Monday, October 22, 2018

Dominatrix Blog Fall Update

Hello again fans, friends & stalkers!
Still here :) Doing great & looking great. 
A snap of Myself between playthings recently at the dungeon. 
Lifetime snaps for 50 amazon or fancentro.  
I recently had a couple long time pervs return and contact Me after an attempt at being away. 
One said he needed to level up in order to properly serve Me. 
That is the kind of dirty mind I like. 
Also, they always come back for more.
I know that I ask for a lot from personal slaves & I do turn down a lot of session requests. Its simple~ I dont have to see you. Its a beautiful thing really. Knowing that I dont need you even 1% but if I allow you to serve, it's truly for My amusement and because our interests align with each others. Im really good at reading people through their language, written or body language to understand what a person needs. I know when you are holding out on Me. Its not just because Im a pro its mostly because Im good at connecting (when I feel like it). My clientele is almost entirely regulars which makes connecting deeper each time even more intoxicating. If you have met Me you know how true this is.
Luckily My regulars have it easier than personal slaves. I took it as a compliment recently being told that I am one of the few Mistresses who takes appointments before noon. I love it that way! I just think Ive managed to attract the perfect client. The client who is a busy professional and has his own life, who carves out small chunks of time to completely submerge themselves into My realm in the dungeon in order let go just for a little bit. And then they go back to work after lunch much better versions of themselves :D Its My favorite. Book a 10am & spend lunch catching your breath. 
We still have Our popular FemDom Parties every 6-8 weeks or so depending on holidays. I love being able to see My best FemDom Friend Ms Eden Winter. All the other Ladies are super amazing too. Who else gets to hangout with Legends like Jewell Marceau, Stella Liberty and Aiden Starr regularly? Mistress Isabella has made so many great changes and upgrades to Her dungeon too, its glorious. Our party has been going strong since 2013, its by far the best of the best. The best location & the top 12-15 FemDom Professionals. There has been a lot of other ladies copying the concept and Ive attended and had a lot of fun! But Id have fun anywhere with any submissive I really connect with- and there is truly nothing like Our popular Eyes Wide Shut party. A slave recently said it well, "its all-star night". It truly is. Luckily it also attracts the best of the best slaves so We are always very happy to be served. slaves fly in from everywhere. Ive had slaves from all over the states and even international slaves fly in just to serve Me at this party. It always makes Me that much happier when a slave is made to perform and show off in front of My Goddess friends. We have the best time & I always look forward to the next party. you should join Us.
Follow Eyes Wide Shut for upcoming announcements:
Whats coming up?!
I would like to update this blog more often. I just often cant decide between wanting to brag and wanting to be discrete. I usually side on being discrete so I dont show most of the naughty fun Im up to publicly. I do have a few things Im looking forward to as the year winds down. 

Bondage ball is having a rare Halloween edition that Ill probably drag a hot Domme friend out to! Look out for Us with your wallet out in LA ;D

My birthday is in a month, 11/22 is where you can go for ideas. Paid date offers only please. I have friends, family and personal slaves who come before meeting new people or investing time into slaves who dont ever serve. Lately Ive been enjoying reading hand written or typed letters reflecting on My relationships with you slaves so you could always send that & Id be really happy. 

Sheri D @ POBox 18431 Irvine CA 92623 

For the end of the year I have a few dates Im arranging but no big travel so if you are considering visiting Orange County or Los Angeles for the holidays then you are in luck because I will be around and would love to play. Deposit and advance notice required. 

Im considering attending AVN weekend. Its a great opportunity to have fun in Vegas and probably just shoot & play with My hot Domme friends in town since its typically cold outdoors during January. If you are a slave with some cash to burn and want to be shown how to serve a Goddess in Las Vegas for a day or two please politely inquire through My website. Some of My favorite slavecations have happened in Las Vegas.

Obviously DomCon in LA is a fun event but its mostly working for Me & I found that I either miss it being wound up with a slave or accomplish a lot with a Mistress friend. For that reason only sessions & sponsorship are available for DomCon LA 2019, networking > personal slave weekend. Just letting you know now since I know some plan for this way in advance. Paid dinner dates and shopping always an option. 

Big events dont need to happen in order for you to take the plunge and commit to seeing Me for a session. I take appointments regularly in North OC or West LA. I can always meet you on webcam for a play session if you are interested in being distance trained by Me. I am also open to custom video requests so if you have the same kinks & would like something special just for you this is a great investment. Im getting ready to gear up on My well worn goods for sale again soon so you sock and panty fetishists are going to get some attention too.

I get asked a lot if I will tour. No. I only travel for pleasure or on a slaves dime for slavecation. Rarely do I travel and take sessions~ I enjoy that My slaves come to Me.

Worship Me near or from afar, I love being served. 

Worship Me with your wallet & buy My videos. 
Then send a tribute and thank Me for existing.