Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post DomCon Update

Hello perverts!
Ive been keeping busy & loving it. Meeting new perverts is always fun. I'm constantly fascinated with what makes other people tick, why this kink & why that way.. I love getting into their heads & then toying with them. I absolutely love knowing I'm what gets them off, even if they're not allowed to get off.. Ive met so many intelligent, generous, kind & kinky people on niteflirt or for session & I love it. My bois who visit Me to play in person is who really keep Me sane though, thanks pervs. Being a Dominatrix is fun but being a lifestyle Domme really is what makes Me happy day to day.
The last two weeks Ive had 3 different slave subbie boys fly in to serve Me! Ive also met some new clients who were a lot of fun to play with too. I'm thrilled to have such sweet & devoted perverts to play with :) Submission LA also had Our first Multi Mistress slave pay for play party. It was quite fun seeing new slutty subs & some Mistresses I hadn't met before. I love the vibe of Submission LA, it feels like home where I can do anything I can think of.
slaveforsheri visited! Its almost been a year since he began to obsess & worship Me. Its been a great year, one Ill never forget. One of the things I love about him is that I honestly feel like I molded him into the perfect slave for Me. Yes, we are always learning & strive to grow together. I enjoy that he truly likes to play the way I like, while being sadistic, laughing My head off, smoking & always trying out new toys & new fetishes. When he is here he is so helpful in many ways, it helps Me be able to focus on whats next for Uus. Wwere currently planning his collaring so I can officially own that ass! Lucky soon to be slave property.
Miss Julie Simone said something really nice about Uus in a Marquis interview, made Me smile :)
Kiss My feet..
New bedroom play furniture came in!
Its got a custom removable harness for bondage
& its sexy as fuck...
1 or 2 lucky boys might get to use it with Me..
If they're good.
I just wish a good slave lived closer so I can torture him on it more..
For now, I will be offering cam sessions, you're welcome.
All cam sessions will be done through and on a prescheduled basis. I will not be sitting around waiting for you to want to cam with Me so send an email or visit My Niteflirt page for directions.

If you don't follow Me on twitter you're missing last minute updates & teases like this. @Sheri_Darling
My new DDI ad has been sent out for publication!
(Thanks slave for handling that for Me xo) 
If you are coming to LA or OC & want to play get in touch.
Or make it interesting & fly Me to you..
Have whips, will travel.
I prefer to schedule a day or two in advance,
rarely will I accept same day appointments
The exception is if Ive seen you before &/or happen to be at the studio.
DomCon came & went!
Spent more time with Miss Julie & met some new Ladies too!
I had a lovely dinner with Miss Julie before everyone got into town. I had a slave boi fly in to serve Me during DomCon. he was super sweet, very well liked by My Friends & I had a lot of fun making him My personal fucktoy. I have to admit, I spent a lot of time in the hotel room instead of at the convention. I keep daydreaming of the pervy shit we did together.. I cant wait to use him again. Im just glad I had a good boy completely distract Me from everything. Just what Mistress needed. Id rather have to import My slave bois than fake it with someone who Im not truly interested in having around. Its amazing to Me that some people in the scene can be so fake & serve/be served by people they have no common kinks with SIMPLY to be able to say it.  
Ive been super busy so I haven't updated this blog the way I used to
but I plan to get back to that! I do have a few trips planned throughout the year, Montreal is on the list along with Dominican Republic again. I hope to find excuses & funds to visit New York again, Vegas monthly lol & I need to make it to Florida & Texas at some point this year. Make it happen sluts its nearly June & Mistress loves to travel. 
Serve Me.
Live, phone & cam sessions.
Lets get kinky!