Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update fuckers...

Whats up sluts?

 I had a blast in Las Vegas with Siren Savannah! I love meeting new perverts to play with & there is almost nothing better than double teaming him with one of My hot friends. We had a ton of fun playing, exploring Vegas & being entertained. I'm already looking forward to returning to Vegas with her -- but the next time I will be in Vegas is in October is during Halloween time! I am accepting Vegas based slaves to serve Me & possibly My hot Domme friends regularly on My many return trips in the future so if you'd like to court Me, you may start now.

Shot in bed...

I picked up a package last week that included this super sexy red hot latex! Abigail Greydanus is so awesome, she makes Me feel so good by manipulating her latex to accentuate every curve of My body. I pranced around the suite this weekend in this for almost the whole day lol I couldn't help it. I did session in it, the 20 yo who got to worship it while We took his session virginity was ga ga in heaven ;)  I love seeing the power My body has over men of all ages, especially while in latex.
Thank you slave m
My slave got a matching outfit to go with this which we WILL be snapping pictures of just as soon as I bring it to him in NY in 3 weeks!!! He has earned his collar of official consideration! I told him to shop around for options he would like & I'm picking out one to bring and place on him at the end of the month. He has been everything a good slave should be in My eyes & I'm excited for him to wear My collar.

9 more months of training coming right up until he becomes My property, after that a lifetime of servitude from him for Me. 

Oh & that's the thing boys, if I do offer you a chance for consideration & you don't DO anything then you're pretty much non existent, I expect to be impressed & at the very least have pets surrounding Me who put My needs as some of their top priorities. Or at least entertain Me, do something!

Slave isn't a title its an action. 

Me between webcam sessions in Vegas..
all day...
I got back Sunday & was drained from the fun Vegas weekend getaway but there was NOTHING in the world that would stop Me from attending the class last night at Dungeon West *for Mistresses only* to learn rope bondage from Nikki Nefarious. *sigh* I totally have a rope fetish, there is no other way to describe it. So learning from Miss Nikki was really a treat. We learned how to do an inescapable hogtie, cuffs chest cock and strap-on harness  & even taught Us how to tie a Hitachi harness!  
I love everything about being in rope & putting others in rope even more. Learning proper rope rigging has been such an important goal of Mine that I'm really thankful Mistress invited Miss Nikki to come teach Us pro Dommes. I would love a rope muse. One I can play with for hours & explore rope work with in an unrestricted time limit... Maybe one day.. Hopefully soon *hint* 
or Phone sessions www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling
or you can buy My well worn auctions *Click Here*

Next trip up is NY at the end of September!
So excited :)

Lets get kinky xoxo