Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great week update

Hi pets! Hope you're all doing well :)

I've been super busy & I love it! Ive been meeting a lot of new kinksters down in Orange County! I live in OC & have only offered sessions in LA up until recently. So that means if you have to drive back & fourth for business or if you wanna change things up a bit I can coordinate schedules with you so that we can play at the location that is most convenient to you. Both spaces are gorgeous & discrete. Both offer double Domina sessions. I will be back and fourth a lot so lets play sometime!
Ive had a busy week & really wanted to thank all my pets who make me smile. I know how fortunate I am to have such fun, sweet, kinky, creative pets. I was given some really great gifts this week from the sweetest & most creative pet Ive played with so far. Sessions with him are so much fun, I really have such a blast with him, its awesome! Everything from a great camera, dresses, sexy heels, boots, panty & bra sets, pantyhose, jewlrey, victorias secret gift card, nail polishes & more! I was driving home afterward almost in tears, I felt so lucky to be treated like that, its been a while since a guy went out of his way for me with nothing expected in return. Sure he said they were birthday & Christmas but still they were gorgeous gifts & I was thankful. I'm going to be able to go have fancy dinners in them, take great pictures with, get some more kink wear with- I really am so grateful! He really has GREAT taste plus studied my amazon wish list, got me stuff I love and am already wearing :)

A pair of heels & roses he gave me <3

I attended my first play party last night! Had a piece of chocolate I got from my local cannabis dispensary & wanted to go meet a few local Dominas & submissives.. I showed up wearing nothing but red lipstick & leather from head to toe, all gifted from my sweet pet~ skin tight dress, thigh high boots & long black gloves. I set out to introduce myself to the other Dominas.. I ended up meeting some really great submissives & a few true masochists! They had a last slave standing contest where the slaves all wait for their turns to get paddled, whipped, spanked & flogged while We watch them fall one by one like flies. I got congratulated for being the last Domme standing! I just cant help myself if there  are asses to beat I'm gonna beat it! I met a few masochists I'm really looking forward to playing with again in the near future! I love a challenge and if you don't flinch while I'm throwing swings at you then you have just inspired me to bring bigger badder toys for your tushes!!! The play party was fun & I will be attending more in the future in LA and in OC :) I already put in an order to Saint Leather for more toys to bring to the next party!

Surrender your control to me, I want to play. Keep me busy! xoxo