Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy past few weeks..

I've been crazy busy & I love it.
I finally got around to using gift cards from some great fun pets! I got home last night from being gone in Vegas with Mistrix and from being in LA for a few days to many sexy outfits waiting for me to try on!!! I got some personal lingerie and some hot stuff to wear for you guys in session ;) I just need to re-stock my pantyhose collection & Ill be good to go for a few more weeks!

Vegas is always fun, that's just how it goes. This trip with Mistrix was so fun & I am trying to get it on the calendar as a regularly scheduled visit! We had a blast playing with pets out there & being spoiled while we were at it. Fancy dinners, massages, wine/champagne delivery & shopping courtesy of some well trained, fun & generous pets! Cant beat that. We hardly lifted a finger~ until we had pain sluts in sight that is ;p
In bed relaxing...
Bedside jacuzzi with Mistrix
Upon returning to LA we had about a day to relax and regroup before the bi-monthly Mistress dinner. I spent that day sleeping & hitting up the Juke Joint in Anaheim to check out psychobilly band Guana Batz! I love the psychobilly scene, theres noting quite like it. Now the Mistress dinner is a get together for us Dommes/Switches/subs and the pets we love. Its a meeting of like-minded people who gather mainly for an amazingly delicious 5 course meal planned & cooked by Mistrix (I helped prep with her). Every course is better than the next and there are no left-overs! Chicken curry, chicken pot-pie, quiche, green bean casserole & 5 berry cheesecake: be jealous. It was nice to just relax and chat and have a few drinks with a few of our favorite play things.
The dinner was followed up by a very hot whip & flogging session courtesy of Mistrix & Saint Leather (go to Saints website & order her custom hand made floggers & leather toys!). Watching these two is something I'm sure you will not soon if ever forget! Both such good sports, both very into it & both having a ton of fun (even laughing from time to time during session) it was definitely a treat to watch.
Pic I took, you can see the whip cross Saints back!
Mistrix will only be here a few days more & I'm already looking forward to next time we get together. Shes got such a sick mind and a huge heart, its been so fun playing with her I might have to go to the east coast sometime soon to continue tormenting pets along with her.

yours truly...
For now~ Ill be in LA playing at the S&M Ranch. I'm available for paid bondage and fetish photo shoots & as always I'm ready to play with you & fulfill those naughty BDSM/Fetish fantasies in session. Book me via EMAIL.

Thanks pets!