Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summertime Dominatrix Blog Update

Hi fans, friends & fiends,
Hope you are all doing well. I have been pretty well Myself. Mostly the same usual around here except Ive never felt better or had a better time being Me than I have most recently :) I thought I would swing by and update you all and share some hot photos. I really pulled back on posting photos on social media because a lot of other girls have had their accounts taken down. Maybe Ill just update My blog more often!
Last I posted was just before DomCon LA which is always a fun time. It always feels like summer kinky camp lol I didnt see nearly as many of My people I had hoped to see but I really enjoyed Myself and those I did spend time with.
My favorite part about DomConLA is reconnecting with people I dont get to see every week or month. Us Ladies in LA see each other pretty often, its kind of a small world especially because there are so many of Us around LA. Mistress Jordan of Dragonsgate is always the highlight of the weekend, She is and always will be the Mistress who has a special place in My heart. She was there for Me way early on and seeing her reminds Me how far Ive come. I love Her.

Ive also been enjoying quite a bit of personal time outside and in the dungeon with My favorite Mistresses. Elena De Luca is based in New York but She usually has to make a stop to OC on her way to / from LA to play with My slaves :) So always watch Our social media for announcements when that happens. We play at The Complex in OC, its nearby the Honda Center - or We have been known to kidnap people once in a while so location is no issue for Us.
I recently went to visit Maitresse Renee in Dallas for a few days. She had Me out on Her boat with a few slaves & lots of booze & sunshine. It was truly the perfect vacation Ive been needing. Always feel free to fly Me to Dallas, slaves! She uses Her own dungeon which is an amazing kinky place to be should you ever earn the opportunity to serve. I met Her in 2012 during the infamous Mistress on the Beach photoshoot. Memories!

And when Im home Ive been really enjoying time with My slaves. Im greedy, I always say you cant be My slave unless youre obsessed with Me. I love loyalty. I really like the ongoing play that builds the energy with someone I play with often / regularly. I do get a Domme high during most sessions. I always forget to snap a photo because I got really into the habit of not for a long time. Recently I met a few new slaves who wanted a photo to remember our session with & I said that was fine. I will always keep slave identity private unless handsomely paid not to..

Something you didnt know.. At the beginning of this year I helped Mistress Isabella Sinclair with DeMask DTLA a couple days a week. I really got excited about meeting all the latex fetishists in Los Angeles lol But I didnt tell any of you because sometimes meeting you guys not in a dungeon is annoying :) Driving to Downtown became too much, I pulled it back to 1 day a week and in July stopped helping out there. I loved being around all the rubber but its too far & took away too much time from being a pervert with My slaves. I did want to mention that Im totally game for a play / shopping date there. Mistress Iabella has the top floor set up for kink education (Invoke its being called) but there is a throne, bondage bed with cage underneath and adjustable spanking bench which could be utilized on a good slave immediately after purchasing Me something shiny and sexy to wear. Mistresses Ivy Manor Dungeon is very close so playing there is always an option as well. Both Dungeons are smoking session friendly. I love being served but I do not advertise anymore. Im very happy with My current slaves & clients. I will only see someone new who does their homework to find Me because our interests align so well and also who is very polite and up front during screening. I do not like casual play, Im a Goddess not your girlfriend - treat Me as such.

I consider Myself a latex snob. I love custom. It fits better and having one of a kind pieces makes Me feel like a Queen. I looooove to design sexy outfits to wear for My slaves. My designer Abigail Greydanus is based in LA so its always fun to collaborate ideas and see how she makes it come to life for Me. About 99% of My collection is custom. I do have a few more new pieces of rubber!

Im planning another photoshoot during August! Ill be updating the famous transparent green latex photo I shot a few years ago with this gorgeous transparent pink DeMask dress! Thanks slaveforSheri xo Ive been working out a lot so Im excited to show off a little. Id love for more slaves to sponsor more latex so I have more reasons to do proper photoshoots. Speaking of photo shoots..

Shot this video a few months ago & love it. Im open to custom video requests & this photographer / videographer said he would love to shoot it. Please email to make your request or visit and sent your request there. 
Images are a tease from a video & are in no way an invitation to offer worship of any kind unless by worship you mean suffering for My amusement- then Wwe can talk.
These photos are screen grabs from the upcoming teaser.
Whats coming up?!
August 10th - San Diego - Mistress Party! Ticket Link HERE
Note, Hours are from 7-11pm (hours are different than Eyes Wide Shut)
I just realized that I have never done sessions in San Diego! I am open to taking appointments while Im in town, make your request now otherwise you will have to drive to OC to see Me or pay a travel fee to bring Me back down South. I will be playing at the Midnight Manor, owned by San Diego Dominatrix Porcelain Midnight which is where this Mistress party will be hosted. Im lookig forward to seeing how you San Diego slaves serve.
Another edition of Our popular Eyes Wide Shut Multi Mistress CFNm Play Party is coming up as well, I hope you will join for both parties or at least one! is where tickets will soon go live.
Hours 9pm-1am
Ive met a good handful of fun playpartners at this party. The party has been going strong for over 8years (I think) and draws the Top Pro Dommes of LA as well as Goddesses near and far. Same goes for goobers, Ive had a lot of slaves fly in from everywhere to meet Me & Friends here. I always have the best time. I think its really cool that I meet so many different kinky people so effortlessly lol I love being Me. Plus its easy to be kind and have fun with you guys when you are so generous and open to being what makes Me and My Mistress friends happy- and bonus points for doing it in a group setting. I dont play the way every slave likes & thats one reason Our party is so great, there is usually something for everyone to enjoy.
While I am based in OC I do like to change things up for a fun scene and a good slave. I have 1 space to put My feet up on you in West LA (5 miles from LAX airport *not Sanctuary*), a second place at Mistress Isabellas Ivy Manor, new 3rd option Mistress Isabellas Invoke Studio & My home dungeon Irene Boss' The Complex in OC. If you have the misfortune of being too far away you can always serve Me on the phone via niteflirt or iwantphone, or via webcam. I havent been enjoying as many slavecations as I am used to & would love for a good slave to change that. Has whips & rubber, will travel. Perhaps its time to rejoin forces with DommeTrips..
Lastly, Id like you to visit 
& leave a review there if you have served Me this year. Thanks.
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Birthday coming up in November.
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