Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love birthdays & Im really good at getting gifts ;p
Mine is coming up on November 22nd!

Thought Id make a note of what I would like incase there was a sweet pet out there who wishes to spoil me and make this birthday extra special.

Im not a brat, I am not rude & I dont demand anything. I can be a cold bitch if you pay me but I prefer pets WILLING & EAGER to serve me, please me & make my life easier. If youd like to present me with gifts while meeting for a session that is ok too :)

*Here* is the link to my Amazon Wishlist.
There are links on the right side of the page to 3 lists actually, heels, attire & general stuff.. 
If you spot some hot heels I might like I wear size 6.5-7

The top 3 things I would love are...
  • The black ballerina style fetish boots on my Shoe Amazon Wishlist! I was a dancer a few years back & would love to play around in those. ***Boooo those ones I wanted are sold out in my size. FIND THEM PLEEEAAASE?! Size 7! Ill be so beyond happy to get those suckers on my feet!***
  • Victorias Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood gift cards!
  • A fetish session with you! Come on, I love kink. Keep me busy!

Thanks in advance my sweet pets!