Friday, November 25, 2011

Protocol on scheduling sessions...

Hi pets & potential play partners~

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know protocol on booking me for sessions.

  • Please do not call me after 9pm - 10am, send an email instead. If late night or early morning sessions fit better in your schedule we can arrange it but only if you plan ahead. If you are calling me when I say not to I will save your number & you will never get an opportunity to meet me. EVER! 
  • Leave me a voicemail. Calling twice doesn't equal a voicemail.
  • Please do not ask for illegal play. My skills are in legal BDSM & Fetish play only. If you seek full service, go find a prostitute, I'm not it. There will be no "jobs" going on in session. you may politely request to relieve yourself after session but you might not get permission unless I actually like you so behave yourself.
  • I require at least 2hrs notice & tend to book my schedule the day before. I hold sessions in LA & OC so I go back and fourth a lot. I might be able to see you sooner but usually I require travel time, prep time & often schedule around other appointments. Plus, trust me, you'll want me to get my dirty mind going so I can concoct the perfect perverted session to blow your mind.
  • When you are ready to book please politely introduce yourselfTell me your kink and how you like to play. If you don't know your fetish, come back when you figure it out. I posted a blog about some of my favorite play sessions and additional details in addition to randomly at times blogging specifically about sessions. I love newbies & virgins to fetish play and BDSM so don't be shy, I don't judge & I love keeping your dirty secrets.
  • First time clients require a deposit to book. No time wasters! If you cant make a deposit to prove you aren't going to waste my time then I wont spend any time on scheduling you. I haven't been so strict on this until recently but after a few no shows I am changing my policy. I only require this deposit for NEW FIRST TIME pets. For current or past pets I have played with I do not require a deposit to book sessions. I require deposit in the form of an Amazon gift card for booking sessions in LA or in OC. I only request this to cover the cost of gas and time in the case that you would need to reschedule our appointment. This deposit will go toward the total tribute amount and is NOT in addition to the hourly tribute rate. Send gift card to my email Sheri.Darling13 at
  • If I haven't listed your kink, ask. I might be into it but also I love learning & am not above being taught a new trick or two. I also appreciate donations toward your kinks~ if its medical, bring some supplies I could use on you. If its pantyhose, bring some you'd love to worship or ruin.
Lets get kinky xoxo