Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FemDom Blog Update

Hello again friends, fans & stalkers!
Thanks for checking in on Me, Im doing fantastic!!
I snapped these while hanging out in DTLA filming some smut for you sluts to enjoy. Visit & collect My hot videos, buy My cam ID or chastity contract sample & begin to serve Me! I know lots of you will read this & want to become My film slave, great! Book a session first, its the only way I consider playing with a slave on film. Everything is earned around here. 
Snapped these before heading out to Our last Mistress party! I had such a blast as usual. If you want to hear about it I have recorded some pre-recorded listings on that you can listen to including some party reviews, fun games Ive played during Our parties & some kinky stories about what Ive enjoyed seeing slaves do the most during Our popular CFNm FemDom parties in DTLA. Or you could book your flight and buy a ticket, lots of kinksters have been traveling out just to attend so We have tried to announce in advance so that you may make arrangements. I honestly think We have the best FemDom CFNm party in the USA. The top Dommes of the industry including some very well known Mistresses all together in one place ready to play with you and make you Our bitch! Doesnt get any better than that. Our next just so happens to be coming up.. 
Come to Our party so I can make you My bitch!
Located in DTLA at the legendary Ivy Manor Studios, come serve the top Dommes of the industry as We join forces to make you useful.
faceless fuckhole
captive ashtray
A thousand strokes
Skinning the slave
Awake a better slave
shredded by Cybill & Sheri
cuckold to My toys
nail slave wanted: $150/mo
lush bath bomb slave wanted: $50/mo 
sheri.darling13 at gmail dot com
latex slave wanted: $300/mo or more per month She has My measurements, contact her to request the opportunity to buy Me more sexy shiny custom latex to tease you in. 
Taking sessions live in OC or LA
on cam
on the phone
fly Me to you
fly to come serve Me
fake slaves make excuses, real slaves find a way to serve Me.
My spin studio is having a contest so Ive been working out extra hard but I didnt think THAT hard. Its a 30 day challenge & I love a competition. Ive now taken 17 workout classes between spin (with and without weights), trx, pilates & yoga in 9 days!! Unfortunately My spin shoe is on its last leg as of this morning & I need a new pair asap. I did add two pair to My wishlist on amazon. These are stinky. Not overpowering but they smell like feet for sure. They are about 2 years old or so. I might be willing to let them go to a foot fetishist. Im just bummed they wont make it much longer. Im a bit sentimental and since these were a gift from a guy who enjoys riding his bike & competing on the road these really meant a lot to Me. He said that if I had My own that Id ride more & he was so right. These have been on My feet nearly weekly since then & have gotten Me through a lot if Im being honest here lol Be a good boy & cheer Me up by sending Me a new pair or two! workout wishlist
This was such an awesome date thanks to My cuckold bitch for sending these Flemings gift cards. Red meat and wine just taste so much better when theyre bought with slave money. The gift cards just barely covered dinner & drinks. Such great service though, their location is pretty close by too so this sexy steak & wine dinner definitely aided in getting Us in the mood.. We couldnt wait to get home afterwards to make the night really end on an even better note ;) Its too bad slave was so far away & couldnt serve as cuckold in other ways... Send Me Flemings gift cards to My pobox or email address & beg to serve Us! I also tend to have one Friday a month reserved for a humiliation cuckold date. Expect to spend over 1k before you even begin to think of approaching for consideration for this! And be sure to tribute when you inquire to show your sincerity. 
Coming up:
DTLA CFNm Multi Mistress Play Party 3/24/2017
Call Me on if youd like to discuss anything related to this party! 

I have high dental bills Im dealing with so Id be pleased to see many custom video orders coming through on so I can pay for them! Or you could always send a tribute there just because. 

DomCon in May:
Im game to hear your kinky dinner meeting requests and your plea to serve Me live in My dungeon just a few minutes of a drive from DomCon. Deposit required at the time of booking. 

Vegas in July:
A Mistress Friend Elena De Luca & I are going to have a Ladies weekend (July 8th or 15th weekend) in Las Vegas to see Mariah Carey perform at Ceasars Palace & its going to be paid for with your slave money. Tickets can be pricey but We deserve nothing but the best. Covering Our hotel stay would be ideal.  If youd like to escort Us to clubs, spas and fine dining on your dime e-mail with a small tribute to prove you are serious when you inquire.

DommeTrips in October:
Ive joined DommeTrips since 2012 and since this is their last year Im sure itll be over the top! Im accustomed to being sponsored for this trip, usually by a personal slave who wishes to serve Me around the clock for the entire week. This requires a submissive slave, preferably into rubber, who understands there is a tribute involved and will enjoy being bossed around by My hot friends prior to being beaten whenever We or I feel like. October 15-22 Jamaica for info. Email with tribute to show your sincerity if youd like to inquire about serving. 

Serve Me!
Lets Play!