Monday, December 10, 2012

Pre-xxxmas update..

Dear Santa,
I have been such a bad Girl this year...
I will be extra naughty if there are more presents in My pobox for Christmas, thanks!
I am moving very soon, any donations or session money will go toward that!
Amazon Wish List  - luggage & latex is very important!
Stockroom - toys toys toys!
Letters of appreciation: Sheri Darling POBox 18431 Irvine CA 92623
Im spoiled, good pet.
slaveforSheri was in town this weekend :) Although I do love traveling with him. I absolutely loved having him here, I really was happy to show him around & be able to do what I want when I want & know where to go etc. Gee, I was happier being more in control, who would have thought? ;)
Was a nice weekend including shopping for new toys! We did happen to use all of the new toys (above) except the jawbreaker gags, the really evil claw nipple torture clamps, anal hook & the big black cock dildo. I really need a new toy bag or 3 lol. Im very much looking forward to moving at the end of the month somewhere I can keep all the kink in the open!! My trunk is so full of kink in multiple bags ..its sexy. Plus slave can come visit more for some 24/7 service a weekend here & there. Happy Domme!   
NiteFlirt has been quite fun, hasnt it been, sluts..
I have been spending My free time on NiteFlirt & have been meeting some really awesome distance subs & slaves. I am thrilled to be starting the new year with 3 new chastity slaves. I cant wait to see which will show his devotion the most in 2013. Did you know it is a contest? lol I love the idea of cocks under My control. I tend to use plastic numbered locks but one is seeking real keys with no way to back out after 5 minutes, I love that. I have also added a new Toilet slaves for Sheri line on NiteFlirt HERE, where I tend to post shitty pictures ;p as well as chat about training you into the hungriest little terd muncher in the world & serving Me & My Mistress friends some day. I tend to post naughty images on NiteFlirt as pay to views you wont see anywhere else so go & join here, & give Me a call here.
See you soon, sluts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy Hussy Pants!

Hello fuck faces..
Nice photo from Dominican Domination October 2012
So this is how My schedule looks:

This weekend I will be in LA on Thursday, Friday & possibly into the weekend.
Lets schedule some play time while I'm there, heh?

12/7-12/9 slave M is in town for the weekend, so no sessions!

12/14-12/16 Super busy weekend, sessions available with advance notice.

The weekend after that is Christmas Eve weekend.

As you can see weekends are busy in December already.

THIS is My only gig, I'm not a part time Domme so remember I am available with proper notice, Im busy & am booked in advance! I know Ive been traveling but I just got a ton of new toys I want to break in as well with some of My favorite sluts so give Me a call.

Did you miss My birthday 11/22? I am still receiving late presents, thanks pets!

Christmas is just another excuse to spoil Me, isn't it slaves.

Be sure to check My wishlists so you know exactly what Mistress would like.

I am getting closer to moving! Saving right now, cleaning & organizing. Began to look into places I like in LA but haven't decided yet. Any donations toward My move are appreciated & welcome.

Lets play, sluts!

Serve Me on the phone

Monday, November 19, 2012

Vegas Hussy Update..

Hello whores,
New ad to be in the next DDI Mag!
Photo & ad by Tommy O Photography
sponsored by slaveforSheri
Ive been in Las Vegas celebrating My birthday with slave all week!
Although I missed some of you...
I had an unforgettable time with the best slave ever.
View from Oour room at Cosmopolitan
Uus smoke fetishists loved the balcony!!!
What did Wwe do? Everything! I picked out activities for each day & we did em all! Lots of shopping, spent a day at the spa, Zarkana, PeepShow, Jubilee, Styx Concert, Machine Guns Vegas, Crazy Girls, endless fine dining & playing with My slave :) It was funny having the bell boy help move toys to the room, he said to slave "whats that youve got a bow & arrow?" *in a pity voice* & then immediately when he realized those are crops & canes for bdsm play he perked up "OOOoooOoooh I know that those are" lol
What a Dommes coffee table looks like haha
My perfect size 7 feet
I was treated like a princess the whole week & to be honest its a bit weird not feeling My slave two steps behind Me today... Its a bit too quiet at home, kinda bummed about it, so I know Im coming down from the lovely week away still.. (Domme drop) blah! Worship Me, pets! Hahaha, I am actually quite excited to see a few of you perverts! slave takes such good care of Me, we shopped for lots of new leather, heels & toys to tease & torture you fuckers with! Hes a great slave which honestly I feel makes Me a better Domme. Its nice to have a slave who doesnt just say he wants to serve Me, he serves Me in any way he possibly can & it feels amazing. Thanks slave M, you rock! Im beginning to picture what Id like his collaring ceremony / ritual to consist of,  sucha good slave.
New PES kit! slaves first time, he loved it, as do I ;)
First time shooting a gun! (FN SCAR at Machine Guns Vegas)
Sexy leather coat & boots slave got Me
to go with the leather dress underneath.....
boy at the bebe store said those boots are intimidating,
I said "Good Im a Dominatrix, so I love having that effect on people!"
No more trips are planned until Vegas in January!
This means we have plenty of time to catch up, real time pervs!
This also means I will be resuming slave tranining, niteflirt sluts! to request a session distance training & phone worship
Its also My birthday week, handle My wishlists or schedule a session!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello pervs,
New latex dress slave M ordered for Me, I love it!
So, as you know by now I blog whenever the fuck I want to blog! Its become a little outlet of Mine lol I know I posted one this week already but I want to tease you even more.. so there you are.. here I am...
Rad photo by Tommy O!
My latex is by Abigail Greydanus
Toe wiggle while in the bath tub..
Look at the rad toe stockings slave sent!!!
So yummy, right!?
I have become quite fond of latex clad massages..
just. saying...
Favorite latex outfit to play in..
Oh I wrote a note to wannabe slaves on My slave blog
*HERE* it is.
you're welcome..
See you sluts soon!
(Dont forget My birthday 11.22, whores)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hussy Update Time -Dominican Domination

Hello sluts,
Miss Me while I was away?
This is by far My favorite latex I own..
(I need many more)
you missed Me & its likely because Ive been enjoying the many trips Ive been planning with slave. We hit New York, DomCon Atlanta, Dominican Republic all in October & next up is Las Vegas! Hes a great slave, I wouldnt have it any other way. Dominican Domination was unlike anything Ive ever participated in. It was My & slaves first kink trip & I'm pretty sure I'm going to be attending more like this one, definitely already have My eyes on Dominican Domination in 2013. Gorgeous setting with kinky friendly people, lots to do, mainly relaxing & being served by My slave was what I enjoyed. slave was so good, getting Me breakfast each morning, allowed Me to use him all weekend however I wanted. It was lovely actually, being able to get away with him & have him be of service the entire week. I met other rad Dommes as well, it was nice to spend time just bullshitting with them & being amused by slaves all week. Here's a few photos (you're fucking welcome)
Nice day beds draped with linens along the beach..
slaves eye view of My favorite dress..
All the Villas behind the pool/jacuzzi/bar/main area..
Total Domme Island! What a dream come true.
An image slave shot of Me while there..
the bathing suit Abigail Greydanus made
(She makes all My latex)
Tiger dress was a hit, I love this piece!!!
slave in his slaveforsheri jersey, on his leash, fresh marks "MINE" :)
Ok lets talk business... 
  • Getting back in gear after traveling! Lets play in OC or LA.
  • I have lots of new toys for sensation play as well as masochist treats.
  • Latex pervs'll be just as happy as I am, many new pieces on their way :D
  • My birthday is November 22, feel free to spoil Me :) I'm great at accepting presents.
  • Vegas from the 10th-18th of November, then after that I will be in SoCal for the majority of the remainder of November, December & January. Lets keep each other warm this winter ;D 
Wish lists:

*NEW* 2013 International Travel Dates (so far):
  • February Fri 15th - Torture Garden Valentines Weekend @ TBC
  • Sat 16th - Torture Garden Valentines Ball @ Coronet
  • Likely spending a week in London for this trip.
  • May Fri 17 - Mon 20th - German Fetish Ball Weekend @ Berlin
  • Likely spending a week in Germany for this trip.
  • More travel to be announced, make your request if you'd like Me in your town.
US Travel Dates (so far):
Phone Sessions:
  • I will resume slave training at the end of November when I return from Las Vegas. If you'd like to serve Me, amuse Me, or learn what it takes to become the slave I desire: message Me there (& a tribute would let Me know you are serious).
 Lets Play Soon you Sick Fucks!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Post DomCon update..

Whats up sluts?
Taken at the So Cal Leather Women's Comp
Its been a super busy past few weeks full of fun! Last weekend I hit the FemDom party hosted by My OC dungeon, which is always a blast! The following night I attended the So Cal Leather Women's Comp which was pretty fun too. In addition to chocolate lollipop crosses there were a ton of leather clad kinksters gathering & enjoying the evening. I spent the majority of the night hanging out at Saint Leathers booth & wanting to take home all her hand made toys, umph! My slave & I have been getting away together lately, first New York & this past week we attended DomCon Atlanta! It was his first kink convention which is cool. I made sure to take advantage of the classes they were offering, there is nothing else like DomCon. Learning & sharing kinky tips, tricks & experiences is something I don't think will ever stop fascinating Me. I really enjoyed gaining more information from experienced kinksters as well as chatting them up and meeting new people :) Everybody was dressed to kill & the vibe at the convention was great.
At Julie Simones booth at DomCon Atlanta!
The shopping was great too! I think it was smaller than DomCon LA but the shopping was just as awesome with slave M, he got Me a new dragons tail, new floggers & 2 latex corsets :D Paired with the custom whips he ordered Me 2 months ago which I got to pick up in person at the convention & the almost 200' of rope ordered which was waiting for Me when I got home - I am one happy Domme! Cant wait to break them all in on every pain sluts backside :)
New latex arrived today!!! Ill be bringing them with slave & I to the Dominican Republic on Thursday for a week! There are different theme days so I was extremely excited that slave wanted to get us matching latex outfits! Ill definitely be shooting some images while away but since Ill be out of the country I am not sure exactly when I will be in touch.
I also am reviewing images shot by Tommy O Photo last week! They came out awesome, I really appreciate his care & time he put into making Me feel & look My best. I got My makeup done for the first time by a sweet makeup genius Xanthia for the shoot & I really don't think Ive ever felt as beautiful as they made Me feel that day. I cant wait to share those photos with you perverts!
So I do have a few things in the works for you perverts.. More kinky ideas, sexy photos, more latex, more toys... I am excited to get away to vacation but I still look forward to returning to kinky playtime with My loyal pets. Sometimes I feel bad I have to turn down sessions with perverts I really dig because I'm away so PLEASE check My website calendar if you are interested in scheduling some play time, become familiar with My protocol & interests before contacting Me & I guarantee if you're polite & follow these directions -your request will be much better received & much more possible.
Stay kinky xoxo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loved New York

NY was so fun, glad I had My slave at My side.
Miss Julie Simone & Myself 9.30.12
I loved being in NY, I hope to be back soon. I loved the temporary change, east coast is so different than west coast. I met up with a friend upon arriving at the hotel, thanks to My personal slave. I was impressed & very pleased to have him at My side. My friend hosted another delicious Mistress Dinner as well out of Our hotel suite which some awesome Dommes attended. Lovely dinners, some shopping & lots of relaxing with slave was great. Met up with Julie Simone to shoot some kink, that was awesome..
We got to spend time together in our matching latex :)
Don't you just love the hood?! By Abigail Greydanus
I think latex clad foot rubs are a fav fetish of Mine, feels so good.
I'm extremely excited about these images!
Smoking with Julie & bottoming for Her were both so fun!
I love how creative I can get with My playthings, I love when they allow Me to use them as whatever My kink heart desires at that time. I also love that each sub is different, some fetishists, some completely submissive & all are a ton of fetish fun.  Part of the fun in being a Domme is doing whatever the fuck I want & I do, glad you guys get Me & enjoy Me sharing with you in this little blog of Mine.
Found some gorgeous rope in NY, softest rope ever w/ nice tie offs.
slave ordered Me 6 more of the turquoise! hes so good to Me :)
Human ashtray slave, love that gag!
Umph, the collar, leash & rope look perfect on him.
Happy hes Mine. I placed his collar of consideration on him during our trip, which I was happy and excited to do. He has served Me very well over the last few months & has been perfectly attentive since day 1. He does have more to learn & I will continue to train & mold him into the perfect slave for Me that any Domme would love to be served by. I loved having him right by Me to help & to enjoy new experiences with. Next we will be in Atlanta together for DomCon, Im excited! Cant wait for him to see his first kink convention! I took him into his first sex shop while we were in NY, also got him high for his first time there too. Oh & first time in latex. First time in rope. Ugh I love taking each of his virginitys lol

Pay attention to the calendar on My website! I update it regularly, then you can schedule play time accordingly. I miss & am excited to play with a few perverts I enjoy & sort of began to miss lately, cant wait to get My little hands on them!
Lets play!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini blog update

Hello whores!
Me at the Dungeon after being served by My LA Human Toilet 9.23.12
I have been kept very busy the last few weeks! I absolutely love being busy & especially with the pervy play partners I enjoyed spending time with in the dungeon lately which is why this is such a summarized blog update! Ive been playing with another perv who is new to the scene, which I loooove. Taking their session virginity is such a reward on top of them not having all those pesky protocol habits annoying the fuck out of Me! lol My goal for him is ball stretching. He has such a gorgeous cock, long, thick, its fucking nice to look at! I love treating him like a toy, I think he likes it too. 
Leather sling at SubmissionLA earlier
I met up with My fav latex fiend today, umph! I should have taken a picture of his sexy ass in the sling. Blindfolded, wrists cuffed above his head & legs up in the air I loved every moment of having My way with him. I have to admit, I go easy on him. Hes a total baby & says ouch but geeeez do I love perving out on him. Im always thinking of what to do next time when I see one of My favs. Almost instantly when they leave I have a new "to-do" list in My head of all the pervy things I forgot to do or want to do more of in different ways the next time we get together.

I love being inspired by you perverts.

New gag & attachments arrived from slave M :) Hes so good to Me, I'm always blown away by him.
I leave for New York on Friday! Placing My collar of consideration on My slave & going to get lots of use of the latex & toys hes been sending Me :) Ill be traveling lots in October & November so you will want to check My website calendar for dates we can play! New York, Atlanta for DomCon, then off to Dominican for a week & back for Halloween in Vegas! If you are a slave in any of those cities who want the opportunity to serve Me please contact Me through My website & politely introduce yourself if you'd like to ask for consideration.
NY slaves have 2 options to serve (Im being generous):
a) Financial Servitude- make this trip more comfy & Ill definitely be ready to return & play with you next trip!
b) Attend the Domme Dinner- in Our suite in Chelsea NY for the same reason above. This way you wont be expected to fuck off immediately after gifting Me financially. I will allow an interview during dinner & hopefully you'll be awesome enough for Me to schedule play time with you on the next trip. Email Me for info on the dinner.
xoxo Miss Sheri

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update fuckers...

Whats up sluts?

 I had a blast in Las Vegas with Siren Savannah! I love meeting new perverts to play with & there is almost nothing better than double teaming him with one of My hot friends. We had a ton of fun playing, exploring Vegas & being entertained. I'm already looking forward to returning to Vegas with her -- but the next time I will be in Vegas is in October is during Halloween time! I am accepting Vegas based slaves to serve Me & possibly My hot Domme friends regularly on My many return trips in the future so if you'd like to court Me, you may start now.

Shot in bed...

I picked up a package last week that included this super sexy red hot latex! Abigail Greydanus is so awesome, she makes Me feel so good by manipulating her latex to accentuate every curve of My body. I pranced around the suite this weekend in this for almost the whole day lol I couldn't help it. I did session in it, the 20 yo who got to worship it while We took his session virginity was ga ga in heaven ;)  I love seeing the power My body has over men of all ages, especially while in latex.
Thank you slave m
My slave got a matching outfit to go with this which we WILL be snapping pictures of just as soon as I bring it to him in NY in 3 weeks!!! He has earned his collar of official consideration! I told him to shop around for options he would like & I'm picking out one to bring and place on him at the end of the month. He has been everything a good slave should be in My eyes & I'm excited for him to wear My collar.

9 more months of training coming right up until he becomes My property, after that a lifetime of servitude from him for Me. 

Oh & that's the thing boys, if I do offer you a chance for consideration & you don't DO anything then you're pretty much non existent, I expect to be impressed & at the very least have pets surrounding Me who put My needs as some of their top priorities. Or at least entertain Me, do something!

Slave isn't a title its an action. 

Me between webcam sessions in Vegas..
all day...
I got back Sunday & was drained from the fun Vegas weekend getaway but there was NOTHING in the world that would stop Me from attending the class last night at Dungeon West *for Mistresses only* to learn rope bondage from Nikki Nefarious. *sigh* I totally have a rope fetish, there is no other way to describe it. So learning from Miss Nikki was really a treat. We learned how to do an inescapable hogtie, cuffs chest cock and strap-on harness  & even taught Us how to tie a Hitachi harness!  
I love everything about being in rope & putting others in rope even more. Learning proper rope rigging has been such an important goal of Mine that I'm really thankful Mistress invited Miss Nikki to come teach Us pro Dommes. I would love a rope muse. One I can play with for hours & explore rope work with in an unrestricted time limit... Maybe one day.. Hopefully soon *hint* 
or Phone sessions
or you can buy My well worn auctions *Click Here*

Next trip up is NY at the end of September!
So excited :)

Lets get kinky xoxo