Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring Domina Update

Hi pervs! I hope you are well. Ive been terrible at updating this blog! Ill try to remember to update you guys more often. Whats new?..

So so much. I guess I should start with what is the same. Im still here. Still mainly in OC, although I have been splitting My time between LA & OC more these days - Which I dont really like - too much driving. Im still playing, main studio is nearby the Honda Center in Orange / Anaheim area. Ive been increasingly more and more picky about who I see these days. Im happy to drive to play with somebody who is eager, goes out of their way and has all the fun interests that make Me smile. Fortunately I dont have to that often cause I have a great line up of regulars who I see and who make Me happy with their servitude. 

Whats coming up?!
  • You just missed Our popular Multi Mistress Play Party. We have it every 6-8 weeks or so - so definitely keep an eye out and save up if that is something that youd like to participate in. Keeping an eye out on My account to see updates and announcements. 
  • DomConLA is coming up in a few weeks! Yes I will be going, no I do not care if youd like to meet Me unless youd like to hand over some cash I can spend. Its too busy of a weekend to cater to anybody who isn't paying, just being real. 
  • I do have a trip planned to go to Dallas this summer to see My friend Maitresse Renee . Again, Twitter @Sheri_Darling is where to check for that info. 

K fine you guys get a little story time but not much, maybe when I begin to update regularly and My slaves are extremely on top of their game Ill give them an honorable mention. I do love being served... So this last play party was fun because I knew showing up in a Bitchy mood was no problem at all. I found a great submissive who let Me toy with his masochistic side for a nice chunk of the evening <3 That is the kinda first impression I like. Why hold back on making Me truly happy?  Singletails, Crops. Hanging from the ceiling in a leather cage wearing nothing but the look in your eye like you know how screwed you are. I like playing and I love to make it fun, suffering for My amusement has always been something I need from My slaves. Otherwise you are spending, significantly. Pick what kinda slave you wanna be for Me. Yes, you can be both.  

Im just over here keeping busy. 
If youd like to serve I highly suggest staying persistent, polite and giving Me reasons to want to see you. I have plenty of wannabe slaves to pick from and not enough Me time- set yourself apart and you might gain My attention. My website is the only place to petition for play time

Other useful links: for phone & clips to connect on the phone with Me.

Lets get kinky. 

ps Here are some other hot recent pictures you can enjoy xoxo

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