Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I recently mentioned how sure I am that I would be a better Personal Trainer than the guy I hired for 3 months & disappeared after 1.. I said to write Me & Id get you on a program! A real program with accountability, check ins, punishments and rewards. A couple hours later and a dozen or so emails about it I found there to be lots of interest!

Much like your sex life (or lack of one) you know that you'd be better off with a Dominant Female controlling what you become. Im glad you are interested in bettering yourself for your Mistresses or partner, wife, girlfriend and especially for Me. I know that if you follow My directions that you will lose weight & you will become more like the slave you hope to become. More importantly- you will become more like the slave that I want you to become.

I have had a handful of slaves on weight loss program in the past & now I will offer it to any slave willing to tribute & do the work it takes to reach your goals.

youre welcome for this opportunity to better yourself. I look forward to meeting those slaves who know their shortfalls and are ready to impress Me with their dedication to raising the bar for slaves everywhere. 

  EMail if youd like more information.
  • Diet Domination
  • FemDom Fitness Workout Assignments
  • Weight Humiliation
  • FemDom Cleanses
  • 12hr FemDom Bootcamp