Sunday, January 26, 2014

Current Wishlist

To make this easier I will just update this one blog so now you will know exactly what is most important to Serving Me at any point in time. Aren't I so nice?! I know, I am. you're welcome. 

  • Special Birthday activities during the month of November! Havent completely decided what to do yet. gift cards would be perfect! I would also really like to be sent all of your JetBlue points or cash tributes so you can pay for all flights!
  • $400 sponsor a photoshoot with one of My favorite photographers, needed 4x a year. Sponsoring a photo shoot enables Me to have new promotional material & would earn you a private viewing behind the scenes of most of the photoshoot via webcam.

  • $200 to replenish My favorite stockings stash. I can tell you where to order from & sizing/color options Id prefer or you can feel free to send tribute with a note to mention this is what you'd like to take care of for Me.

  • *Amazon*  & *Etsy* e-gift cards are always spent FAST, send plenty, I love them.

  • *Home Depot* I love spending time doing dungeon upgrades and DIY projects. Be part of growing My dungeon!
  • Here is a link to My *wishlist* on to make shopping online easier, just find the rest of My lists on the left side of the webpage.
  • I have a workout wishlist for things to keep Me at it:HERE

  • A condo in My name completely paid off within 2 miles from any OC beach. It turns Me on thinking of what Id do with rent money if I never had that bill to pay..

  • A new car in My name completely paid off, or $$$$$ to put down on one.
  • Ads alone can cost up to $500 some months and I need to update them every single month, a tribute would help pay for these to keep Me busy & making money.

    Tribute for any of these can be sent via egift card to

      Visit to collect all My hot videos!

        Buy My cam ID to skype for $50  

        • $100 for up to 15min of cam time.
        • If we have met for a session please leave Me a review by visiting & brag about Oour kinky time together!
        • Follow Me on Twitter @Sheri_Darling & promote Me by posting My hot pictures & video links and reviews!

          SLAVES I am interested in adding to My stable:
          - Mechanic slave
          - Dentist slave
          - paypig / shopping slave - Monthly shopping sprees would be ideal. 
          - cuckold slave - dinner, dates, trips are all going to be on your dime.

          When I think of more Ill update you  perverts.
          Thank you sluts
          xo Miss Sheri

          Tuesday, January 21, 2014

          NAMM 2014 Domination

           Let My Sadistic Laugh be the music in your ears..
          I have decided to do something Ive never done before 
          the music lover in Me decided to offer other music lovers a discount.

          During the NAMM show in Anaheim Ill be offering sessions in Culver City (35mi away) as usual, as well as in North OC (10mi away) just 15 minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center. If you show Me your NAMM badge you will get a discount of $50 off every hour you book with Me. If you don't have a NAMM badge to show Me you're still in luck, sing your best "im a little teacup" to Me with all the moves & get a discount this weekend only. Overnights in the Culver City dungeon are a good option since I'm sure you convention attendees will be busy with business during the day. I'm also open to considering a humiliation dinner date public session at My location of choice nearby the Convention Center. Bring a special mix of your favorite music on an mp3 player when you visit My studio, if it doesn't suck I might be game to let it play while Wwe play. Book sooner rather than later as My time is starting to book up. Don't make Me regret this treat & maybe Ill have it be a yearly discount during NAMM only.
          Serve Me.