Sunday, December 25, 2011

Miss me..

Miss me pets,
Ill be gone this week but back in January.
To serve me in my absence please send Amazon gift cards to my email address & I promise to use it to buy more kink toys to play with and use on you when I get back!!!
Rad Iron Fist Duffel bag from a pet, Definitely gonna get lots of use.
Perhaps my new Kink Bag?
I got some sweet thoughtful gifts from a few of my most devoted play partners :) Thank you!! I appreciate everything I was sent! One guy who has never served me even sent me some thick soft socks he wants me to stink up and wear for him when I get back to session with him in LA- see- thoughtful ;p

New toy:

Zipper style flogger set for true masochists
Handmade by Saint Leather.

January plans:
Ill be in Vegas likely for NYE & back not sure when. Haven't decided if I will offer sessions while there since I'm going to visit a few special people. If you're in Vegas & want a session email me & prove you are sincere~ I just might allow you to serve me while I'm there.

Mistrix is coming back to play!!! She will be here a few days JANUARY 17-22!!! She is so much fun I am beyond excited to play with her again & just have her in town!! We will be all over LA & Anaheim so make requests to serve early. To request sessions with Mistrix go to her website. To schedule a double Domina session contact either of Us.

I will not be answering calls or voice mails this week, sorry. Please TEXT or EMAIL me instead if you'd like to get on my calendar & I will require new pets to deposit as usual. Read this blog on protocol to book Fetish & BDSM sessions with me.

Thanks for all the fun Ive had with you so far, looking forward to more kinky times!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recent Sessions...

One of the perks of my position is that I get to have fun with some handsome kinky perverts, tease & deny the life outta them as much as I want to &&&& pay my bills doing it. I don't mind dishing because there's always another fetishist right around the corner ready to top your ideas with something more extreme & brag-worthy..

I just want to mention one guy I played recently..
The only pictures I could put here would only make all other slaves jealous...
This pet showed up well dressed, took a long lunch to come see me.. I like mellow low key guys for the most part... but who doesn't love a well dressed handsome professional? Its like catnip for me, I might appear calm but inside I go nuts. I might not gush over how well liked you are just based on your appearance but lets just say.... something inside me wants to gush......

I love creative men. The kinks and story lines built up in their dirty minds.. I love a confident guy who isn't afraid to ask for what he wants. I love it when they pick a scenario where I get to role play the controlling bitch or sweetly sadistic Sheri.. Its fun to hear them confess the thing that gets their cock rock hard.. to hear what they've been fantasizing about till the moment they get to me.. I love being their fantasy playmate who does almost anything their little hearts desire.. I could tell from his phone call he was sincere..

This gentleman wanted to play in OC. He asked me to wear something sexy that I might even be able to pass off if I were going to work.. So I picked a gorgeous lingerie set with garter to go under a sheer long sleeve white button down, a short tight black skirt, those nude thigh high stockings with black back seam (my favorite stockings in the world), plus some 5" high black patent leather heels. He showed up in business attire, I was pleased...

I allowed him to worship and rub my feet legs and stockings.. He wanted to play out a few scenarios that a few men have probably thought about while sitting at their desks in their offices.. stressed out.. meeting after meeting.. project after project.. watching those married women strut their heels and pantyhose in the office right in front of them  but totally off limits... We found out what would happen if we worked together..
Yep I took pictures,  but Ill just let you use your imagination...

I got to punish him for being the pervert in the office as a HR type role, I loved punishing him by using him for my pleasure. I kept telling him if the told anybody in the office what we were doing Id have his ass fired so fast! I love threatening men with a good time ;) Two hours of bound cock control & force feeding him my feet was so much fun I even allowed him to ruin those stockings I was wearing..

My point is...
Get creative pets.

New kink bag additions I ordered are:
-Leather hood with mouth and eye covers
-Leather vampire gloves
-I just got the custom made plastic zipper style flogger set for masochists!
xoxo Sheri
To book a Fetish or BDSM session read this blog...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love my feet.

I have feet..
yes I do
I have little size 7 feet..
They're here just for you..
I am VERY ticklish but love a good foot rub.. 
Let me rub my feet all over your body today..
Love my foot fetishists.. Its such a treat when I get my toes, arches & foot muscles worshiped. Long attentive foot rubs, kisses and nibbles on my feet, these are ways that you will earn favor by me.

I love dressing them up in pantyhose, fishnets, high heels & gorgeous boots. Foot, pantyhose & high heel worship are one of my favorite types of play sessions I enjoy. I love to sit back at watch you at my feet, where slaves belong.

One of my all time favorite feet activities are force feeding you my toes.. I wiggle them in your mouth a bit and stroke your tonsils while you enjoy trying to take my whole foot in your dirty mouth.. I sit back and watch you try to catch your breath before I shove my toes to the back of your throat again..

There are plenty of activities you could do with my feet.. 
Come over & pick a few.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Schedule

Hi pets,

Wanted to let you know my schedule for the holiday.. Ill be visiting family out of state from Monday December 26th till Friday the 30th. That gives you 9 more days (without counting Xmas eve & Xmas) to get kinky with me in OC & LA or else you will have to wait till the new year..

I could shove my wish list in your faces but honestly~ I'm just grateful that Ive had so much fun with you little perverts that I just want you to keep coming back to play. This is what I do to pay my bills & to feed myself & my puppy kids. I do have a lot of fun but it is only possible because you guys keep me going. You know how to gift me things if that's really what your heart desires.

I hope you kinky pets stay warm, safe & find something to be grateful for. The attitude of gratitude is really where my heads/hearts at, thank you guys for everything so far.

xoxo Sheri

Monday, December 12, 2011


I know I am very fortunate to have such awesome, sweet, creative, kinky, perverted, and most of all thoughtful pets to play with!

Thats why Im always doing what I can to keep my kink bag growing with new toys to play with.. my closet full of sexy gear to get you hot & lusting over me.. & Im always reading about kinks Im interested in exploring with you perverts...
Newest toys include:
Nurse kit~ for medical roleplay etc.
Electric stimulation kit~ Im very interested in using this sooner rather than later..
Newest attire includes:
All the pantyhose & corsets I could get my little hands on at Fredericks & VS..
The lingerie in the above pictures are new (gifts)..
Orders on their way:
Pinwheels~ ordered multiple, these drive you guys nuts!!
Zipper style flogger set~ pain sluts will be calling mercy!!

If you are a newbie please read *THIS* post on how to contact me for sessions.

If you are one of the many fun play-things that I have had the pleasure of kinking around with lately: I cant wait to control your cock again, soon.. I mean that! ;)

Oooh ya, buy my first splosh video.. I guess these kinksters get really messy, its my first one, shot and edited myself. Its only $20 & you get to see me squish cherries & whipped cream on my natural boobies! I plan to make plenty more. Send suggestions & I might consider them.. Heres the link.

Lets get more kinky you slutty fucking perverts xoxo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I think you might be able to get a better feeling of who I am if I share some of the compliments (besides the obvious) I tend to get often.. Plus, I like to brag if I have the time & I just so happen to have the time at the moment...
My laugh~ this is the one I get a lot! I can be strict.. I can focus on your skin quietly as I inflict pain.. but I enjoy having a good time with my pets & I don't have to be cold & mean to do it! I love to make a big strong man flinch or whimper & laugh at him while he regains composure. I love interacting with my pets in session. I enjoy them begging for more, I enjoy them being as enthusiastic as I am while they endure every thing I give, it turns me on, knowing that they are enjoying their punishment as I enjoy administering it, I get such a high from the experience. It gets called "The Evil Laugh" a lot.

My kindness~ this one I get from first time pets in session often & almost always. I don't give one lazy fuck what other Dominas are doing, I am who I am with or without a whip in my hand. While I don't spend endless hours engaging with pets who don't serve me I also don't ignore them or turn a cold shoulder when they contact me. Yes, you come to serve Me, know your place before you approach me & we will get along fine. I have a huge respect for submissives because I know the devotion some of you have for me & for Dommes. I will treat you as the loyal servant that you prove yourself to be, but only if you do prove it: Earn your keep slaves, you come a dime a dozen & I have my pick of many.

Secrets~ often I find that one of the gifts submissives give me right off the bat are the secrets they reveal to me & nobody else. Its kind of flattering to me that I get to be the one you picked to trust with your naughty secrets. All those fantasies you've been holding inside until you met me, all those kinky kinks you've been wanting to do but never felt comfortable with anyone else to ask for, its a compliment to be the one to share those things with you.
I had a great past few days, definitely a whole other blog some other time though.... I ended up taking off the day today to relax & play with my new camera gifted from a sweet generous pet! I'm making short sexy videos for you slaves so you can worship me whenever your dirty minds desire. Cumming soon lol xoxo
Come play, I wont bite if its a hard limit ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great week update

Hi pets! Hope you're all doing well :)

I've been super busy & I love it! Ive been meeting a lot of new kinksters down in Orange County! I live in OC & have only offered sessions in LA up until recently. So that means if you have to drive back & fourth for business or if you wanna change things up a bit I can coordinate schedules with you so that we can play at the location that is most convenient to you. Both spaces are gorgeous & discrete. Both offer double Domina sessions. I will be back and fourth a lot so lets play sometime!
Ive had a busy week & really wanted to thank all my pets who make me smile. I know how fortunate I am to have such fun, sweet, kinky, creative pets. I was given some really great gifts this week from the sweetest & most creative pet Ive played with so far. Sessions with him are so much fun, I really have such a blast with him, its awesome! Everything from a great camera, dresses, sexy heels, boots, panty & bra sets, pantyhose, jewlrey, victorias secret gift card, nail polishes & more! I was driving home afterward almost in tears, I felt so lucky to be treated like that, its been a while since a guy went out of his way for me with nothing expected in return. Sure he said they were birthday & Christmas but still they were gorgeous gifts & I was thankful. I'm going to be able to go have fancy dinners in them, take great pictures with, get some more kink wear with- I really am so grateful! He really has GREAT taste plus studied my amazon wish list, got me stuff I love and am already wearing :)

A pair of heels & roses he gave me <3

I attended my first play party last night! Had a piece of chocolate I got from my local cannabis dispensary & wanted to go meet a few local Dominas & submissives.. I showed up wearing nothing but red lipstick & leather from head to toe, all gifted from my sweet pet~ skin tight dress, thigh high boots & long black gloves. I set out to introduce myself to the other Dominas.. I ended up meeting some really great submissives & a few true masochists! They had a last slave standing contest where the slaves all wait for their turns to get paddled, whipped, spanked & flogged while We watch them fall one by one like flies. I got congratulated for being the last Domme standing! I just cant help myself if there  are asses to beat I'm gonna beat it! I met a few masochists I'm really looking forward to playing with again in the near future! I love a challenge and if you don't flinch while I'm throwing swings at you then you have just inspired me to bring bigger badder toys for your tushes!!! The play party was fun & I will be attending more in the future in LA and in OC :) I already put in an order to Saint Leather for more toys to bring to the next party!

Surrender your control to me, I want to play. Keep me busy! xoxo