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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Las Vegas Dominatrix Birthday Wishlist

Hello fans & stalkers,
I have been very pleased with My stable of playthings, slaves, clients and worldwide worshipers so this update has been overdue in My mind. But I overthink things sometimes instead of just writing an update and posting it lol I am happy to be finally feeling like My people are reemerging after the scam that had us separated for over a year, I could not be more excited. Most of you stayed in good communication with Me - good boys. It has been fun to execute some of those plans we have been formulating together over the recent months. One of My favorite things about planning BDSM scenes with lots of notice is how elaborate I can get. Casual is sometimes fun but only if its with someone that I know very well and it has to be kinky. Vanilla casual sometimes feels like punishment, because I believe that I am worth way more effort and planning.
I am used to feeling like a black sheep with My kinky life so this entire scam has just been -that- but on another level. And its ok especially because I feel like a lot of people are finally coming around to see that just like kink being a personal choice for each individual so are the decisions on measures that we take to protect our health. Also, some of you need to go back to minding your own fucking business. I am totally fine holding out to do some of the things that used to be My favorite for as long as it takes for Me to feel like I want to participate again. I am just focusing on staying positive and spending My energy differently these days. I have always been a firm believer that you support what you love actively + vote with your dollars. I am excited to begin to split My time between Huntington Beach and Vegas! I have made sure to update My website calendar to reflect where I will be seeing My favorite pervs. I am utilizing My website more and more these days. Check it often. 
Summertime was fun. I managed to move half of My stuff to Las Vegas and began to set up camp! Im already finding My favorite local things to do while Im in town. I have a lot of dreams for Myself to fulfill while Im in Vegas. There are a lot of things Id like to do with My slaves here as well as solo just for Myself. During covid all I did was workout and garden so its nice to be able to manage those two passions on a larger scale now since I have more space. Plus the added bonus of interviewing new slaves post covid & in Vegas has been quite fun to break the tedious day to day stuff up. It had been tricky sticking to My fitness routine but I am back at it and I feel better than ever. It feels good to stay discipline and give My body the self care and hard work that I crave. Work hard + play hard. I could use additional fitness slaves to sponsor all of the supplements & gym passes Id like to enjoy. 

I finally went to My first concert in two years! I am so happy that live music is coming back. I am selective about what I support so it was an outdoor festival where no tests, masks or vax required. I would also love a concert pay slave to sponsor all of the shows Id like to go to in OC and in Vegas. Gimme :)
There are a handful of experiences in Vegas that I think would be extra fun with My people. So reach out via email when you will be in town, lets coordinate some fun.
When I do sit still for more than a few minutes you slaves have been lucky to see Me utilizing every curve as a weapon against your weak mind on webcam very regularly these days. Usually week nights but available most days with a few hours notice. I love cam domination sessions, it is so fun to see your face.. etc. The best part of online domination is that it bridges the gap in distance for all of us. I have been getting a lot of requests to see Me in person but I am still being selective. This has been a great way to meet for the first time face to face to a bunch of My people. Still seeing My favorite people who I have ongoing play with feeds My kinky heart and adding new ones in who earn their approval here and there has been going well too. After re-doing My website application process a few weeks ago I have already noticed a significant positive impact on the interaction that I have with new people. I like that it feels more like a conversation than you asking Me for a service. I am not interested in people seeking just a service and I enjoy people who understand that the relationship part of Ds / Ms is more important to Me. If I do not vibe with you right away I honestly think it is for a reason, I am easy to vibe with.
My dungeon >     I always get compliments on the vibe so I am very proud of being able to hold a space where the outside world is easily forgotten. I am excited to continue working on it to create more elaborate scenes with more fun toys, I love being your lifestyle Mistress. My scenes have become more elaborate with the added bonus of never having to share the space with anyone else. Its fun to be able to ask if you guys are on a tight schedule so I know how deep we can dive into play- a few of you lucky ducks have gotten Me on days where I could not care less about the clock. Thank you to the guys who get Me and make Me happy here regularly. Without you Id be sad. <3
Snapped a few photos of a fun scene with a good boy recently. Electro play violet wand, bondage, sex swing, locking heel cuffs, latex bondage tape were just a few things that got this party started. I never stop play for photos unless I know that it is something that you like and want because you specifically said so prior to beginning play time. Sometimes it can ruin the moment but sometimes it is fun to capture the moment too. 

All My hot photos get posted to now instead of social media. Its the website where My true fans get to know Me and get to see the real Me, what Im up to, what I like, teasing, photos and videos. If you want a Domme who has a set number of updates promised and a certain fetish to cater to each of you every single day - look elsewhere. My fan account is literally My true fans supporting Me and being allowed access to My private kinky life as a Pro Domme. If you have ever wanted to be My slave this is where you should start. Once you join you should use it to send tributes and compliments regularly. I love being served. If you are not serving you do not exist.  

This extra wide and extra long custom latex vac bed behind Me was a gift for My birthday last year from one of the sweetest slaves <3 My birthday is already coming up! I am so greedy for latex that its just a matter of narrowing it down to a manageable wish list that I can share. More on this below.

This was Me stepping out to a play party a few weeks ago.
I was happy I could match these emeralds to the rubber, both slave sponsored.
Be sure to sign up to My website email list. 
Find it at the top of My website
That is how you will be notified when I am ready to party again. 
Soon. But no promises.
I have a lot of great excuses to celebrate but being an independent person Ill probably just take Myself to a fancy af dinner & get a nice bottle of champagne. I would love to celebrate it the same way with each of My favorite slaves, offer yourselves up. 
Ten years as a Pro Domme is here.
My Birthday is also almost here.
Life is great, I have never felt better.

Ways you can make Mistress happy when meeting or taking Me out:
  • Communication is key. 
  • Be open because having expectations is the quickest way to suck the fun out of things. 
  • When I feel like I am well taken care / that you are being generous I want to return it in kind.
  • Acts of service and gifts are My love language. Do homework to learn My preferences.
  • If something does not feel like it is worth My while I will be honest and not spend much time on it. 
  • Be thoughtful by never arriving empty handed. 
  • Have a plan B & sometimes C.
  • Manners. Get all of My doors for Me and offer to assist with carrying all of the things.

Birthday Wish List
MsSheriDarling@ ProtonMail . CH
Just delete the spaces. Gift Voucher. I put two dresses and one catsuit in My cart that I have been wanting to order for a long time so that I could calculate the total with shipping and the order came to $1,010.00 rounded up ($371, $272, $272 + shipping). ** TY slave grayson 🖤 for your contribution towards this ** TY slave Jeff for your contribution towards a new rubber catsuit 😍 ** I ended up getting two catsuits and two new rubber hoods for Sheri Land <3

I would love more custom latex made by Abigail Greydanus who has made most of My rubber collection. She has My measurements and knows Me very well. Over the years she has helped Me bring My hottest custom rubber fantasies to life so if there is something you would like to be made for Me please order through her! I would also love a tab to use up so that I can design something special Id like! Coming up with something unique is always fun and a must for a true latex fetishist like Myself. If I were to place an order for a complete custom lingerie look (includes bra, panty, gloves, stockings & accessory) I like I would expect to spend around $1,000.00, or for a sexy cocktail dress or bodysuit maybe between $300-$500. Off of the top of My head Id love a new complete lingerie look or two, a cocktail dress and a few swimsuits. ***** Thank you slaveforSheri for sending Abigail 1k towards My rubber latex lingerie! 😍***** I ended up getting two sets of lingerie with matching opera gloves and a bodysuit all custom designed just for Me <3

Photoshoots. There are two photographers I would like to work with, one in LA/OC and another in Vegas. Their photography packages begin at $500. I have not done a proper photoshoot in over 2 years so this is overdue. Especially because My body has never looked better. 

BDSM Furniture. I would love additional pieces made. This is for My big slave spenders, I expect to spend at least $1k per item. I have too many ideas so this would likely be something the buyer would enjoy most. 

Id like to treat Myself to all of the finest spa day experiences that I can get My perfect little fit body into while Im in Las Vegas.

Here are links to all of the Las Vegas spas that I would like to enjoy on your dime, not all of them have gift cards so you can send a gift card for the amount instead:

The Euphoria Kings Bath: Menu

CBD From  This website has kept Me sane since finding their products about two years ago. Still have not found anything that works better for Me when I am feeling anxious.

I am looking forward to finishing the year strong with some of My favorite slaves and kink friends. Planning a head and communication are key. So if it is serving in person, on cam for sessions or calling on the phone I want you guys to know that I appreciate all the servitude that goes into keeping your Mistress happy. I truly am.

Thank you / keep it up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Summer Season Goddess Update

Hello fans & stalkers ;)

I hope that you are all doing well today, I am. And I'm looking better and feeling better every single day. More importantly I'm able to enjoy it all because I'm also happy. I knew there would be a point where I would have to explain to you how things would work post scamdemic. I know that there are a lot of people looking to get back out there. There have been lots of applications to serve which is always flattering and I like. There are also slaves looking for parties and things to do, ways to serve and to be trained. Without dancing around the issue Ill say it straightforward: I am being so much more picky with My time and attention. Lets catch up.

I love being served and at this point - over 10 years- into My Pro Domme life you should know I don't have to tolerate any bs. Ive had some incredibly generous and loyal slaves serving Me throughout this "down time". Those relationships have deepened and became stronger. I have a nice stable of slaves and Im glad they hold My standards high and strive to serve Me always. It makes wanting to divide My attention a challenge at times and especially when you factor in time when Im not in "work mode". For example I make collaring a 1 year probationary trial, that is after I agree to see you for a tryout. I do not jump into anything and I enjoy drawing it all out. Mostly because consistency is key in keeping your Mistress happy. Easy come easy go they say, right. Not around here. So that covers slavery. Lets touch on sessions.
Unimpressive session applications do not compel Me to want to divide My time for them to be honest. I need to feel good energy way before I consider letting you into My beautiful private dungeon. Think more Mistress less Pro Domme fetish dispenser. There are other ways to gain My consideration. I have paid phone lines where you can plea your case. You are always welcome to schedule a paid cam date so that I can interview and interact with you. Sending gifts and using communication is the old fashioned way to gain My attention. Help Me feel something about you please. If Im going to spend My time to play with you I wrap My head around your fantasy for at least a few days. I spend the entire morning grooming Myself meticulously as well as My dungeon and toys. I have a goal for our scene as well as options for the different courses playtime could take Uus. Its not just an hour of My day by any means. So making a positive impression along with your application would be ideal. That covers wannabe clients. Lets praise those guys who, luckily, I already like to play with.
I know some of you have been curious about how I spent the year and managed to stay so happy, Sheri Land & loyal slaves.
Such good gimps for Mistress!!
I enjoyed bringing in the new year together as well as using a few of you cucks to make a better Valentines Day for Me by utilizing your dinner date tributes! TY. My slaves know that I have toughed out some pretty serious things this year already that I dont like to broadcast across socials too much. With the loss of a loved one immediately followed by some major emergency dental surgery I was on relax mode for a few months without choice. I basically was forced to take off May and June. There was no way I could consistently work through it all. I love that My slaves sent tributes so I could take time off that I really  needed. I'm fortunate to not have just clients but some pervs with really big hearts around to support Me ❤️
Thank you slaves. 
During the lockdown I did manage to get over to Las Vegas a handful of times! It's somewhere I don't think I will ever get tired of. There's always something new to see, an event to check out, and obviously a handful of slaves to pick from when I want to be wine & dined. My slave (below) got very lucky in sin city.. And lubey, and sweaty, etc..  I had him entertaining Me in Las Vegas and enjoyed every minute of it. I will likely be splitting My time between there and My Huntington Beach Dungeon more often. Has whips will travel ;) I do want to hangout with some of My favorite people while we both happen to be in town up there. So dont be a stranger! For example I will be there 3x already during August, so lets coordinate. 
Besides Las Vegas I am not excited about traveling. I am determined to remain v a x free. No shots for this Goddess. I will not even pretend to play into any of this or lie about it. No. I do not care what anyone else does with their decision making on that. Do it. Dont. Whatever makes you happy. I have slaves who agree and who agree to disagree with Me, we respect each others choices just like adults. **I wish people got back to asking each other if they are happy instead of dosed** Im healthy and happy. Thank you slaves for understanding and appreciating My decisions. Lockdown brought so many like minded pervs and people onto My radar and managed to get rid of some people that were never My vibe but I tolerated in certain instances. I just wish everyone would realize where this all leads to if they continue to play along. Im tuned out. No news. No radio. Only Sheri Land,, or !
While all the girls I used to work with were busy being brainwashed by acronyms and pronouns I leaned in to Sheri Land & doubled down on Me <3 I am so happy I did not huff My mask all year or gain the covid 25. I have never looked better and I love the attention I am getting for it. I was told recently by someone that Im "glowing", and I agree. I even see it. I am so damn happy and unapologetic about how I feel. I guess if I was them I would try to pretend Sheri didnt exist too. But I love how they are also spending their free time blocking Me and screenshooting My posts just to talk about Me. Successful and so busy, right girls lol. I began to get a cold shoulder when I started to lose weight and become healthy and truly happy with Myself. I began to only hear from My femdom friends for professional purposes. Final straw for Me, I knew we couldn't be friends anymore when they were sour about My online businesses and Me saying that I was thriving and keeping afloat at the beginning of lockdown. I was told that it was because of My privilege that I was able to stay afloat lol I have NOT been invited and will not be attending any fetish parties in Los Angeles any time soon. You cannot pay Me enough to go to LA or to play in a room of girls who believe that cops are bad. I would not feel safe and do not want to associate with girls like that. Sometimes I miss the play parties so I will probably just start hosting My own. Stay tuned.
While Im bringing up other people I should share the landscape of what I see as the current FemDom scene around Me. Most of the local pro girls I know went woke. There are a couple of Mistresses who are still cool and I talk with regularly but were busy and we never see each other. The other handful of cool pros tend to be spread out across the county but I do invite them to visit Sheri Land to get away if theyd like to. The Complex dungeon in Orange County shut their doors at the beginning of scamdemic. That was run by Irene Boss who sometimes visits OC. She has always been cool to Me but we are both busy and tend to not run into each other during those visits. The other persons space who I liked to play at was The Ivy Manor in DTLA owned by Isabella Sinclair who relocated to the East Coast at the beginning of scamdemic. She has remained kind to Me but who knows when I can see Her again. Those were two spaces I lost where I personally liked to spend time. In the local LA community I see Sanctuary LAX is having fund raising because apparently they need to catch up on rent not paid. The Lair in the valley also seems to have not been paying rent during the scam because they are also fund raising. Those were spaces I had been to but not in years. Those memories are still fresh, it would be bad to see them close for good. I worked My ass off to keep things afloat for My dungeon. To be honest Im curious what they did instead. I wish this wasnt the case for anyone because these are not small losses in the kink world and likely these people were just doing what they believed was right for them. (I think they are only making the situation worse by having their divisive vaxxed only parties, Ill never support an event requiring that bs but that is a whole other story.)
Your Mistress was very happy with the service of a sweet slave who I have gotten to know during lockdown. I hope he liked the sight of Me in leather skirt, jacket & Louboutin boots and a fat cigar sticking out of My mouth as much as I did. Does it really matter? No but doesnt hurt. I'm pleased is really what matters. 
What else pleases Me? More sexy custom rubber for your latex Mistress. I can never get enough. Rubber makes Me so happy. Im so glad I have so many slaves enabling Me and My fetish. I love dressing up and then letting you guys all see Me shiny & happy makes it all that much more fun. There is no feeling like being shined up in second skin rubber by a nervous sub who is about to be used and drained. I honestly don't think I will ever scratch the itch on this one fetish because I think I will always need something newer, sexier, tighter to be worshiped in or just more special because its new and custom just for Me. Just ask how you can fund a new outfit, I will let you lol
Obviously your Goddess stayed consistent in they gym the entire scam. I purchased some gym equipment but there really is nothing like having a hot girl squad that you can go fuss over to break up the endless dick pix ;) So I joined a gym that was deemed essential and have not stopped going. You already know that I want you to pay for more gym passes and supplements if you wanna call yourself My slave. Do not send Starbucks gift cards. Do you think I look like this because I drink empty calories and to-go food all week? No. I can live off of latex lol 
Buy more. I need something for Halloween and for My birthday in November.
I also want more dungeon furniture built. I already know what I would like. Please dont send starbucks gift cards, send visa gift cards and Ill add them up to buy something more substantial. Help Me reach My goals, and focus on making it count instead of just being counted. I have got a bunch of subs trying to serve Me which I love, its flattering. For some, unfortunately for them, it feels like they are aimlessly going through the motions. Imagine if I spent My time responding to 15 mediocre messages each morning to ask how I am doing today instead of engaging with someone who craves connection like I do. Make it count.
Be sure to subscribe to My website so that I can send an update once there is an announcement to make about upcoming events in Orange County. 
I am happy and content and I am ready for more of what I like. 
Im considering allowing some new slaves to serve and earn a spot in My stable. First step is to apply through the slavery application on My website. Then they would follow through with making a connection with Me just like they would with any other girl they would want to accept a date request. If someone has already filled out an application but did not hear back from Me then they do have permission to follow up and ask about it one time. Also... Im happy to welcome back some of My past perverts who snuck away. Welcome back, bitches. Start digging. you guys always come back. Always. 
DomCon seems like it is not on the table for Me this year. All of the people I would want to hang out with will likely not show up. They all said that they do not have a week to hangout by LAX and take photos, we are all busy managing our own dungeons and businesses and a conference would eat up too much time. I would love to see people if they are in town for the thing but like I said previously: I really cant be bothered to come to LA. Not any time soon. 
I spent some time making My patio more private. Its now a discrete very private outdoor space where you can be a useful human ashtray slave or foot stool while I relax. It gets the perfect sunset in the late summer / fall, so now. I actually really like spending time in this spot, its got a nice vibe. I hope to utilize it a lot more now. 
Between managing My stable, family time & the freedom I have with My time I am excited to find out how you will work hard to earn My favor. I know I just said a lot but I hadnt updated My blog in months and I have been getting a lot of messages asking questions and this was the easiest way to respond. 
And if you dont like My blog or what I have to say then you dont get to kiss My ass. 
 No! ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2021

New Year Same Hussy

Hello fans & snoopers! ;)

I am doing great and am very happy ~ thanks for checking in on Me! I hope that you are feeling great too. I am looking forward to a fun filled year, I hope to see some of you sooner rather than later!!! Happy to see the end of what seemed to be a never ending 2020. I think I handled it better than most if Im being completely honest :)

Join My true slaves & fans at Its My AVN Stars social network page that I use as My fan club / Instagram because Insta kicks us off of there for posting anything "too sexy". 

My gimp & I. 

I was bracing Myself for an end of the year finale to 2020 but luckily I ended it with fireworks in the dungeon! I get asked a lot how I managed things last year and the truth is I tried to Mind My own business by ignoring and blocking out negativity and nonsense, per usual. Im a naturally positive person and I strongly believe perspective is everything. Being an independent thinker like that tends to attract people who feel similarly which I am fortunate for. I loved ignoring the orders to do nothing and instead spent time with My favorite local slaves as well as My devoted distance virtual slaves. Being each others distractions regardless of the outside world or events is the type of energy I want to continue to bring into all relationships that I enjoy.  

I am super mindful about My slaves as a whole, from viruses to vibes. I like My toys to be well taken care of and be in a good headspace for play at any time I call on them. So after a year of mostly distance except for the handful of favorites it was fun to end the year strong and healthy as well as with an exciting play date ~ someone who stayed home basically all year. 

And to top off finishing the year strong I was more giddy that I kicked off the new year kinky with some shiny fun too. And as you can see the new bondage suspension rig is getting used properly ;) 

He aches when he sees Me in this outfit. Who wouldnt. 

Love My grin in this photo. Happy Mistress. 

My original plan was to create a space where My orange county slaves could come serve Me in My own realm, without the restriction of time or privacy. Im a control freak and I wasnt happy being out of control of the play space like things were in 2019. Almost a full year later due to covid I finally had My first overnight guest at the new orange county dungeon! Besides spending most of the time in the dungeon suffering and serving Me domestically this slave also got to enjoy taking Me shopping, out to dinner and to enjoy a few of My favorite local things to do - all while locked in chastity of course. Im very happy I was able to remain mostly positive while staying kinky all year and for My slaves to serve so well despite all that has been going on lately. 

I love being your Goddess. 

I managed to enjoy the holidays and new year in real life only so thats why I skipped over updates between My birthday and now. I spent both holidays at home enjoying the life I created for Myself with family. Thank you to the slaves who take the time to wish Me a happy birthday, to have a nice holiday and especially those who wish for Me to have a nice day each and every day. I know that level of servitude and interaction on a regular basis isnt possible for everyone, but also thats what makes it so special. Servitude and being My slave is about making My life easier or more fun so I appreciate the gifts and tributes you guys sent and the time that you took to send them! Thank you. I am looking forward to having fun with the custom latex vac bed someone ordered for Me as well as the other fun gifts that I received! 

I am looking immediately forward to celebrating Valentines Day 2021. My best slaves have already begun to ask what I would like, which I love. A few obvious things, cash, new Louboutin heels would be fun to shop for, a new rubber outfit or two would be fun to order online with your tributes. I am only using amazon gift cards for gym gear (but Id still love to buy a bunch more of) and have moved over to gift cards from Etsy being preferred over others. Etsy is small business vs Amazon big biz. My top and main preferred method of tribute is for now. If you'd like to see what's on My wishlist and to find My Amazon WL link please visit 

I have decided to make a few new social media accounts.
These days being kinky and conservative has Me feeling like I am at times doubly limited as to what I can say or share on twitter and instagram. I joined gab and telegram this week, as well as SextPanther a few weeks ago. For a refresher here are My links:
New- social network sexting, video call & phone domination
Favorites- personal site phonesex and cam My exclusive content regularly updated fanclub My biggest collection of videos videos customs and phonesex back / promo account

I hope you take a screenshot of My links when I post them because as much as I try to behave I know that I can absolutely be kicked off some of those sites at any time especially because the rules seem to be constantly changing. I thought I had to walk on eggshells on social media before but Im certain I will need to be even more careful about what I post and how I say things. Im on those social media sites to be social and to say what Im up to and mainly to stay connected with pervs worldwide. Sometimes I might post a link or sexy photo but Im trying to do that less and less so that maybe Im allowed to keep those accounts up and running. Sex work is work. I should be able to post a link and enticing photo to direct your submission much more often but Ill try to abide by the rules as best I can. Right now gets the majority of My hot photos and nsfw stuff.

With the censorship the adult industry is facing more each day it would really help us if you could remember email is the better option for secure trading of private information. Treat social media like the moderators are all reading your conversations because they are.

Whats coming up?!
Absolutely fucking nothing. ;) Its tricky to plan anything right now so Im utilizing the time to work through phone and cam while building My dungeon. Id love more of your funds so that I can continue to do more of exactly those things. I was hoping for a vacation coming up soon but Im really against all of the weird protocols required to access public spaces right now. So instead of planning to travel any time soon Im happy to wait it out as long as I have to right here in sunny O.C. CA. I have quite a few fantasies about dungeon build-outs which Id like you to fund so email if your wallet would like some action from your Goddess. I am happy people are getting their shot. I wont. Im happy the election BS hasssssss to move forward. I hope people finally turn off their TVs and get outside and enjoy their lives before they cant. During covid I had a slave buy Me a boat! I had a lot of fun watching the boat parades this summer and it reminded Me of the fun I have on My friends boats so now I have one! Send gasoline and beer money if you ever smile trying to visualize My big natural tits bouncing around on a boat that I didnt have to buy. 

Sending love.
Serve Me.