Monday, February 20, 2012

Hussy Update..

Im very happy to report how happy & fortunate I feel, and how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who care about Me. The Universe is on My side :)

I had some really fun sessions this week...
That means you pets have to work harder to impress Me next week,
got it?
Had a guy who came to session with Me for some breath play & he complimented Me on this blog of Mine but went on to request details not to be spilled.. So cute! lol, I was born on the Scorpio cusp, of course I can keep secrets ;)
The modified coffin, one of the pieces of furniture that I like to use for bondage sessions in OC..
 I met another newbie this week... He had never seen a pro before & told Me his girlfriend isnt that kinky.... better for Me lol I liked playing with him. Very polite sweet guy, was a total good sport. I played very lightly with him.. I made sure he saw My toys, so that he knows theres much more in store for him in the future when he trusts Me more lol He was cool though, did some worship, bondage on the coffin & then did a teensy bit of tickle torture on him lol I LOVE watching them squirm! It could be from spankings, from flogging, from tickles, from the pinwheels, I just love watching them squirm for Me.
NEED to use this wheel, still havent..
Shot last week before a session in OC..
I reunited with My favorite crossdresser :)) He is so sweet, I never get over it. This time he came with lingerie gifts, high heels and boots gifts, Victorias Secret shopping and a few other goodies :) This session we wore matching black patent leather slingback high heels which he gifted Me last session! See below, his leg bound to the wall while in his heels, what a good little slut puppet I have ;)
I daydream of things to do with him in session from time to time. I always think of him when I wear certain items he has gifted to Me.. He is such a good play partner too, never tells Me no, is always as enthusiastic as I am which is great for sessions because he has such a good energy to bounce off of! He admitted that he has dreamed about Me.. The picture below was his idea, he mentioned a dream he had where I did some cbt on him while My heels hung from his cock & balls :) Made Me so happy to watch those heels swing back and fourth as I dug brand new boot heels he brought for Me right into his cock and balls, making that dream come true.
We shopped before the session too. Im so lucky to be treated so well by such a sweet pet. So rare. So special. I know am a very lucky Hussy! I had been eyeballing this leather corset since the first time I almost walked past it. I kept checking to make sure it wasnt bought because I really wanted to come back and buy it!
Leather pasties to go with the new gifted leather corset with posture collar!
The new corset he gifted Me was perfect for the session I had yesterday with the one and only, Emily Marilyn. The girl of all My wet dreams... I love her so much. Such a good heart, kinky mind & of course her rubber doll looks! Ive known Emily for years & we have played before but never in a Dungeon setting. Until this weekend... One of her many fans was in town and wanted to session with her & asked if its possible to bring a girl friend with her... Duh I was completely wet for two days as I waited in anticipation of getting to play with her again!!! Watching ourselves play in the mirror with her in latex while teasing her client, I got her outfits all lubed up, playing with her high heels & doing lots of tie & tease with her~ such good fun! It was so much fun playing together while teasing her client, definitely am up for more of that!
Us a few months ago at a concert..
Yet another concert last Halloween
This week Ill be visiting Las Vegas for a quickie trip with Mistrix, My pet & a few other hussies will either meet us there or.. I dont know. All I know is it will be so much fun!! Yes sessions available with deposit & proper notice. Double Domme sessions are available also!
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Stay kinky, pets xoxo

Monday, February 13, 2012

Those who know better, do better..

I love bubble bath time, often..
A very sweet pet introduced Me to lots of very kind, well respected friends & family of his in the fetish community. Being newer to the scene I can't express how fortunate & flattered I feel to be welcomed by people who keep the lifestyle alive, that means a lot to Me. I want to learn from the best who are actually active in the scene & who know what they're talking about so that I can be a better Dominant & fetish player. I don't intend to lie about what I'm after, where I stand, what I believe or what I want to do just to earn a quick buck EVER & anybody who doesn't like it can suck My sparkley fat cock. Nice thing about being an independent Domina is that I don't need anyone but My sweet pets, supportive friends & great mentors to learn from, I don't "have to" work with anyone who I don't want to work with.
Driving to LA on Friday afternoon...
We went to the kinky Valentines event this weekend at a dungeon in the valley. Kicking myself because I should have totally bought more rope & wasnt thinking! >:/ I did meet some rad people there though. It's great to mingle with others in the same boat & I've enjoyed going to the few events I've attended very much so I do plan to go to more.
Another day another.. bath? lol
I know everybody has their own comfort zone in the kink realm: but without lifestyle slaves some of you who call yourselves "Pro Dommmes subs & switches" wouldn't even have a job or be able to have someone do your dirty work for you.. I will never be the Woman who does things the way someone else thinks I should, I'll do them My way. I respect respectful people & it doesnt matter if they're Dominant submissive or just kinky fetishists & nobody will ever be able to tell Me to treat people differently than the way I want to. Ill never be able to blindly follow someones lead because they say so.. I'll never follow suggestions from miserable, liars whose heads are so far up their asses they think they can tell Me how to do business. Especially if they don't respect the lifestylers & aren't anything like I would hope to be in 20 years when I reach their age.. Misery loves company, so I tend to roll solo or with the very few who prove to have good hearts and heads on their shoulders. I had been steered away from "the lifestyle" even though it's what attracted me into the scene and I was told "the lifestyle slaves don't pay Our bills"... I'm avoiding people who are dumb enough think that way from here on. Yes, I do depend on the kinksters who pay to play but I would never turn My back on such sweet devoted pets whose only wishes are to serve or turn away from lifestyle players simply because they arent paying Me to. I might not allow many to serve Me but I do appreciate each of their kind slave hearts. I could never turn My back on an opportunity to learn from someone more wise than Myself or from someone I respect, I want to know better so that I can do better.
Anyways~ The pet also recently introduced Me to a very sweet lady who owns a dungeon that SCREAMS "USE ME" but isnt being used much lol that's where you pets come in ;) This is the new play space I've been telling you pets that I was looking for! Its gorgeous, clean & well equipt (no not just a spanking bench & mirrors *wink).. Plus it's easier for a lot of My pets to come to, it's in Hollywood, plenty of parking, nearby SHOPPING! & places to grab food or drinks.
Sneak peek of the new LA playspace,
you'll definitely see more pix of this place soon!
Ok thats it for now. Just wanted to squeeze in a quick blog & sneak peek of the LA space where Ill be having fun before the week gets busy. Ill be in LA & OC back and fourth often like I usually am so be sure & try to plan ahead for sessions. I love playing with My sweet pets & like it when you keep Me busy.

Read this blog *HERE* for info on how to schedule a Fetish or BDSM session..
Lets play soon, pets xoxo

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My Sweetheart, Switch Siren Savannah & I
Shot by Ashes Wednesday January 2012
I would loooove to brag about all the fun sessions I had this week... but Ill be honest, it was a slow week lol Bad slaves! I did see My favorite roleplaying slut recently.. I do enjoy bragging about him.. Hes cute and hes got a perverted mind, is up for pretty much whatever I suggest so far, respectful, what more could a Domme want? Normally he is My victim & we play in scenes that include him being caught lurking or groping ladies stockings & high heels, including light CBT & lots of smothering, face slapping, digging stilleto heels into him, hair pulling, that sorta deal.... But this time we played in a little switch session where I was begging for My job or getting in trouble for something & he was the higher up.. I learned that Im pretty good at begging ;) But I wasnt that great of a submissive lol I kept asking him to do things & I even got to fuck his cock for his first time ever with My new vibrating sound! Topping from the bottom was fun, Id definitely be up for more of that with him.  Ive been pondering what props I could use and for what new roleplay scenarios to use them in.. I was thiking a kidnap victim scenario would be hot.. Maybe a schoolgirl scenario would be hot but only if I get to be a total controling brat.. A prisoner scene would be cool, like an interrogation & torture session..
Siren Savannah & I
Ashes Wednesday photo
I dont like to sub or switch for just anybody.. It has to be something that I enjoy & cant ever be degrading or humiliating for Me, those scenes just arent worth it for Me ..because I know its hard to get into that headspace & I naturally much more of a Dominant player. For example.. I had a guy request a body hair worship session. I told him hes nuts if he thinks Ill do it for My regular tribute because My worship guys love My soft skin, shaved! I also had a guy ask Me to shit in a bag and sell it to him. Really guys. Get serious. I wont do just anything for money, I  have to be into it, there has to be something about the session that gets Me going or that I find fun or I will say no. Dont get Me wrong, money is a turn on.. but not all money..
Grabbing Siren Savannahs hair while smothering Her with My DD's!
Savannah is so sweet, kinky & a total package Switch,
I love playing with Her.
Were available for double girl sessions just so ya know ;)

This week I met yet another foot fetishist.. He called and said he wanted to see Me after reading My blog, he had a foot kink he wanted to play out for his first time... Love virgins to fetish play! He was quiet and polite at first while doing some foot worshiping and a very slow foot rub.. until I filled his throat with My toes on one foot and made him scream My name while smothering him with the other foot!!! It always cracks Me up & is one of My favorite activities hearing them struggle to speak and say "Sheri Darling" with My foot in their mouth --& guys who have sessioned with Me know I love a good laugh in session. I got him tied down to the modified coffin, its flat on top & padded at Dragonsgate in OC, & then held my balance using a hanging spreader bar to stand over him & switch left foot to right foot & back and fourth :)   
Shot by Fetish Jade October 2011
This week I also met a cucky boi.. I led him into the studio & immediately began testing him. I get a lot of calls about cuck scenes but few are really ballsy enough to go through with it, I find that they tend to like the fantasy more.. I watched this man suck My fat sparkley cock like there was liquid gold about to spew on his hooded face and strait jacketed body It was fun :) He ate his own cum at the end of session when I made him.. so Im pretty sure he will eat whatever cum I force him to the next time I see him. Good times ;p I really enjoy cuck scenes but do not get those types of sessions as often as I would like. Its the only type of scene you can watch My pussy get action! lol, other than that the only time pets get to see more than nipple is during golden showers.
Kink buys~
I have been getting lots of CBT devises but not enough sumbissives brave enough for much play, bad slaves! Grow some balls!

I updated My wishlist with a Spring Break in Vegas list Ill be updating, spoil your favorite Domme! I like showing off on cam in gifted items as a personal thank you so send away ;D I love Vegas & will be up in April from the 6-9th for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend Carshow, will be hitting the Tiger Army show that weekend too! If you want to sponsor send gas gift cards & Visa gift cards. Id seriously cream My panties if you  sweet generous pets helped out with that trip, its what I look forward to for months every year. Ive attended for the last 4 years, its the best.
Lets play! oxox
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