Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Dates!

Hello perverts,
I love to travel! I haven't really been traveling as much as I would like to but am getting in gear to do just that! Ive outlined some travel dates here & always update the calendar on 
I am also available for travel domestic or abroad. Politely request, with proper accommodations & advance planning, for your kinky play time with the Latina Domme you've been wanting to serve....
Las Vegas 9/7-9/9
Siren Savannah & I are having a little Girl time in Las Vegas for the weekend. Prepare to serve, submit & be used for Our pleasure. A weekend is all you get so dont be shy to make your introduction & request for Our play time. We will be making regular trips to Las Vegas to Dominate you kinky perverts so stay tuned!

9/28-10/2 New York

~ A few days with Mistrix & My slave.
Teasing the life out of you because Im not accepting sessions this trip which is sponsored by My sweet slave. I am accepting tributes & gifts from slaves interested in My return in the near future. Ive had submissives & fetishists beg to serve Me this trip & the answer is simple~ make Me want to come back by making this trip extra special & we can play.
10/12-10/14 DomCon Atlanta
slave & I are having fun planning getaways together, we decided DomCon Atlanta would be a fun getaway, obviously! DomCon LA was so much fun Im positive Mistress Cyan has a great experience planned for all Uus kinksters :) First time to Atlanta too!

10/18-10/25 Dominican Republic
DOMinican Domination
Trip organized by
A week of Caribbean debauchery with My slave, Dommes from around the world, slaves & kinksters including a few of the Dungeon West Ladies!

10/27-10/28 Las Vegas
 ~ Fetish & Fantasy Ball ~ Halloween
Wanna know what I will dress as for Halloween? Come meet Me at the party! I do plan on being extra naughty in sin city. Yes, Ill accept sessions with deposit. No exceptions on deposits unless we have played before.

11/10-11/17 Las Vegas
~Birthday fun
A week long vacation with My slave to celebrate My birthday
Celebrating Me. Spoiling Me. Letting Me have My way for a week, that's whats going on! Send gifts! ;)

I will be adding more dates as I plan them. Feel free to try and persuade Me to visit your town & lets get kinky!

Monday, August 13, 2012

update time..

Slave in training is coming along nicely...
I got a gorgeous latex gown custom ordered from a very sweet slave last week. Abigail is amazing, she took a few ideas I had & warped them into an ultra sexy Mistress dress perfect for play & worship- I know because I couldn't help Myself & put it to the test right away wearing it to the monthly FemDom play party! It was a hit, obviously ;) After getting My sadist fix & working up a sweat I was pleased to know that this gown was comfy & allowed Me to move freely while beating ass!!
I was super busy last week & I love it that way. I do make it a little bit of an effort to get My time with the protocol I have set up but can you blame Me? Imagine if I said yes to every bozo who called or emailed Me? Id be burnt out, disgusted & likely unhappy. Plus I'm picky & I prefer to be in the mood & ready to play instead of putting on an act after hours of waiting at the dungeon for any old fool to show up, I have better stuff to do on My down time! I had a great foot worship scene with forced foot eating & trampling as well. Theres nothing I love more than the sound of My name as a sub is yelling it out with My toes in his throat :) It makes Me happy. This was a return client so I was happy to meet him the same day & didn't require 24 hour notice. Same day appointments are for loyal slaves, subs & pets! New play partners require notice & deposit! I also got to use My newest LA human toilet as well. He's got a big black cock, thought Id share that while I'm sharing. I like to torture him & play with him before I piss on his face. It's good times actually, he is always into doing what I say without argument even though he isnt into pain & I like that, makes Me feel like he has earned that shower.

What I wore for a latex loving perv last week
 Latex is something Ive been constantly drooling over.. & look forward to making you subs drool over soon as well. I snapped a pic in My latex while at Dungeon West before a session earlier last week. After the pet got there & stripped I bound him down to the bondage table & began strapping vibrators to him lol Then I began to smother him in the latex a little bit while using pinwheels but didn't get very far. Too bad you perverts aren't multi orgasmic like Us ladies, I would have toned down the teasing until the very last minute when I would overwhelm him with the highest intensity of smothering & vibrators combination his mind could ever dream. I took it easy on this pet, not a pain slut & more of a fetishist I think.. See, I can play nice ;)
Me dressin up for My sweet sexy gurl last week
 Sometimes I get really lucky. I love My "job" & I loved it even more last Monday night when a sexy gurl decided to get brave & come see Me.. Ugh she was so pretty. Bright beautiful eyes, tall & thin, great ass & legs, awesome personality & lots of kinky fun! I honestly have thought about her quite a bit since seeing her lol ugh, the look in her eye was irresistible, I was practically smitten the whole session. I really had a hard time keeping My hands off of her. We had red wine & chocolates while we chatted.. It was lovely. She wanted to learn more about being a lady, mannerisms, and any kind of play I might be into.. I got her on the cross & cuffed her arms up while I spanked & paddled her ass a bit... I proceeded to ruin her pantyhose, something I absolutely love doing. From that scene I was already buzzing & decided since nobody else was in the dungeon that I would lead her into the other play room! I then pulled out the bondage bed & rigged her legs with rope, spread & above her head using the ceiling bondage rings that were put in place... Normally I keep My strap on for very special pets who usually have seen Me a few times & know Me well. I always turn down strapon play because its illegal & I really don't take it lightly sticking My cock into someone. But with this gurl, who happened to bring a few of her favorite toys, I was eager to get the dildo she brought strapped down in My harness & really enjoyed slowly lowering it into her sweet ass.. I might be spilling too many details but this is the one place I get to brag & let Me tell you, this gurl was such a treat. I hope I get to see her again, maybe shop or party sometime, or session, whatevs.
 There are a few things I'm working on for you pervs. I shot some video with a slave but really didn't like the way it turned out. BUT, I learned a lot. I do intend on re shooting more stuff to share with you fucks but in time without a rush, especially with all the other things on My plate. Traveling~ I am making many trips to Las Vegas over the next few months & New York as well. I do hope to do more traveling, its one of the main goals Ive had for years but I never seem to get around to it.  Feeling very fortunate to be treated to vacations!
Flashback, My first time in rope
Last week Wwe lost a popular FemDom... She was THE ONE who FIRST inspired Me to learn more & get involved in the scene......... Going from thinking that BDSM was only in porn to meeting Her is what really opened My eyes to a new world. I really didn't know her too well but She was someone I looked up to, She was someone who made Me want to be a better Domme, and mainly She was what I considered to be a great Domme & sweet person in general. She greeted Me with a smile & welcomed Me into Her ropes with Her giggles, which are two things I pride Myself in having while I play. I had My first rope / FemDom experience with Her & I will never forget Her. May She rest in peace, Natali Demore. It has sparked a desire to revisit rope rigging & knots,  but I really need a rope bottom......
Pretty latex
Lets play...
West LA
or Niteflirt
I just want to fuck with your head & send you away buzzing...

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