Monday, December 10, 2012

Pre-xxxmas update..

Dear Santa,
I have been such a bad Girl this year...
I will be extra naughty if there are more presents in My pobox for Christmas, thanks!
I am moving very soon, any donations or session money will go toward that!
Amazon Wish List  - luggage & latex is very important!
Stockroom - toys toys toys!
Letters of appreciation: Sheri Darling POBox 18431 Irvine CA 92623
Im spoiled, good pet.
slaveforSheri was in town this weekend :) Although I do love traveling with him. I absolutely loved having him here, I really was happy to show him around & be able to do what I want when I want & know where to go etc. Gee, I was happier being more in control, who would have thought? ;)
Was a nice weekend including shopping for new toys! We did happen to use all of the new toys (above) except the jawbreaker gags, the really evil claw nipple torture clamps, anal hook & the big black cock dildo. I really need a new toy bag or 3 lol. Im very much looking forward to moving at the end of the month somewhere I can keep all the kink in the open!! My trunk is so full of kink in multiple bags ..its sexy. Plus slave can come visit more for some 24/7 service a weekend here & there. Happy Domme!   
NiteFlirt has been quite fun, hasnt it been, sluts..
I have been spending My free time on NiteFlirt & have been meeting some really awesome distance subs & slaves. I am thrilled to be starting the new year with 3 new chastity slaves. I cant wait to see which will show his devotion the most in 2013. Did you know it is a contest? lol I love the idea of cocks under My control. I tend to use plastic numbered locks but one is seeking real keys with no way to back out after 5 minutes, I love that. I have also added a new Toilet slaves for Sheri line on NiteFlirt HERE, where I tend to post shitty pictures ;p as well as chat about training you into the hungriest little terd muncher in the world & serving Me & My Mistress friends some day. I tend to post naughty images on NiteFlirt as pay to views you wont see anywhere else so go & join here, & give Me a call here.
See you soon, sluts.