Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mistress Party at The Ivy Manor

Special note: Two weeks ago, Isabella Sinclaire received a phone call stating that the oldest of her adopted children, age 17, had been in a horrible car accident and was in critical condition. There is a GoFundMe page that has been set up to help with her son's medical costs. Please check out the page, make a donation & share the link. Thank you.

In addition to being located in OC & taking sessions here and at My favorite West LA dungeon I am currently taking sessions at Mistress Isabella Sinclaires Ivy Manor. Her gorgeous dungeon is located in Downtown LA, deposit & 24hr notice required.

Multi Mistress Play Party Coming Up!
Ms Eden Winter & I, photo by Tommy O
Come serve Myself + 11 other Mistresses for hours of uninhibited play!
* Next party is 10/9/2015 *
* Location: Isabella Sinclaire's Ivy Manor in Downtown LA*

Attending Mistresses:
(Unfortunately Mistress Isabella Sinclaire will not be attending this party. I strongly encourage you to bring your tribute for Her, or better yet click the GoFundMe link & make a donation)

Past parties:
7/4 Bondage Ball
5/15 & 5/15 DomCon Parties
11/22/2013 My Birthday
My favorite past scenes at Our Multi Mistress parties have included smoking / ashtray service, use of all sadistic toys, tease and denial, testing your slave limits & playing some quite fun kinky games together ;)

you could always come & just mingle
I'm positive that you'll want to amuse Us & play.
Don’t miss your chance to show off to a group of gorgeous Goddesses what a good boy you can be! What are you waiting for? Come spend an evening full of uninhibited play at what has become LA’s most coveted and exclusive “underground” Multiple Mistress/slave party. Step into a FemDom world where you are subject to Our every perverse whim and desire…

New Venue - Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor
Newly remodeled, 2500 square feet of play space with state of the art dungeon furniture including newly launched private DeMasK DTLA showroom. The showroom will carry only the finest fetish wear available by DeMasK latex as well as other BDSM play essentials Isabella refers to as "slave tested, Mistress approved", insuring the best quality items are available to her contemporaries, customers and collectors. The showroom will be open and all items available for purchase during the party.  
woman wearing tight latex dress
Lower Level
With an open floor plan, delicious champagne/hors d’oeuvres bar, lounge seating, bathroom with walk-in shower, play area with custom made double St. Andrews cross, spanking horse, canopied bondage table, throne, and pommel horse as well as the DeMasK showroom.
Upper Level
Here you will find the white tiled Medical Play area with gyno table, small lounge area, bathroom with shower/tub. Step a little further to the rear and you will find beautifully appointed play room. With a more intimate feel this room features custom throne, bondage horse, padded bondage table/cage, steel frames for standing bondage and more.

What should I bring in My toy bag?!


Mistress Update Time

Hello slaves, subs, fans & stalkers!
Miss Me much?!
I have been so busy that I almost forgot to fill you perverts in on how things are going in Sheris World! Ive been busy having fun & keeping slaves busy serving Me- lifes good! This latex swimsuit image was snapped while I was in Dallas last month, right before enjoying some poolside/Jacuzzi side service from that nice group of slaves. Lucky fuckers. The True Desires event was a blast & I was hoping to gather more images from that weekend but since I haven't had much luck with that I figured Id just share Mine.
This image was shot that weekend in Dallas as well, right before a fun night out with slaves in bright orange jumpsuits, collars, cuffs & chains locked on. I loved all the extra attention We got at that bar that night, I loved being served publicly- Im proud to be a Mistress with good boys who know their Mistress deserves to be on a pedestal & know that their wants come after Mine are met. The weekend began with solo slave interviews after a cocktail hour where the slaves were asked their limits & goals. I believe they walked away with much more knowledge than they expected. There was a dungeon play party where all the slaves got play time & Us Mistresses took time to switch play partners. I loved being so well served & I hope that I get to attend another True Desires Event sometime in the future!! Ill definitely give you guys a heads up here!  

I loved being able to use Maitresse Rennes dungeon space while I was in town, thank You Maitresse! I know that You don't rent it to ProDommes on a regular basis so this was such a treat, best dungeon Ive been in -hands down-!!! If youre in Dallas you are lucky! I snapped this picture of My boots while waiting for a lucky pervert to come serve Me.
While at home I try to keep on a regular workout schedule, eat right & always make time for My perverts! I snapped this photo of Myself post workout while making some tacos one night. youre welcome. Wanna make Me happy?! Tribute towards workouts, massages & food! lol or send a tribute off of My amazon workout wishlist!
Thanks for the barbell set, I like it!! Already used it a few times on days off from workouts so now I can beat you harder, let Me show you ;))
Snapped this photo of Myself in a changing room while trying on this bikini I had a slave buy Me before I took off to Las Vegas.
& then I used said slave as a foot rest while I got some computer work done. I love a slave who serves Me & not their own selfish wants or wishes.
Long phone conversations about Me make Me happy.
Right before some playtime in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago.
What a lucky pervert..
I spent 5 lovely days in Las Vegas but I felt like I could have stayed & never come back, really enjoyed Myself.
I had him strip down & put on gimp wear including a blindfolded hood & then I got ready. While I snapped this image I reminded him "I look so hot right now, it's too bad you cant see". Then I ordered him do a bunch of humiliating & masochistic activities in order for Me to un-blindfold him. Good times!
One of My fav fetish shops is in Vegas
I hope to return to Las Vegas very soon, I can never get enough of the service, spoiling, shopping & submission ;) Invite Me to play in Vegas, I'm just a tribute away.
I love getting hand written notes with gifts & tributes. Thanks for all the notes & tributes, slaves. I truly appreciate all the thought you put into showing that you appreciate Me.
Snapped this image after My human ashtray arrived to indulge in some smoke fetish play recently. Nice fat cigar!
I recently had a fun & sweet kinkster tech Me a thing or two about fisting. I snapped this photo after getting My other arm almost elbow deep inside him. I tried to get both fists inside but couldn't, booooo. Maybe next time. I liked how he brought this purple latex paint to coat My arms before getting to work on him. It felt like kinky arts & crafts time, I had fun!
Ive had a fetish for being a keyholder for years now. Ive played around with all sort of options in order to keep dicks out of hands of slaves who come up with every excuse under the sun to negotiate their way out of being locked up. This is probably My new favorite solution.
The metal key goes inside the metal keyholder, then with the combo lock the slave is secure until I decide otherwise. I offer real time (live) chastity lockup in Los Angeles & Orange County California. I also offer distance training with keyholding, just call My niteflirt phnesex line if youd like to discuss becoming a better trained slave & Wwe can get started.
From the OC Dungeon
I recently started to use the app called Periscope & thought Id post the first two broadcasts here. My username there is Sheri_Darling, follow Me! I chat with periscopers who type questions or mention something nice but this is just the videos that don't show the comments so youll have to join when I go live again!
From the West LA Dungeon
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