Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday & sessions etc...

Don't you just fucking wishhhh it was warm outside? I know I do...

Ive had a great week! Being spoiled is fun~ since I am single my session guys are very very much appreciated during birthdays and holidays. Thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart, I appreciate all the letters and gifts that were sent to me & also thanks for the online notes and gifts as well. Ive got to take some pictures in some of the stuff I got so that they can see how awesome they fit & how sexy they are on ;) 
Between my many special birthday requests and being spoiled I actually had a few fun sessions this week also! Had a foot guy requesting a trampling session! Oooooooh boyyyy hahaha I decided to line up my favorite heels & find the best ones to balance on his face, body & sensitive areas ;) He didn't ask for ballbusting specifically but he seemed to like it! I have a feeling that perhaps next time he will want more than 2 feet dominating & trampling his defenseless body..
Then I had a session with another newbie this week!! I love taking guys session virginity! Its a huge compliment to me no matter what type of play they enjoy. He mentioned wanting to explore a medical fetish hes been curious about & also light CBT play so I was pretty excited. I haven't had the opportunity to do as much medical play as Id like to so I might even willing to discount medical play sessions if the guy will purchase me more medical equipment! I ended up doing a session with him that was more of a roleplay/evil doctor CBT! I know I'm using a lot of exclamation points here guys but seriously I had fun! lol

I think I might kinda be feeling a bit submissive, but shhhh don't tell anyone. I got a little disappointed that I didn't even get ONE birthday spanking this year. My tush is definitely neglected.... I also haven't been tied up in way too long, my skin misses being bound... Maybe the right (experienced) Dom will come along & politely request to top me.. I might allow him to.

Mercury is going into retrograde tomorrow so Ive got some online Christmas shopping to do today! Have a nice holiday if you're celebrating. For those (like me) who don't like the holidays~ I hope you find something to make you smile & keep those dirty minds occupied~ but if you cant: call me ;p Ill be with family but my kink tank is always full, don't hesitate to request sessions because if you are polite & sincere Ill always try to make it happen.
I love my pets, lets get more kinky.