Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love my feet.

I have feet..
yes I do
I have little size 7 feet..
They're here just for you..
I am VERY ticklish but love a good foot rub.. 
Let me rub my feet all over your body today..
Love my foot fetishists.. Its such a treat when I get my toes, arches & foot muscles worshiped. Long attentive foot rubs, kisses and nibbles on my feet, these are ways that you will earn favor by me.

I love dressing them up in pantyhose, fishnets, high heels & gorgeous boots. Foot, pantyhose & high heel worship are one of my favorite types of play sessions I enjoy. I love to sit back at watch you at my feet, where slaves belong.

One of my all time favorite feet activities are force feeding you my toes.. I wiggle them in your mouth a bit and stroke your tonsils while you enjoy trying to take my whole foot in your dirty mouth.. I sit back and watch you try to catch your breath before I shove my toes to the back of your throat again..

There are plenty of activities you could do with my feet.. 
Come over & pick a few.