Thursday, October 15, 2020

mistress birthday blog update

Hello slaves, fans & stalkers! I'm still doing great!
Thanks for sticking with Me! ;) 
My birthday is coming up. 
Any guesses as to what I'd like??? 
I thought I'd be helpful and make a top ten since a few of you have asked for ideas on what Id like. 
Here you go:
10. gift cards. I have also been updating My Amazon wishlist for easy gifts sent to My pobox. If something cannot be sent to poboxes you can deliver it to yourself and then forward it on to My bopox. gift cards are pretty awesome too, I love home spa days. 

9. Niteflirt call & sing Me happy birthday on My $50/minute line *HERE* Supporting one of My online businesses pays the rent, feeds Me & sponsors My gym time and supplements. Do this often & support all of My online businesses if seeing Me in real life is not an option! It's a surefire way to make sure I have time to perv out with you! 

8. tributes on My avnstars page. This is where My true fans are. 

7. CBDs - I really like these products and while these two are My favorites from this company I wouldn't hate to receive multiples to stock up or any of their other items. the 15ml lasts Me about 3 months.

6. Louboutin. South Coast Plaza is back open and Id love for you to take Me shopping. I wear size 6.5 or if they are boots size 7.  

5. Dungeon furniture. Toilet throne or smother bench & a cbt chair are ideal gifts you can fund for My dungeon. Inquire about how you can send for this. (Update: Thank you slave M for paying off the custom metal bondage sex swing frame! And Thank you j for buying Me the custom latex vac bed I wanted with all the fun options included! I am already very excited for all of the new activities!)

4. Staycation. Send $1500 to cover a 4 night weekend stay. 

3. Latex wardrobe +$300-$1000
There are a couple different brands Id like which I will not list (because I could go on). Smart slave shoppers who want to see their gift used often and for years will jump on this. Starting with a $400 dress I'd like to order online. Also Abigail Greydanus has My recent measurements if youd like to surprise Me with something special instead. Cool custom rubber surprises include new rubber stockings, panties with My name on the butt ( I can never have too many of these ), a new bodysuit or cocktail dress. Ive been daydreaming about a custom latex catsuit Id like. 

2. Rubber or leather. standard queen
Surprise gifts such as genuine leather hoods or bondage gear youd like used on you is an ok gift too.

1. Cash. I love Money, send some. This year has only been easy because of My loyal & generous slaves. 

Extra credit: gym wimp for Sheri 1yr contract.
I just thought of something ongoing I'd like one of you slaves to gift Me: $210 gym fee monthly commitment for at least 1 year. I have tons of workout stuff I can use on My own but there's nothing like gym life. Keep Me happy, healthy & far out of your league. 

My birthday this year will probably be low key, which is fine and I like. I was considering treating Myself & puppy to a staycation and fancy dinner somewhere on the beach. I am happy to accept paid dinner dates or cash drops if our schedules can coordinate to allow it. If you are not local I do have a secure POBox where I love surprises showing up throughout the year. If you do send something be sure to conceal whats inside as much as possisble. And thank you in advance, I like that a few of you are excited to celebrate Me. Start your countdown, My birthday is 5 weeks out! xoxo

POBox 18431
Irvine CA 92606