Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Multi Mistress Play Party Time!

Multi Mistress Play Party Coming Up!
Come serve Myself + 13 other Mistresses for hours of uninhibited play!
* Next party is 3/20/2015 *
* Location: Isabella Sinclaire's Ivy Manor in Downtown LA*
Past parties:
7/4 Bondage Ball
5/15 & 5/15 DomCon Parties
11/22/2013 My Birthday
My favorite past scenes at Our Multi Mistress parties have included smoking / ashtray service, forced bi on multiple cocks, dual Domme toileting, 6 on 1 cbt & those great foot rubs of appreciation afterwards.

The Mistresses want to see your SLUTTY SUB SKILLS. We have had contests throughout the night to determine which sub in attendance could be named:

 Best Deep-throater
Mr. Milking Marathon
Most talented foot servant
Champion of Champagne chugging
…and more!

Don’t miss your chance to show off to a group of gorgeous Goddesses what a nasty little whore you can be! What are you waiting for? Come spend an evening full of uninhibited play at what has become LA’s most coveted and exclusive “underground” Multiple Mistress/slave party. Step into a FemDom world where you are subject to Our every perverse whim and desire…

New Venue - Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor

Newly remodeled, 2500 square feet of play space with state of the art dungeon furniture including newly launched private DeMasK DTLA showroom. The showroom will carry only the finest fetish wear available by DeMasK latex as well as other BDSM play essentials Isabella refers to as "slave tested, Mistress approved", insuring the best quality items are available to her contemporaries, customers and collectors. The showroom will be open and all items available for purchase during the party.  
woman wearing tight latex dress
Lower Level
With an open floor plan, delicious champagne/hors d’oeuvres bar, lounge seating, bathroom with walk-in shower, play area with custom made double St. Andrews cross, spanking horse, canopied bondage table, throne, and pommel horse as well as the DeMasK showroom.

Upper Level
Here you will find the white tiled Medical Play area with gyno table, small lounge area, bathroom with shower/tub. Step a little further to the rear and you will find beautifully appointed play room. With a more intimate feel this room features custom throne, bondage horse, padded bondage table/cage, steel frames for standing bondage and more.
*CLICK HERE* for the link to buy your ticket & reserve one of the limited spots at Our feet.

Now is your chance!
SUMBIT, slut!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Los Angeles FinDom Miss Sheri Darling

There are few things that feel more satisfying than knowing you have sacrificed to serve Me. Sure Ill be amused for a bit by a slave who will pay for a cam session, or to send a tribute to be sweet. What I really enjoy is total power exchange. I want to hold the strings to you puppet, and control your every thought, your wallet and your cock. When My slaves become obsessed with Me is when I begin to feel worshipped, not because you sent Me $100 to watch Me smoke or bought Me yet another pair of shoes. A true financial worshipper wants the tribute to elevate Me & My lifestyle. I am accustomed to having slaves pay to fly Me around the world, to pay to become someone that I think about and gifting Me with endless surprises.

Mediocre wont do, fortunately for you slaves who love to spend~ My fetishes are expensive and I love to travel.

I am open for courting by true submissives with big bank accounts who wish to be molded to My liking.

Beg for it, sluts.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SubmissionLA Bondage Awards Nomination

Once again, My play space has been nominated as best play space by! You can go vote for SubmissionLA now & vote daily!!

Here are what My votes are going towards:

Best playspace - SubmissionLA

Best Bondage Education -
Kali is the owner of Passionate-U! Love Her!
Best Bondage Model - Emily Marilyn
Shes the best everything!!!
Best Bondage Comic Artist - Sardax
My custom by Sardax

Best Bondage Rigger - Saico - I have to vote this way because he has been one of the only two people I have rope bottomed for! His tie puts Me in a dangerously sexy subspace.. Its been such a long time, I should see how that goes nowadays! lol


Best Female Dom - Isabella Sinclaire

Best Bondage Store - Stockroom (best LA shopping trip)

Best Female Submissive - Jewel Marceau
Best Glamour Bondage - Jim Weathers

Here is a link from a blog I posted in 2012, the first time SubmissionLA was nominated back before We got rid of cuntface & she moved the previous name to some mid-city location in the hood lol

Just wanted to make a celebratory post about & SubmissionLA's second consecutive (they skipped 2013) nomination! Yay! Now lets get you tied down so I can have some fun!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hussy Update Time

Whats up sluts!?
Nobody likes to keep up on their social media like I do!
I could have some awesome photos of Myself at Bondage Ball with the Hussies but I haven't gotten them.. So you just get the best, Me! lol
Bondage ball was cool, I enjoyed seeing some of you perverts! I got to wear this sexy black latex dress with lace printed on the trans parts of the dress! This is literally one of two items in My latex collection that isn't custom. I cringe at the thought of off the rack latex, eew! These curves demand special attention at all times & especially with latex. Latex snob, nice to meet you. Speaking of, I need more new latex please & thank you.
I have to put My hair up until I arrive at the destination when I wear latex, otherwise My hair quits on Me in the car lol
Ashes Wednesday came to shoot Me last week!
I think Ive told him a few times how much he would rule the slave girls if he wanted to, so I snapped this picture lol It works, right?!
And then he snapped this, and a bunch more hot photos of Me!
Leather, smoking, gloves, in My throne chair! Umph!!!
You cant fake being a fetishist, it truly shows in your pictures.
This one Tommy O shot.. yum!
This one shot, love it.
Finally got My dungeon running & looking how I want it to look! My slave helped Me with the finishing touches. Wwe even got this rad fuck bench with O rings on the sides which Wwe got to break in! I will be doing more cam sessions from here so do get in touch & politely request some cam time!
Finally wore this gorgeous pair of leather boots I got about 6 months ago. I totally prance around the house in them from time to time and I love keeping them absolutely perfect looking. It truly took an extra 20 minutes or so to get out of the house because I was so distracted by them lol The smell of leather, then feeling it cling to your muscles & encase your feet= bliss!! The gold sole being the trigger, just seeing it clouds any other thoughts I might have previously had..
Just documenting this sushi place just down the street I finally tried & fell in love with! Theyre open till 10:30 weekdays & that's awesome. CLICK HERE for a link to buy Me tons of gift cards to spend there & make Me happy.
This is where s lucky slave  & I had a delicious steak dinner while overlooking most of North OC and watched over 50 simultaneous fireworks shows for the 4th of July! It was beautiful, I had never seen so many fireworks in one night before. Youd think with all the fine dining My slaves & I enjoy that theyd all be hungry little human toilets lol I wish!
Proof I love where I live! A day at dog beach always makes Me smile.
More proof I enjoy where I live, the tanning patio has become so key!
Gotta get My buns tan for Dominican in October!
Heres a fun photo that Mr Fuckin Gerry sent to Me shot during the DomCon ProDomme Mixer. I always feel like the best Dommes are the ones who make an effort to be a part of the kink community & this picture is a great representation of that. Love it! I hope I see Gerry in Montreal this year!
Here's a dirty picture of Me stretching My slaves fuckhole, cause I know you sluts like seeing that sort of thing. Like My knuckle grip vaculock dildo?! Perhaps you enjoy My dildo heels better?! lol or maybe you enjoy seeing My slaves balls strapped & stretched while being forced to hump a vibrator?! All of the above? Thought so.
There was a time when I would post about each & every session I had which was ok for that time. Lately I enjoy highlighting My most loyal slaves who serve Me the best! I usually try to spare you guys looking at a new slaves butthole every day, after all you aren't getting paid for it... And I feel it comes across desperate. Desperate for attention, desperate for approval, desperate to be seen a certain way.. I prefer BEING a certain way, it ruins the moment a lot of the time snapping pictures when I have a slave in subspace. Of course Im a prodomme & I enjoy playing with new play partners all the time! But the only thing better is the ongoing interaction I have with My perverts that I can call slaves.
My slave & I celebrated his 2 years of servitude & having his ass owned. Here you can see his new daytime collar, and the gorgeous ring he gave to Me! And then I stretched his fuckhole out & made him take Me to a fancy dinner. ;)
My new fish.
As Im learning more about goldfish Im learning I will need to buy these guys a few more things & upgrade their fishbowl to a tank.. petco gift cards would rock right about now!
What's Coming Up?!
  • Just ordered some new video editing software! Beg & tribute so Ill be persuaded to make some sexy worship films for you perverts, I might make it happen sooner if you do.
  • End of the month photoshoot Id love a slave to sponsor this please!
  • Multi Mistress Play Party August 1st 9pm-1am ~more info to come.
  • Montreal Fetish Weekend August 27-Sept 1st- Im seeking a sponsor! Email Me & lets go.
  • DommeTrips October 20-27th - Are you coming to spend a week in FemDom paradise with Me?
Serve Me
Live ~ Phone ~ Cam