poboxes you can deliver it to yourself and then forward it on to My bopox. gift cards are pretty awesome too, I love home spa days. 

9. Niteflirt call & sing Me happy birthday on My $50/minute line *HERE* Supporting one of My online businesses pays the rent, feeds Me & sponsors My gym time and supplements. Do this often & support all of My online businesses if seeing Me in real life is not an option! It's a surefire way to make sure I have time to perv out with you! 

8. tributes on My avnstars page. This is where My true fans are. 

7. CBDs - I really like these products and while these two are My favorites from this company I wouldn't hate to receive multiples to stock up or any of their other items. the 15ml lasts Me about 3 months.

6. Louboutin. South Coast Plaza is back open and Id love for you to take Me shopping. I wear size 6.5 or if they are boots size 7.  

5. Dungeon furniture. Toilet throne or smother bench & a cbt chair are ideal gifts you can fund for My dungeon. Inquire about how you can send for this. (Update: Thank you slave M for paying off the custom metal bondage sex swing frame! And Thank you j for buying Me the custom latex vac bed I wanted with all the fun options included! I am already very excited for all of the new activities!)

4. Staycation. Send $1500 to cover a 4 night weekend stay. 

3. Latex wardrobe +$300-$1000
There are a couple different brands Id like which I will not list (because I could go on). Smart slave shoppers who want to see their gift used often and for years will jump on this. Starting with a $400 dress I'd like to order online. Also Abigail Greydanus has My recent measurements if youd like to surprise Me with something special instead. Cool custom rubber surprises include new rubber stockings, panties with My name on the butt ( I can never have too many of these ), a new bodysuit or cocktail dress. Ive been daydreaming about a custom latex catsuit Id like. 

2. Rubber or leather. standard queen
Surprise gifts such as genuine leather hoods or bondage gear youd like used on you is an ok gift too.

1. Cash. I love Money, send some. This year has only been easy because of My loyal & generous slaves. 

Extra credit: gym wimp for Sheri 1yr contract.
I just thought of something ongoing I'd like one of you slaves to gift Me: $210 gym fee monthly commitment for at least 1 year. I have tons of workout stuff I can use on My own but there's nothing like gym life. Keep Me happy, healthy & far out of your league. 

My birthday this year will probably be low key, which is fine and I like. I was considering treating Myself & puppy to a staycation and fancy dinner somewhere on the beach. I am happy to accept paid dinner dates or cash drops if our schedules can coordinate to allow it. If you are not local I do have a secure POBox where I love surprises showing up throughout the year. If you do send something be sure to conceal whats inside as much as possisble. And thank you in advance, I like that a few of you are excited to celebrate Me. Start your countdown, My birthday is 5 weeks out! xoxo

POBox 18431
Irvine CA 92606

Sunday, September 27, 2020

mistress post-summertime update

Hello slaves, fans & friends,
I hope that you are all doing well. Ive been doing My share of sending love into the Universe regularly and have tried My hardest to remain the positive person that I am while being challenged this year. I hope you have felt some love from Me <3
The fact that I was being told I was a selfish person for wanting to lay on sand away from everybody was what set the tone as to how I perceived this entire scamdemic. Then come the riots. Being a Huntington Beach local meant I was seeing all the comments saying everybody from here is rascist. Some of them directed right at Me. I was also told from a girl who I thought was My friend that I had privilege because I didnt want to wear a mask. As a Mexican who has held a job since I was a teenager, and an entrepreneur who doesn't take a paycheck from anyone I was completely insulted to be told that not My hard work but My privelege was the reason I wanted to continute to enjoy the great life Ive built. I don't stay friends with people who don't believe in Me and don't support Me. 
I have been leaning in to online work only for months. Its not nearly as fun as in person but it scratches an itch. I do love that pervs worldwide can serve & I'm not limited to just locals. It was interesting to hear from My slaves all wanting to come play but all with zero excuse to leave home. The sexual frustration is real. I love that. For most of My Domme career I took great pleasure in not having a schedule. Now you can find Me online very regularly and taking calls around the clock. 
New bondage bed that hides under the couch / daybed. I set up My dungeon to accommodate Me plus a slave. 

I've spent a lot of time working on the dungeon. Did a lot of gardening like I'm sure a lot of you have also. I painted the dungeon walls and decorated. Found special places for the Sardax paintings where I get to see them a lot. I've managed to turn it into a cozy / kinky dungeon staycation. I bought all new rugs, linens and organization for all My toys. It's basically My second home except nothing practical is here unless you can use it for sexual gratification lol For the first 9 years as a Dominatrix I rented space from more established Dominas. Partially for the comradery, it's rare and really nice to be able to talk shop with Girls who understand. I continued to rent for that long partially cause I didn't want the responsibility or commitment of My own space. I had no idea the only pro dungeon in oc would shut their doors during lockdown. I am so glad I decided to step out on My own before I was left unexpectedly with no place to work. Now with Isabella Sinclaire moving to the east coast I have little reason to be in LA now.. Unfortunately for you LA slaves. 
I've been focusing on Me more, who even knew that was possible ;) I truly do love Myself. I'm a positive person who isn't afraid of fighting / working hard for what I want / love. I know what I want. I know what I deserve. I know that I'm a good person and good friend. I know that I can be demanding but I'm sweet and most people do not deserve to enjoy that sweet side of Me. To be completely honest, I feel like this covid lockdown / racewar / political season set Me free from a lot of things that I felt like I needed to cater to in order to keep things going. Things like supporting businesses that don't care about Me. Energy vampire clients. Crappy friends who are only there in "the femdom world". Things I catered to because I wanted them to like Me back. Being self sufficient and happy, being able to block out the low vibe bs and come from a place of gratitude with a positive perspective made Me realize I don't really need any of that. It's called choice. I certainly don't care about what other people like or do, I might judge them for being idiots but I leave it at that. Others can't leave it at that apparently. I had already planned to see only people I know already at My new dungeon because I trust their hygiene and their word to tell Me if they've traveled or been sick.. So when riots were beginning & I started to get multiple requests for outcall to areas of massive protests I got huge red flags. I absolutely have felt targeted. So if you've asked to play this year & didn't get a very warm reception or maybe didn't get a response this is probably why. Not sorry, you understand. I debated on sharing this. It's ugly. But it's the truth. It's not always safe for Me & I know that. It's why I cherish My slaves and fans so much, they definitely make it all worth it ❤️ 
Never in My life have I been a follower and I won't start now. For most of lockdown I kept quiet and let others be dramatic, promote the destruction of America and spew racist garbage. I'd rather be happy vs gain the approval of such victims of their own decisions tho. I'm a proud Mexican. I say it because I'm proud of you My heritage and elders. I don't see people by their skin color or race. What makes people who they are comes from within. I let a lot of "friends" go in My life this year. I'm not playing games. Positivity or gtfo. 
They can kiss My perfect ass (that didn't get fat during lockdown) if they don't agree with My positive perspective. It's not about whose lives matter, or being a D or an R. For Me it's about the energy and after leaning into My own energy for months now I realize that I have to protect it that much more. It makes Me sad to see people wasting their lives being angry about everything, not taking care of themselves and then trying to tell Me what to do. 
Im almost constantly working on Myself. I want to be the happiest I can possibly be. If I'm not working out I'm intentionally trying to feel positive or connect with someone, I love sharing energy. 

I think I have great taste, I make great decisions and I like what a pervert I am. I wish other people would focus more on finding happy vs finding arguments & differences. What ever happened to agreeing to disagree?

I managed to score some used dungeon furniture. Don't I look great on it? Oh and the boots in addition to the many gifts I've gotten sent to Me! Thanks slaves, you guys have been incredible to Me. I love being your Goddess.
I quit being silent about how wrong I felt it all is (the mask police, fake covid numbers and bs reporting to scare people into submission) & began to get a lot of very supportive messages from patriotic pervs who appreciate Me. I didn't realize that you slaves & clients felt the same when you saw girls in My industry rooting for businesses to be ruined & livelihoods demolished - disgusted. I appreciate your words of support. Each note and tribute made Me smile big, thank you! As an entrepreneur I can only assume that those same girls don't take their careers seriously or they don't respect their clients / slaves enough to realize you are those business owners losing everything and you might not completely agree with the bs they were jamming down our throats for the last few months. I hope that I disgust those same people with how happy I am because it's funny to hear their moronic insult attempts 🖤

I had typed this blog and I honestly don't care if anybody reads it. I know My true fans & slaves will. I wanted to address how I've spent the year & how I feel. Closure I guess, cause I'm over lockdown, I'm over staying away from people. We know how to proceed safely. So let's. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Quarantined and Horny

Thats right. 
Being home and unable to play only brings out the horny in Me, how about you?
Selfie after filming / camming last week
Dungeon selfies on St Patrick's Day 
I hope that you are all well, home and healthy.
My Top 3 Quarantine Tips:
1.) Turn off the news. 
2.) Workout daily.
3. Jack off a lot.
I have to admit I began to deal with the Corona Virus Pandemic by worrying and panicking. I was very upset that instantly almost all of My friends found themselves jobless and with no plan to move forward. Half of everybody is worrying about spreading the virus while others think they're special and won't ever contribute towards the spread. I love watching the news to stay informed and I enjoy politics. I watched as this virus spread across the world before it arrived here first in Orange County is where I noticed, then LA.. I literally put a list of words into "mute" on social media after the first few days that I began to avoid the gym. I highly suggest it! The hysteria that the news media has created is incredible and was way too much for Me. I was very sick at one point in My life. My immune system wasn't great. So I still avoid all sickness equally. I get annoyed when clients come to play with even a small sniffle. I'm paranoid like that. Im always the one at the gym with tons of antibacterial wipes. But I go religiously to keep Myself healthy. Im grossed out by high fives. New people touching Me really bothers Me. I just know that as a germaphobe and mild hypochondriac that I take personal boundaries more seriously than a normal person - and then top it with being a Pro Domme of 9 years - basically nobody gets to touch Me very often lol I like it that way. 
Being allowed to touch Me is absolutely an honor.
Staying at home is easy for Me.  
The last day that I visited the gym was March 11th. I honestly was going every single day except for a random day off here or there for the last 7 or 8 years. I like to find new gyms when Im on vacation for fun. It really messed with My mood and energy to not be able to release it in a way that Im used to ~ I say this because I am positive you can probably relate. March 11th was also the last day that I had a session in My Huntington Beach dungeon. Its ok to not see people right now. It sucks to not be able to have fun and get kinky in My play land I created but Im ok with that for now. I am continuing sessions through this "stay at home" order that California is currently under. Health is wealth. All My sessions will now be online until we are in a much different place. Online sessions are basically all Ive been doing since the "stay at home" order was placed. I plan to resume shooting content for My websites next week! Feel free to request a custom video for yourself. Here is where you can find Me. (This is how you can continue to support Me while My main stream of income is cut off.) is where you can follow Me for free, or subscribe to see My naughty pictures. Its a kinky social network. I also sell videos there and you can tip Me - its the website where I receive the highest payout 80% This is where My true fans and slaves go to get the real Me, and they get to SEE the real Me since Im not posting photos on any other social media anymore. Use My link & get your first 3 minutes free. Its where I have held phone sessions and phone with cam sessions for almost 9 years. Pay by the minute to be controlled by Me from wherever you are. Perfect for the pandemic. Once you hear My voice or see Me on your screen looking back at you and directing you on what you'll be doing to amuse Me today- you'll understand why so many long distance slaves use this method to serve Me regularly. I love being worshipped for being the pervert that I am :) Ill be here a lot over this quarantine, join Me. Click HERE for the casual cam line or HERE for FemDom cam sessions. is still where you can collect My hot videos or request a custom video, there is also a phone and cam line there. is My main twitter account, follow Me.

How am I spending this quarantine time? I stopped worrying and am trusting that things will be fine- they always are. I bought a few weeks worth of weed and have completely stopped going out for errands. I had a vegan meal delivery come last week that included breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and green juice which was so nice. I would love to do that again, send a $350 tribute if youd like to spoil Me with not having to cook or meal prep for the week! I also had some gym equipment delivered which really helped My sanity. Send $250 if youd like to cover May, hopefully this will be over by June. June is also when I expect to be more comfortable considering resuming in person sessions again. Only with slaves I know and like, no new slaves this year. New slaves can court their way into My dungeon over the next few months. If you do not know what courting a Woman means then you are not slave material for Me. Between snacks and workouts I would like to fill more of My time with you online slaves! Visit My and give Me a call to introduce yourself. Im easy to talk with and Im pretty much always turned on. Theres gotta be some of you in the same boat with a load you're ready to work out for Me ;)
No but honestly- Im taking My supplements and vitamins, Im enjoying My workouts at home and am trying to keep My mind busy is the main challenge. The main thing Im increasing is My "oil pulling" ritual. Google it. I do it with coconut oil and oregano oil. This helped Me overcome an invisible illness years ago and has kept Me healthy ever since. I now carry antibacterial spray in My pocket, am not ordering deliveries for non necessities and washing My hands a lot even though Im mostly staying inside. It sucks but also as much as I like My car I like not spending all My time and money sitting in traffic driving across the county and back multiple times a week for workouts and sessions, for now. 

Speaking of working out!.. I decided to open back up for slaves. I like to keep up on My fitness and knowing My slaves are taking good care of themselves to be the best versions fo themselves for Me is a compliment of its own. I love knowing they're working hard to be able to serve Me regularly and to be proud of who they are when they present themselves. I love it. I consider training like taking inventory and care of the tool shed. During the month of April Ill be offering two different options to join the stable for 30 days. One, a lighter accountability only option with communication done via email or text. The other second option includes a combination of communication via email or text plus 10 minute webcam check ins during your workouts every other day. Both include optional humiliation / encouragement / objectification. I've had several requests for online workout supervision and I'm happy to hangout with you on cam but also that's a separate session. Email Me to request consideration. 

Besides turning off the news 
the main advice Id like to offer 
is to keep your balls empty and serve Me
Itll make this time so much more enjoyable, for Me.
Serve Me

Sunday, February 23, 2020

New Year New Dungeon

Hi friends & goobers! I hope you are all well!!
Ive been great, very happy Mistress over here. 
Me stepping out in some latex to a play date recently.
When I texted My slave this photo to let him know I was ready and excited to see him he asked why didn't I post it online.. Its not always safe to do so. People will report anything these days, especially with fetish involved. Unfortunately Ive gotten used to not posting My hottest photos online because of that. I have now turned to My AVN Stars page at to dump those hot photos for My true slaves and fans.  
I love sneaking rubber in public.
I sometimes do wonder what would happen if I got pulled over :)
One of My new favorite latex pieces.
Send a big tribute towards more to make Me super happy. 
So here's the news: I recently pulled the trigger on opening My own private dungeon here in OC <3 Im really happy about it. After 9 years as a Pro Domme I had been needing more control (surprise?) of My play space and instead of driving all around town I picked somewhere in North OC where I love to be, just off of the 405 freeway with My LA slaves in mind. The 405 sucks but it also runs along all the best places in SoCal so too bad. Its close to the freeway so My coastal slaves will not be too far of a drive and My incoming slaves won't have to fight much additional traffic once off the freeway. I tried to find an ideal location for us all even though Id rather be right on the beach. Im just a few miles from the sand, walking distance to a lot and Im happy to be in full control of a new project.
I have a lot of clients who fly into town to visit and Ive always wanted a special place of My own dedicated to a 24/7 kinky lifestyle for us to enjoy together. Im a very private person so after buying I stopped bringing slaves over. With this new space I will be happy to welcome any of My slaves / servants in good standing to return to Me for some play time. Others who I do not know well are welcome to court Me, and to book play time at another location of My choice until Im comfortable with you. Honestly, Im so excited to have something new to dangle for you goobers lol A lot of you go on about wishing and wanting to serve, for years even, and never do. The show goes on.. 
If you aren't serving you do not exist in My world. 
*Please note how happy I am after seeing one of My favorites here*
With this new space and the freedom of not having to drive back and fourth around town as much I will be spending that time in front of the camera, you're welcome. I love attention. I love being adored for who I truly am, a pervert, latex lover, greedy always turned on Goddess who likes to use men as toys for My amusement. Ill be shooting videos and camming here once I finish getting things up and running. I had planned on a month to get things squared away but its looking like it'll take another week or two into March. So send more money lol I bought a few substantial furniture pieces as well as commissioning Downtown Willy to build a few custom bondage furniture pieces for Me! Im very excited. 
Subscribe and stay subscribed to to be kept in the loop of My kinky life. 
Ill be resuming posting once I get the building manager outta My way finishing up a few repairs!
Connect with Me at for phone and cam sessions.
Serve Me and send a gift, 
I love getting packages from worshipful slaves
I have a great life thanks to My loyal slaves and good life choices. 
Im fortunate & very happy. 
Come out and play. I love attention, make yourself useful. Be My plaything.
March 20th is the next Eyes Wide Shut
May 6-10th is DomCon LA
The next Eyes Wide Shut after that is after DomCon May 22
I do not currently have any travel booked but would love to change that. 
Lets Play.

Friday, January 10, 2020

HNY slaves

Happy New Year! I hope that you reflect on 2019 and smile or feel stronger from some lessons that you learned. I had a great year <3 I love My "jobs" and I appreciate so much having a steady stream of regular play partners to have fun with! Ive been up to the same old same.. But doing it better and looking hotter while enjoying Myself more. From meeting you guys on the regular for play dates to surprise tributes & servitude ~ Ive been kept very happy. Thank you.

I did another photoshoot! I really like her. I feel super comfortable spending a lot of your money on her time so that you can see how great I look and understand why I say Im feeling so good. At the beginning of the year I tried to balance dungeon time with helping at the latex shop in LA and I planned to switch things up for the second half. Put a house on the market. Quit driving around SoCal quite so much as I was before.. Spent a lot more time being selfish not just with My time but with My energy in general. It feels great. I love taking great care of Myself because it enables Me to set a high bar for you goobers to work towards in order to please Me. you wouldn't want anything but the best for Me so you get it. 
Selfie from a day of camming and shooting. Since last post I celebrated a birthday, Christmas & New Years! Each celebration was perfect. Thank you slaves for being so good to Me. I got everything I wanted, per usual :) And a few surprises, for example Im typing this from My new MacBook! Thanks for thinking about Me during the holidays. I get a little scatterbrained.  It's tricky. I love seeing My loved ones but it would be uncomfortable for everybody if I chimed in with My big wins of the year in Femdom. Then My favorite perverts are busy with their families... But knowing you're thinking about Me enough to show Me appreciation means a lot at any time of the year but especially during the holidays & makes Me smile!
(Newest custom transparent latex dress I couldn't show off anywhere else besides, subscribe)
Buy Me more rubber please.
This was a birthday gift from slave E!
Ive been picking up a lot of cam sessions lately and I love it. I love seeing you guys go stupid for Me on cam and grovel for Me. But My favorite part about using the internet to cam with you guys is that so many of you are able to serve Me from all around the world. I like seeing your information pop up and tell Me that you've been My slave since 2014 or 2017 or whenever you found Me and knowing that distance would have otherwise kept you from serving Me. I love how much more dirty you become once you guys realize how much I love being worshipped and served. I intend to do a lot more webcamming in 2020!  I hope that you write Me and let Me know what kind of cam session you'd like and coordinate some play time. is where you can connect with Me by the minute. 
More cam selfies.
Eyes Wide Shut! Its a party that has morphed into a few different things over the years. It is always an amusing night where I get to meet new slaves and hangout with My Mistress friends. These dates could change a bit but here is an outline of possible future dates:
January 24th
March 20 (3 days before Ms Eden Winters birthday) 
May 22
July 24
I always get tons of messages right after a party wanting to know when the next one will be so its nice for you to be able to plan it in ahead of time! I prefer one on one play dates but this is a fun way to meet new people and see who really finds good energy with each other. is where tickets can be found. 
Switched things up in December & did outcalls with My favorite people while there was dungeon maintenance going on. I made the best of things enjoyed the change of scenery! Some of you slaves have very nice properties, thanks for being great hosts :) It was kinda cool to see people on a more level playing field, I think it made the reality of the girl next door dominating you come true just that much more. Im only game for outcall with people I know very well. Im working on a shoot / play space I intend to be enjoying in North OC in a few weeks from now. I have spent the last few weeks scouting locations & deciding what furniture Id like.. Its what Ive been toying around with planning for quite a while now and since I have a few slaves who want this for Me as well Ill go ahead and make it happen. My intention is that you fall even harder into submission and slavery for Me once I am able to shoot can cam with you more regularly. Send a large cash tribute to show support for this xo
The video of Me looking great in this custom latex uniform I had made a while back is posted on My AVNStars page! Stuff like that is gets thrown there, its basically worship Sheri central so I bought the domain lol My AVNStars page is Enjoy & send a tip xo
I have been updating My AVNStars page pretty often. Ill be honest, its just a more secure way to share My dirty photos and keep tabs on slaves. I am not promoting it much and am surely not utilizing it in some of the creative ways some other girls are! But I do like to share a little of Myself outside of the dungeon and I do love being a cock tease. If that's your thing subscribe HERE and send  Me a tribute to encourage a post lol I take a lot of hot photos but with the current state of online kink in social media Im just not comfortable sharing publicly anymore. So you'll have to follow for free or subscribe for the good stuff. The bonus is it gives you good slaves a way to set yourself apart from the freeloaders online and show your Goddess your support. Knowing you're thinking about Me is a turn on, so subscribe, send tips & lets connect.
I had a fun slave return for business for the week so I locked him and chastity during our beginning of the week session and teased him until the end of the week when he saw Me for his unlocking session. We have done this before but not for a minute. I am already excited for his return in a couple of weeks from now, last session was so incredibly hot. I love that he paid Me the compliment of being such a good tease throughout the week, he said I made his week extra fun. And that's just one reason why I love being Me. I have so much fun playing and to have you enjoy your week or day more because Im here makes it twice as fun. Chastity is most fun when I have a good slave who is truly desperate to please Me with his dedication to delay gratification until allowed to cum on My terms. Thats what makes chastity play and keyholding hot for Me. It can be about size humiliation or embarrassment but it doesn't always have to be about that. Tease and denial isn't one of the most requested types of play for no reason. Either call Niteflirt or buy an intro to chastity training video from Me if youd like to learn how I can become your keyholder - local or long distance.
I have plans to be in Las Vegas in February. If you're a local slave I would love to be offered your services, your cash or to play with you if you'd like to schedule a session while I'm in town. Email to inquire but be sure to politely introduce yourself. I plan to be visiting Las Vegas more regularly this year like I used to a few years ago. Get ready! I have a few slaves local to Vegas but am open to more always. I would love more generous slaves who understand what serving means to make My stays more enjoyable. Inquire politely with an introduction via email, niteflirt phone call or slavery application on My website.

During March I plan to have a new shooting and play space set up for Myself. I've been out looking at and scouting locations for where I'd like it to be & have a few slave sponsors ready to fork over their funds to partially pay for it. Im very close to spending 5k on the deposit / rent & another 5k on kink furniture I'd like to have built. So before the fun begins I'm planning on at least 10k in set up costs and you can feel free to help pay for it. 

I've gotten back into shooting videos. You're welcome. I immediately got a slew of custom video requests so that held Me back a little from shooting more. Visit to request the dirty custom video of your wet dreams by Me. Below you'll find preview gifs of the most recent videos I shot and the links next to them. Im excited to focus on connecting deeper with My best slaves, cuckolds & goobers worldwide in 2020!    

DomCon is fast approaching. I would love for someone to buy Me a new rubber outfit for it. Im open to a slave who wants to be on hand to serve throughout the weekend. This slave would be happy to pay a hefty price for the honor of being in My presence for whatever it is that I might want through most of the weekend. 

Other things:
I love Dallas. A smart slave would send flight funds so I can return to visit My friends!
I want to visit the east coast but only if Im booked for a prepaid extended session.
With My new space Im considering a domestic slave position for a slave willing to earn their job. Courting Me outside of the dungeon in addition to sessions is the only way domestic positions are earned ever. I do not audition or train houseboys.

Niteflirt phone and cam sessions:

Intro to chastity C4S | IWC
Gym wimp for Sheri C4S | IWC
Pump for Me C4S | IWC
Smoke and Stroke C4S | IWC
Kinky Xmas Countdown C4S