Monday, January 2, 2017

new year new cuck

Christmas is over
Its a whole new year
yet you're still a loser
the most pathetic thing about being such a loser is how in denial you seem to remain.
Let Me guess, your new years resolution is to get laid or have a FemDom relationship lol
When in the real world My needs as Queen & Mistress belong a MUCH higher priority than yours in your stupid loser life should ever be. you know you cant handle Me. yet you waste all your time imagining how to get Me lol
put your time to better use
aspire to be the best loser you can be
give in to being a cuckold
give in to being My cuckold
cuckolds don't have to worry about saying the right thing
(cucks dont get to have a say)
what I want is what they want
cuckolds don't get special treats
the fact that I exist is the biggest treat that keeps giving
even being allowed to talk to Me and to serve is way more than you deserve
cuckolds don't waste My time with their loser thoughts
what you say and what you think are seriously so unimportant its almost amazing
your line of reasoning got you to your loser place
and thats where you will stay
you will serve Me from your lowly little corner of the world
while you take My pleasure to new heights by your ongoing sacrafices
all those tributes tip the scales in My favor
only by giving everything to Me can you truly feel the pleasure
any other pleasure is wasted time and effort and you know it

cuckolds pay
and pay again
they shut up
knowing your sacrafice is My pleasure gives you the urge to repeat and repeat again
don't annoy Me with 100000 questions
because you should be too busy shutting up so you can pay
Any attention on you is WASTED
All My attention should go to Myself, so I look and feel hot for My dates
My workouts - on you
Lingerie - your tab
be at the root of My pleasure but never make it about you
No attention to you, like I wanna get in the mood with you in My head? NEVER.
Any other attention should go toward what I want for My dates and maybe a split second or two to allow a good cuck to pay for it or to thank a good cuck for paying for dates, random presents, wine or whatever else I want for an enjoyable night courtesy of a cuckold. 

Then do you know what begins to happen?
I begin to associate the good cuckold slave with pleasure. Yes, you can become a source of happiness for Me if you truly put Me first, put My wants before yours and be focused on keeping Me happy and most importantly horny for other men by keeping Me spoiled and stress free. I will be so much less annoyed with you when Im enjoying plenty of dates on your dime and being wined and dined by hot men without your little disgusting dicklet in the way. When I get lots of expensive panties to go with the sexiest stockings that Ill wear out on a date Ill definitely think about how fun itll be one day when I completely own you and youve show Me I can truly do anything I want to you what will happen then.. How far can you take this journey with Me into a real cuckold lifestyle? I will begin to allow you to become a more involved slave in My life because you will have proven to be a valuable slave in My stable vs a desprate wanker mooching off of the pleasure I enjoy in My PRIVATE life. 
Introduce yourself here to begin serving as wannabe cuck: HERE
Or prove you know your place as a cuck in My life by sending Flemmings tribute toward a date & expect nothing in return. Do note your email address so that I can notify you once I get it: HERE