Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Orange County Dominatrix Miss Sheri

Hello sluts!!
I live in OC & have always taken sessions here as a Professional. The studio I rent is owned & operated by a lifestyle couple who has kept it running for over 14 years now. I love that there are multiple rooms I can pick from, sometimes I like to lead a slave from one room into another where special toys and gear is waiting. I plan to take advantage of the shorter drive in 2015 & session here more. My other West LA studio is still an option for those who want to visit from the valley or from anywhere in LA. This dungeon is located in North OC, close to where the 91 freeway & the 55 freeway meet! Its easy for those in the IE to come for a visit, and is a great option for those perverts coming up from San Diego! As always, I require a deposit and advance booking for Me to leave home. Here are some pictures to entice you:
Great custom bondage gear set up everywhere!
More fun stations to use you for My amusement..
Love this stage & electric winch suspension set up
The custom coffin doesn't suck either!!!
Sexy pole & mirror set up so you can watch yourself giving Me a show ;)
I think its time for your exam, step into My office. 
My sexy reflection behind the CBT chair
A slave enjoying the view, and scent..
To book:
Please review My booking directions, tribute & public outings information on My website first before contacting Me
I prefer you visit My website & submit your request for a session vs calling Me
Once I speak with you on the phone send a deposit to Sheri.Darling13 at gmail dot com
Eat a small meal an hour before Oour meeting
Arrive freshly showered/shaved/clean -OC does not have a shower at the studio.
www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling for phone & cam sessions

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Update

The top 3 things Mistress is thankful for this year
1 Living in HB ~ I hated the one year I moved away from being close to the calming beaches of OC. We have the best beaches, best weather, hottest people. Being centrally located between SD & LA means that its not a terrible drive if theres something or someone I fancy getting to in either direction. I feel like LA & OC people are just two different breeds, and I do feel like we in OC are the more special, cuter pure breed! I am much happier back where I belong.

2. Fun clients & slaves ~ I wouldn't have fun as a Domme if it weren't for perverts who are open minded & who allow Me to be the creative, sadistic, dominant fetishist I am. I feel like there's a certain amount of give & take between any Ds relationship & if I wasn't getting what I want then I wouldn't bother with being a pro at all. Being worshipped for the cunty, demanding yet compassionate Mistress that I am is pretty ideal. Devotion & loyalty of My slaves are what allows Me to feel supported throughout the year so special thanks to you slave m & slave g for always being there for Me.

3. My Team ~ I have worked with all kinds of people in the scene. Some bat shit crazy. Some under cover haters. Some are just out of this world awesome & actually get Me! Big thanks to Abigail Greydanus latex, Tommy O photos & the perverts over at FetishKitsch.com. Without you guys Id have to settle with just ok & pretend Im happy with the outcome. And we all know Im not good at faking it :)

Mistress will be at home in LA / OC & taking sessions for the majority of the holiday season!
 Days I am unavailable:
December 5-13 Vacation in St Lucia with slave m!

December 14pm-15am overnight booked

December 16 is nail day, a great day for public humiliation in Beverly Hills
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December 25th off- Send gifts & cards to:
Sheri D
POBox 18431
Irvine CA 92623
Shop My *wishlist*, keep Me happy.

Any day not mentioned above are great days to take Me shopping, meet Me for a session in My dungeon or to play on cam together!

you can always serve Me on My Niteflirt.com/SheriDarling phonesex lines,
by listening to My pre recorded kinky stories
or by helping yourself to My pay to view images available 24/7

Lets get kinky!
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