Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hussy update time

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Collared slave for Sheri

Whats up sluts?!
I thought I would take a few to share how happy I am to be the proud owner and Mistress of My favorite pet. What a luck boi he is..
To be completely honest, Im very lucky & happy I own his ass :)
Taken during Oour first meeting while in NY 2012
This time last year he came to Me as a curious, sweet & kinky admirer. Over the last year Wwe have built an amazing relationship, one where he made every effort to make Me happy, make My life easier & to entertain Me. We have gone on many trips together & always have a blast doing what I want. He truly takes care of Me like a Queen & I have all the love a Mistress could have for Her slave. 
slave has been there for Me in many ways, and some ways that even My own family hasn't. he's loved, supported & adored Me since day 1 & has shown it every step of the way. I know a few people would love to think that this is something I take lightly, that this isn't serious or it's fake.. & for them the closest they will get to understanding how much this means to Me is reading this & trying to deny how dedicated slave & I are to Oour relationship. I only wish the same happiness to all the other kinky perverts out there.
slave took this photo of Me while on DommeTrips 2012

slave spent the year becoming the perfect slave for Me, what a lucky perv.
Oh the fun Wwe have together...
How does one become My slave? First you have to offer yourself. Be willing to train for the year while walking a very fine line for Me before being offered ownership. Money cant buy it, I require devotion. (Yes, tributes allow Me to support My lifestyle & you do want this to continue, right?) I tell all My slaves that I want them completely obsessed with Me. Either you can or you cant & its very easy for Me to tell if you are not the slave for Me. I love to train slaves from how to correspond with, how to address & how to please a Mistress. Distance training through NiteFlirt is quite fun & if a boi doesn't seek ownership I still do enjoy training them to become a good boi any Mistress would appreciate.
The collaring of slaveforSheri took place June 9th 2013 at Submission LA. We had a lovely dinner at one of My favorite places in Beverly Hills, followed by a few hours in the Dungeon. I had slave lay at My feet & worship them while I listened to his "vows" & then I said Mine & used him as My ashtray :) So Uus lol Then I beat the fuck out of him & marked him as a good SLAVE boi ;) Mistress is pleased.
His official collaring announcement link:  https://www.slaveregister.com/578-861-697 

Financial Domination & Blackmail Fetish

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