Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Schedule

Hi pets,

Wanted to let you know my schedule for the holiday.. Ill be visiting family out of state from Monday December 26th till Friday the 30th. That gives you 9 more days (without counting Xmas eve & Xmas) to get kinky with me in OC & LA or else you will have to wait till the new year..

I could shove my wish list in your faces but honestly~ I'm just grateful that Ive had so much fun with you little perverts that I just want you to keep coming back to play. This is what I do to pay my bills & to feed myself & my puppy kids. I do have a lot of fun but it is only possible because you guys keep me going. You know how to gift me things if that's really what your heart desires.

I hope you kinky pets stay warm, safe & find something to be grateful for. The attitude of gratitude is really where my heads/hearts at, thank you guys for everything so far.

xoxo Sheri