Friday, November 25, 2011

Protocol on scheduling sessions...

Hi pets & potential play partners~

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know protocol on booking me for sessions.

  • Please do not call me after 9pm - 10am, send an email instead. If late night or early morning sessions fit better in your schedule we can arrange it but only if you plan ahead. If you are calling me when I say not to I will save your number & you will never get an opportunity to meet me. EVER! 
  • Leave me a voicemail. Calling twice doesn't equal a voicemail.
  • Please do not ask for illegal play. My skills are in legal BDSM & Fetish play only. If you seek full service, go find a prostitute, I'm not it. There will be no "jobs" going on in session. you may politely request to relieve yourself after session but you might not get permission unless I actually like you so behave yourself.
  • I require at least 2hrs notice & tend to book my schedule the day before. I hold sessions in LA & OC so I go back and fourth a lot. I might be able to see you sooner but usually I require travel time, prep time & often schedule around other appointments. Plus, trust me, you'll want me to get my dirty mind going so I can concoct the perfect perverted session to blow your mind.
  • When you are ready to book please politely introduce yourselfTell me your kink and how you like to play. If you don't know your fetish, come back when you figure it out. I posted a blog about some of my favorite play sessions and additional details in addition to randomly at times blogging specifically about sessions. I love newbies & virgins to fetish play and BDSM so don't be shy, I don't judge & I love keeping your dirty secrets.
  • First time clients require a deposit to book. No time wasters! If you cant make a deposit to prove you aren't going to waste my time then I wont spend any time on scheduling you. I haven't been so strict on this until recently but after a few no shows I am changing my policy. I only require this deposit for NEW FIRST TIME pets. For current or past pets I have played with I do not require a deposit to book sessions. I require deposit in the form of an Amazon gift card for booking sessions in LA or in OC. I only request this to cover the cost of gas and time in the case that you would need to reschedule our appointment. This deposit will go toward the total tribute amount and is NOT in addition to the hourly tribute rate. Send gift card to my email Sheri.Darling13 at
  • If I haven't listed your kink, ask. I might be into it but also I love learning & am not above being taught a new trick or two. I also appreciate donations toward your kinks~ if its medical, bring some supplies I could use on you. If its pantyhose, bring some you'd love to worship or ruin.
Lets get kinky xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday & sessions etc...

Don't you just fucking wishhhh it was warm outside? I know I do...

Ive had a great week! Being spoiled is fun~ since I am single my session guys are very very much appreciated during birthdays and holidays. Thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart, I appreciate all the letters and gifts that were sent to me & also thanks for the online notes and gifts as well. Ive got to take some pictures in some of the stuff I got so that they can see how awesome they fit & how sexy they are on ;) 
Between my many special birthday requests and being spoiled I actually had a few fun sessions this week also! Had a foot guy requesting a trampling session! Oooooooh boyyyy hahaha I decided to line up my favorite heels & find the best ones to balance on his face, body & sensitive areas ;) He didn't ask for ballbusting specifically but he seemed to like it! I have a feeling that perhaps next time he will want more than 2 feet dominating & trampling his defenseless body..
Then I had a session with another newbie this week!! I love taking guys session virginity! Its a huge compliment to me no matter what type of play they enjoy. He mentioned wanting to explore a medical fetish hes been curious about & also light CBT play so I was pretty excited. I haven't had the opportunity to do as much medical play as Id like to so I might even willing to discount medical play sessions if the guy will purchase me more medical equipment! I ended up doing a session with him that was more of a roleplay/evil doctor CBT! I know I'm using a lot of exclamation points here guys but seriously I had fun! lol

I think I might kinda be feeling a bit submissive, but shhhh don't tell anyone. I got a little disappointed that I didn't even get ONE birthday spanking this year. My tush is definitely neglected.... I also haven't been tied up in way too long, my skin misses being bound... Maybe the right (experienced) Dom will come along & politely request to top me.. I might allow him to.

Mercury is going into retrograde tomorrow so Ive got some online Christmas shopping to do today! Have a nice holiday if you're celebrating. For those (like me) who don't like the holidays~ I hope you find something to make you smile & keep those dirty minds occupied~ but if you cant: call me ;p Ill be with family but my kink tank is always full, don't hesitate to request sessions because if you are polite & sincere Ill always try to make it happen.
I love my pets, lets get more kinky. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy past few weeks..

I've been crazy busy & I love it.
I finally got around to using gift cards from some great fun pets! I got home last night from being gone in Vegas with Mistrix and from being in LA for a few days to many sexy outfits waiting for me to try on!!! I got some personal lingerie and some hot stuff to wear for you guys in session ;) I just need to re-stock my pantyhose collection & Ill be good to go for a few more weeks!

Vegas is always fun, that's just how it goes. This trip with Mistrix was so fun & I am trying to get it on the calendar as a regularly scheduled visit! We had a blast playing with pets out there & being spoiled while we were at it. Fancy dinners, massages, wine/champagne delivery & shopping courtesy of some well trained, fun & generous pets! Cant beat that. We hardly lifted a finger~ until we had pain sluts in sight that is ;p
In bed relaxing...
Bedside jacuzzi with Mistrix
Upon returning to LA we had about a day to relax and regroup before the bi-monthly Mistress dinner. I spent that day sleeping & hitting up the Juke Joint in Anaheim to check out psychobilly band Guana Batz! I love the psychobilly scene, theres noting quite like it. Now the Mistress dinner is a get together for us Dommes/Switches/subs and the pets we love. Its a meeting of like-minded people who gather mainly for an amazingly delicious 5 course meal planned & cooked by Mistrix (I helped prep with her). Every course is better than the next and there are no left-overs! Chicken curry, chicken pot-pie, quiche, green bean casserole & 5 berry cheesecake: be jealous. It was nice to just relax and chat and have a few drinks with a few of our favorite play things.
The dinner was followed up by a very hot whip & flogging session courtesy of Mistrix & Saint Leather (go to Saints website & order her custom hand made floggers & leather toys!). Watching these two is something I'm sure you will not soon if ever forget! Both such good sports, both very into it & both having a ton of fun (even laughing from time to time during session) it was definitely a treat to watch.
Pic I took, you can see the whip cross Saints back!
Mistrix will only be here a few days more & I'm already looking forward to next time we get together. Shes got such a sick mind and a huge heart, its been so fun playing with her I might have to go to the east coast sometime soon to continue tormenting pets along with her.

yours truly...
For now~ Ill be in LA playing at the S&M Ranch. I'm available for paid bondage and fetish photo shoots & as always I'm ready to play with you & fulfill those naughty BDSM/Fetish fantasies in session. Book me via EMAIL.

Thanks pets!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love birthdays & Im really good at getting gifts ;p
Mine is coming up on November 22nd!

Thought Id make a note of what I would like incase there was a sweet pet out there who wishes to spoil me and make this birthday extra special.

Im not a brat, I am not rude & I dont demand anything. I can be a cold bitch if you pay me but I prefer pets WILLING & EAGER to serve me, please me & make my life easier. If youd like to present me with gifts while meeting for a session that is ok too :)

*Here* is the link to my Amazon Wishlist.
There are links on the right side of the page to 3 lists actually, heels, attire & general stuff.. 
If you spot some hot heels I might like I wear size 6.5-7

The top 3 things I would love are...
  • The black ballerina style fetish boots on my Shoe Amazon Wishlist! I was a dancer a few years back & would love to play around in those. ***Boooo those ones I wanted are sold out in my size. FIND THEM PLEEEAAASE?! Size 7! Ill be so beyond happy to get those suckers on my feet!***
  • Victorias Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood gift cards!
  • A fetish session with you! Come on, I love kink. Keep me busy!

Thanks in advance my sweet pets!