Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Blog Update

Hello perverts!!
Happy New Year to all of you friends, fans, slaves & servants! I am still so excited about 2015 & all the change that is happening and yet to come! Above is Me, a pre session selfie in My sexy latex corset. Just a quick reminder~ I take sessions & bounce between West LA and North OC for sessions so scheduling a day or two in advance is required! I love being busy so I will always try to squeeze you in. Returning clients only may request same day sessions, thanks for your loyalty :)
I started out the year with a few new servants becoming instantly addicted and Ive been on such a good roll with training them! The clock struck midnight on January 1st & My www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling line started ringing! Theres nothing I love more than being worshipped by slaves around the world. That's a big reason I love niteflirt, I get to interact with worshippers in different cities, states & countries!
As you can see they love Me too ;) Thanks for your nice feedback, perverts.
This is what it looks like when someones addiction for Me takes over! I love it! More always welcome!!
This year also started off with a bang for My session clients in LA! My new dungeon is up & running, it looks a bit different than these images but haven't had time to take more pictures. Its awesome!! Its in West LA, on the west side of the 405 freeway very close to where the other studio was located. This sexy medical gyno exam table was put to GREAT use, Im positive clients love their exams. The Nurse will see you next ;)
Our last jail cell was great but I can really fuck with you when I put you inside this one!! I love to think of fun, humiliating things for you to do before I agree to let you get back out and you love it too.
I absolutely loooove the new shower setup! There is enough room for a few people inside & toileting sessions have become much more interesting with the use of this! I love it and you will too, toilets. NEWS~ For those of you who love attending Our Multi Mistress parties will be happy to know that there is one coming up! More details will be posted soon.
An image of Myself after a session in My North OC Dungeon. I love that you pervs have been keeping Me quite busy. Keep it up, I love to play & love to be worshipped even more.
NEWS~ I recently did a super sexy photoshoot with My good friends over at www.FetishKitsch.com for www.SinicalMagazine.com! Thank them for shooting Me by supporting their hot rubber sex website!!
I am featured in the current edition of Sinical Magazine!
Visit www.SinicalMagazine.com to preview their new Domination issue, get your own limited edition copy to worship and cherish forever! Inside you will find the newest images of the hottest Dominas! Outside you'll find two options for covers and I know that you're so weak for fetish wear that you'll just have to buy both!! Lucky you. This will be available for purchase through their website February 16th. Click, buy, worship!
Vacation swimsuit..
Vacation swimsuit...
Vacation swimsuit.. 
I am beginning to look at the calendar & I do not currently have any travel "planned". Here is a list of trips that I want you slaves paying for because if Im traveling as a Professional Dominatrix it certainly wont be on My dime. Flights, hotel & tribute required.
NY visit 3/25-3/28
DomCon 5/13-5/17
NOLA visit sometime in July or August
Montreal Fetish Weekend 9/2-9/7
September Surrender in Dallas 9/10-9/14
London Fetish Weekend 10/1-10/4
DommeTrips October 17th-24th *this needs a $650 deposit immediately*
I recently updated My wishlist with some things in the spirit of Valentines Day. I've been getting a lovely steady stream of cards & presents! Thank you so much pervs, I'm single so it is really nice of you to think of & spoil Me. Click here for My *wishlist* & keep those presents coming!!
Book a session www.SheriDarling.com
Call My phone domination line www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling
Lets get kinky!