Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Surrender Recap

 Whats up sluts?!
I know some of you love to live through My blog posts & youre probably itching to know how much fun I had at the event I just returned from, September Surrender in Dallas!
The first annual September Surrender in Dallas hosted by Maitresse Renee was so much more enjoyable than I imagined! The hotel was nice, the service was great & the staff seemed to welcome Oour kinky group without judgement. There was a great turn out and I was very much looking forward to partying with some fun people within the kink scene. Lots of classes were offered daily by some great presenters. I had a very good boy fly Me in for the opportunity to serve Me & luckily for him he did a good job. I promptly made him model and get into the new sleepsack he had sent to Me, My first sleepsack. Umph!!! This is the hottest thing ever. I love it so much. I found Myself completely perving out on it. There is nothing like dehumanizing a male into a complete slave, sub, slut, whatever I want him to be.

Night one took place at the Lizard Lounge. Nice spot, they welcomed Uus all & by the end of the night My voice was nearly gone, throat raw, and I was looking for someones mouth to pee in! Really fun night.
Night two started out at a nice table, font & center for an evening of fetish shows & this hussy serving Uus some bottle service. Im glad My slave was smart enough to want to get a bottle for Me & My Girl friends, Wwe all had such a great time partying & perving out together.  
Aww look at Us sitting pretty, all relaxed at Our table. 
Thanks slave!
Emily & I have been friends for years, she actually knew Me before I went pro. She is such a doll! Everyones eyes were on her as soon as she hit the stage. Bringing on the sexy, latex & tease like nobody else can! Herrrrre kitty kitty kitty..
Emilys shows are hot. I don't even know what to say here...
Someone had to force Emily on the orgasmatron and who better than Myself?! I had her crawl down stage to Me, collared her and led her around. Next came pussy and ass flogging, right before she was made to straddle & ride the orgasmatron.
Heres some video:

Then We partied the rest of the night!
And I played with My slave some more. Umph!
I get so fixated on things sometimes...
I wish more slaves were into mummification or being completely encased in leather or latex, I absolutely love it but they tend to freak out once theyre nearly immobile. Im glad this pervert just trusted Me & allowed Me to have all the fun!!
Night 3, more bottle service, more Emily being sexy as fuck on stage. My lucky slave got a heads up from Me that he should definitely get his ass down to the stage because Emily needed submissives for her show. I have to admit, he looks great up there lol, I took sooo many pictures of this scene that I know hes going to drool & wank over for a whiiile lol Which is why Im blackmailing him for them! I loved volunteering him out to other Domme friends. First to help set up for the event, later that night I agreed to let Mistress Elena scare him the entire weekend in anticipation of Her Interrogation class! Once or twice to grab a drink for someone I was chatting with, once or twice to follow the busy event organizers who were constantly running around to set up the next 'thing' Wwe were all doing.  I love when slaves make Me look good by helping out My friends or the event hosts. Im glad he knows and appreciates just how much fun he had because he was there with Me, he might be spoiled now for all future events lol
I love the amused look on her face:
 Sometimes play can be serious, but I love having fun the majority of the time. I spent the entire time laughing My ass off while marking this pervert. Those darker marks are from a dragonstail which he had never experienced before. Its always special to Me when a slave will let Me mark them & especially when I get to be creative with it. Seeing him so excited to have My name marked on him truly just made Me all that much more happy. :)
Then I had to say goodbye to that ass.. Doesn't it look great in My panties?!
I cant wait to return next year & do it all over again. I met lots of perverts & enjoyed Myself the entire time. Usually at kink events I pick & choose what I want to participate in but everything about this event was well planned & right up My alley. I cant say enough nice things! I hope that lots of My friends return and that even more decide to join in the fun next year.
Thanks to those perverts who made this weekend completely over the top, kinky fun!
-slave s-
Serve Me.