Tuesday, January 29, 2013

News Article: Double Domme Human Toilet slave Sessions with Mistress D

I could not be more thrilled to offer double Domina toilet play sessions with such an awesome Domme who loves it as much as I do! If you're in the LA area you will be SO happy Double Domina Toileting sessions are currently available, if you're away then you're still lucky cause you can call & worship to hear some dirty details on Niteflirt. I have long been fantasizing about using a toilet in various ways & double Domme sessions is at the top of the list. Mistress D is one of the very few Dommes I can actually admit to admiring, She is truly such an elegant, gorgeous yet twisted Domme far from the average. Any toys who wish to gain attention can petition for a session on either of Our websites, (solo or double sessions are available) should contact Us sooner rather than later as Our schedules are already booking up & are limited.

Travel news with Mistress D & Miss Sheri Darling currently in Los Angeles.

Mistress D & Miss Sheri Darling are currently in Los Angeles up until the date shown above & together they offer you the rare opportunity for double Toilet Training
Miss Sheri Darling is well known for Her cruel, sensual side which makes Her the perfect choice for double Toilet Training with Mistress D who revels in the mind fuck. Between their merciless attitude about Toilets & their colossal Showers, Mistress D holds a 2:59 record for Golden Showers, your mind & body should be thoroughly overtaken by the end of the Session.
The Dominatrices will be staying in Hollywood with access to 3 Studios, Miss Sheri is on the west side as well as a low key DTLA playspace and mainly in Orange County. For the early riser, D & Sheri will be able to host morning Toilet sessions at D’s Domestic accommodations from 9am onwards. D & Sheri have in recent years gotten very excited about full Toilet Training & know exactly how to cajole a slave into this most degrading of acts. Whether it’s seduction, manipulation, firm commands or outright physical force you will ultimately Submit to their desire to Humiliate you in this terrible way.
Well worth us mentioning too that aside from Water sports & Toilet Training other types of Session are available either individually or with both Mistresses, you can find out lots more information & apply right now to Serve in Los Angeles by contacting either Mistress D or Miss Sheri Darling Here