Monday, June 20, 2016

Dominatrix Blog Update Time

Hello Fans, Friends & stalkers!!!
Hopefully youre all as well as I am! Thought I should update you blog readers with how things have been going: great! busy! Im very happy and pleased with My servants and slaves! Above is the dress I wore to Our last Multi Mistress CFNm play party! Read on for the date of the next party where you can serve 12 Mistresses in one night!
DomConLA was super fun! I didn't stay for the entire weekend like I usually do. But- I did have lots of sessions and enjoyed meeting some new (to Me) perverts there! Thanks for all your support, spoiling and worshiping! Below are some of My favorite Mistresses I ran into while there:
Madame Quinn Helix
Double Sessions available in LA
Mistress An Li
Double Sessions available in LA
Maitresse Renee
Fly Me to Dallas to visit Her!
Goddess Phoenix
Fly Me to Atlanta to Visit Her!
Goddess Sadie Hawkins
Fly Me to Phoenix to visit Her!
Goddess Eden Winter, Myself & Mistress Simone Justice
Double Sessions available in LA, even 3 against 1 if you can handle Us.
Enjoying the Whiplr lounge
Goddess Soma, Myself & Goddess Eden Winter
Goodie bag from the Whiplr Lounge!
Mistress Nicolette Rule
Double Sessions available in LA
I ended up winning $1,000 in a Whiplr contest! Thank you guys for your support & helping Me win this! I soooo need new latex! Nothing gets Me going like some EXPENSIVE, CUSTOM, second skin latex! 95% of My latex is custom. I love being a latex snob! Seriously turns Me on just thinking about it! Knowing no other Mistress can have the same stuff Im having designed.. Knowing I didn't have to pay for it ;D And knowing how much its going to drive you slaves wild with more desire for Me- I love it! Im discussing new designs so look out in a few weeks for some new pictures to showcase the new stuff!
I did end up shooting a lot of HOT new videos for My clips stores so be sure to collect them all!!
I shot some HOT movies with Cybill Troy!
youre so lucky to have Us, so buy all these clips & itll encourage Me to shoot with Her more often!
YAY you made it all the way to the end!
Whats coming up next?!
 Next CFNm party in DTLA at the Ivy Manor: 7/15/16
I have written many blogs about Our parties,
click back and read them to find out more info.
1 week of FemDom Fun
Serving Me around the clock
All inclusive
Jamaica October 2016
Which of you perverts would like to make a good impression on Me?
Can you get away for a week and amuse Me while on vacation?
Im interested in a sponsor for this years trip. Itll be My 5th year traveling with DommeTrips! I already have My trip paid for in full. you should expect to get your own room and pay for Our flights -plus- spoil Me to make Me extra happy to meet you lol A sponsor could expect lots of attention, serving Me around the clock and ensuring My trip is a relaxing one! Message Me to request consideration for such an amazing opportunity. Ive gotten several requests but none of them have aligned with My type of fun / play yet.
Be service oriented, submissive and ready to tribute if you contact Me. 
 Serve Me

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whiplr Elite Dominatrix Miss Sheri

Hello fans, friends & stalkers!!
Hope all is well
Have you ever wished that there was a way to contact kinky people who actually 'get' what youre into & who can hold a regular conversation about that and normal life too? I was introduced to Whiplr last October while on vacation on DommeTrips with the two lovely Mistresses above (Goddess Eden Winter, Myself & Mistress Simone Justice). We reconnected a couple weeks ago during DomConLA at the Whiplr Elite Lounge :)) Whiplr is an ap you download on your phone, there is no desktop version of it which I like! If you haven't gotten on it then you haven't yet figured out that this messenger is the easiest way to strike up a conversation with hot Ladies (or guys too) and not be pressured to "fuck you pay Me", not be called a "wanker" because you aren't interested in spending.
  • Lots of Mistresses are on it!
  • There is a section for events so you can see who else on the ap is attending.
  • you can even join that events group chat, which is awesome to use during kink events!
  • Plus, hot chicks competing with their hot photos to win ca$h.
Look at this ultra sexy photo of Me!
Now download Whiplr on your phone & click the little heart button beside this photo to like it!
Im currently entered into a competition (below) & you can help Me stay on top!
I stand to win $1,500
I won 3rd place last time for $500 & that is simply not good enough!
Keep Me on top, the ap is free & its easy to show your support!
Thanks for your support, perverts! I appreciate it!
Download, then go to photos, click to organize photos with most likes on top & youll find My pictures quickly!

last time won $500 for 3rd place

This time won $1,000 towards new latex by for 2nd place!
Thanks for all your support!