Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post Dallas Fetish Ball Weekend Dominatrix Update

Hello friends, fans & stalkers!! Im doing great, thanks for checking in on Me :)

I recently returned from a long weekend in Dallas thanks to Maitresse Renee for inviting Me to come join in on the Dallas Fetish Ball Weekend activities! I had such a blast! Dallas definitely knows how to throw a party! And most of all Maitresse Renee is such an amazing host, She thinks of every detail which makes any experience with Her to be above and beyond. Send Her presents & apply to serve Her- She is worth the trip from anywhere. Heres My weekend rewind! To be completely honest I did borrow a few pictures below from because they took some cool ones & I wanted to make sure they were saved & seen by you all (youre welcome)

My hot FemDom Friends & I before We headed out for night 1 Dallas Fetish Ball!
Left to right:
Alice in Bondage Land
Miss Sheri Darling
Maitresse Renee
Ms Elena DeLuca

Sometimes I periscope
Im not quite sure why there were so few images taken of the first night?! We spent the night hosting the spanking station where many perverts approached to get spanked or to have their slaves spanked! I loved seeing those who truly enjoyed it and couldnt get enough of Us. I couldnt get enough of those newbies who were so weary about approaching and then turning them into lovers of spanking! The entire club was packed & it was a lot of fun meeting all the people who put on their best fetish wear & came out for some fun!
Here is an image from night 2 As We hosted the Wheel of Pain! Oh look, it's Me spanking a sweet ass on stage while slave tiny puts one of the previously used and freshly cleaned implements away for Me. I love how you can see the impact of My firm hand on that round butt cheek!!
Here is another image of Me on the Wheel of Pain stage as I flog some hot wax off of the hot lady I just poured it on to! She was such a sweetheart and a little scared at what she first spun (caning) so I allowed her another spin and she seemed to really enjoy it. I made sure to take My time with this one.
Maitresse Renee on stage as she whips tiny in front of the entire jam packed club full of onlookers! What a lucky slave!
An image of Ms Elena DeLuca assisting Maitresse Renee in shredding tinys backside on stage.

Sadistic smiles! You know theyre enjoying this so much but not as much as slave tiny!
A lovely view of Maitresse Renee as she plays with a lucky lady on stage.
One of the images I borrowed! I love this action shot!
Usually there isnt anything that makes Us bat an eye lash or raise and eyebrow but when your friend gets called on stage & magic happens youve gotta save the picture to remember it always lol
This was taken before night 1 Dallas Fetish Ball. We are so pretty.
Taken before heading out for the party- too hot for you.
Ready to take over the Dallas Fetish Ball - you couldn't handle Us. Or can you?..

Feasting on Dallas' popular BBQ to refuel for another night of partying!
Mimosas on the outdoor bar patio. I love these Ladies!!!

We're resourceful. 
All dolled up to ruin a lucky slaves flesh and ego. 
Dont We look like excited Princesses of Pain
We are.
One of the videos I released and will likely be found in the other Mistresses clip stores. Injecting tiny:
More to come
Mannequin challenge during a forced hair cutting scene
Which will be soon released to My clips store!

Standing in the amazing dungeon of Maitresse Renee! Seriously like the DisneyWorld of Dungeons! The best, hands down I have ever had the honor of playing in! She hosts many other amazing events (True Desires weekend slavery, September Surrender weekend hotel takeover, etc) so be sure to follow Her online so that you might one day become lucky enough to serve Her or Us together.
My black glitter and sparkler cake!
Yah, the control freak in Me ordered a custom cake so it would look and taste exactly like how I wanted it! Pay Me back $60 Did you remember to spoil Me for My BDay?! Thank you to those slaves who did! I really appreciate you showing Me your appreciation! I never forget a slave who goes out of their way to show Me how special I am to them. And I never forget a slave who skips such great opportunities to serve Me. 
Be sure to visit or to collect My videos! The ones the Ladies & I shot will soon be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. We really did have a great time playing together so I know you will enjoy watching. I earn a higher percentage for My content on iwantSheri so try shopping there if you can!
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