Monday, October 13, 2014

October Update

 Whats up sluts?!
Took a cock selfie while coming down from the excitement & arousal of another fun session with My humanashtray :)
This last month has been so fun & so busy, I love it! Upon returning from My last trip to Dallas for September Surrender I heard from My favorite local smoke perv! I loved how he seemed to "need to" see Me, I only see loyal perverts for same day sessions & hes a great example why! I love being able to pick who I want to see, based on interests & attitude. Being the Goddess I am, I quite enjoy having many slaves with different interests all serving Me the way that I enjoy being served.

Its so cute
the way he asks why he cant just come relax & watch tv with Me!
Cause youre here to serve,
Then theres sub slut bryan who Ive been having some fun with lately.
I wish he would fly his slutty as into CA and serve Me for real already...
I spend My free time humiliating and perverting boys on I feel like its much more satisfying for the true humiliation pervs out there than any clip could ever be, its personal, its real, no fakery here. This is not some act I put on. Im a true pervert who likes to exploit undercover sluts for what they truly are~ My playthings.
Connect with Me there for 1 on 1 time with Me from wherever you are.
What pervert gets all dolled up & then puts themselves in a hogtie!?
This bimbo wanting to amuse Me, that's who! lol
I cant wait till I get My little hands on him, then I can turn him into the REAL whore he longs to be.
Until then, Wwe shall both enjoy the art of growing his fetish for handing over all of his hard earned cash to Me.
Shut up you silly slut, and send Me more money just because Im awesome.
Some presents from My wishlist!!
Im looking for slaves who know that serving Me isn't some hobby that you can make time for every few weeks when you are bored. Its the exact opposite. I like knowing My slaves schedules, dictate porn they can buy, orgasm control, dates? yah right youre too busy serving Me for those, I like domestic servitude so that's what youll be spending your free time - working for Me, attending kink events together, gift shopping should also be consuming more and more of your free time, hmmm what else.... Im a control freak so if you think "getting around to" serving Me is gonna work youre completely fucking delusional. Book a session & pretend to be slavey for a bit then crawl back to your boring life if that's all you have time for, no problem! I just don't use the term "slave" lightly, neither should you.
More presents from a worshipful admirer, thank youuuuuuu!
Love the Sardax artwork on the cover!
Presents do make Me pretty happy :)
More toys for your ass!
 Hey sluts! My Birthday is coming up 11/22, speaking of presents. HERE is My wishlist. Also refer to THIS blog I wrote specifically so you know how to spoil Me properly. I haven't really made any birthday plans so you goobers actually have a chance to contribute towards celebrating My life, lucky fucks. If youre a cuckold you only can shop THIS wishlist, otherwise Id love to get los of cash in My little hands. Book a session, send a tribute or lets coordinate some cam time so you can amuse Me. Be My bitch!
  So, what is coming up?!
Im getting ready to head out for My yearly trip to the Dominican Republic with DommeTrips! I have My house sitter in place, dog sitter all ready and Im nearly ready to start packing. My sweet slave paid for a new latex wardrobe for Me to wear & for him to drool over while Wwe are on vacation! I love Abigail Greydanus & she always comes up with the best, sexiest custom looks for Me, she is the best! I cant wait to get My little hands on the new stuff she is creating for Me! I have also set up a shoot with the legendary Tommy O while Were in Dominican as well, so that should be pretty steaming hot, as usual! Im getting My nails done, hair done, wax & you can pay for it all. Send a tribute through & add 30% to cover their fees & Ill send you a private custom thank you photo to your email.
I have lots of servants around the world but Id really like one of you local wannabe slaves to step it up for Me. It would be so nice to have you waiting for Me to arrive home from the airport with some dinner & a few groceries to hold Me over until Ive unpacked & gotten settled back in. I get so excited at the thought of handing over My suitcase so this slave can get started on laundry, latex laundry & unpacking immediately upon My return. It would please Me greatly to have a slave here detailing the kitchen and bathroom so that it was spotless upon My arrival back home. I get so many offers from perverts wanting to be My "slave" and it seems like they just don't get it. Maybe other Ladies are easier to please? Maybe Im just so spoiled that I refuse to deal with "good enough" because I expect the best? Deal with it. Become a better slave. Or tribute so that I can train you how to become a better slave. 
Serve Me.
live sessions
phone sessions / cam sessions
While I am away you worshipful perverts can expect a few treats on Niteflirt, so you better get on My customer list now by making a purchase.
To hold you over you should enjoy the pay to view tease files I have HERE or enjoy the sound of My seductive voice talking dirty to you HERE.
youre welcome.