Monday, April 20, 2015

Hussy update time

I have been having the best time lately! Being worshipped around the clock truly makes Me a happy little Hussy pants! A little run own on how this month has gone.. Calls from all around the world from perverts who cant get enough. Prague, Australia, London and many other places report that there are no Ladies like Myself anywhere. Good.  Ive had a couple slaves fly in recently to serve Me which I love, knowing you sacrifice to make Me happy gets Me giddy! Keep Me amused slaves, I enjoy toying with you.  
 Spending lots of time with this little girl. She enjoys car rides so I take her whenever I can.
 My spread & interview came out last month over at, did you get your copy?! Do it.
 My fav picture. These were all shot by If you fetishize latex you should join their site!
 A sweet perv sent Me these bike cleats after hearing I liked spin, super sweet & thoughtful!!
Ive been spending more time working out & I like it. No days off.
I snapped this picture while relaxing in bed, this was before the last Mistress Party. If you weren't there you missed out but you are also in luck~ the next Mistress Party will be officially announced very soon, it will be a couple weeks after DomCon. We try to have parties every 6-8 weeks in Los Angeles depending upon what other events are happening, always on a Friday evening & most recently have had the honor of Mistress Isabella hosting at Ivy Manor! Keep an eye out for more details Ill post for you soon. 
 A picture of My outfit I wore to the Mistress party. I always enjoy Myself at the Mistress Parties. I think its funny how guys who haven't played with Me before know Me by My laugh! "I recognize You by Your devilish laugh" is something Ive heard more than a couple times. I love it! I can be a bitchy cunt at times, but Id rather be having fun with slaves even & especially if its S&m! I did meet a couple special slaves there... Yah I was driving home in Mistress bliss, I was extra turned on after this party.
My sweet slave got Me this super sexy latex ensemble that I fell in love with & had to have. I love that he, a good slave, supports My fetishes even if Im never satisfied & want more more more more.. he got to worship it while Wwe spent some fun time in Las Vegas. I love the level of service Las Vegas offers & with  slave in tow is kinda one of My favorite places ever. Its only been a couple weeks & I wanna go back! Wouldn't you love to be My slave & serve Me there. Who is taking Me!?
Living My leisurely life
I love having My human pet cage put together in My dungeon. I should take pictures more often, I know you guys like it. I just like being stingy, stingy with My attention, with My interest, stingy about who I spend time training & playing with... but if you court Me properly that has a possibility of changing. Just don't fuck it up.
Ill try to share more candids of normal pervy shit for you. Especially since I do feel a bit more inspired recently.. youre welcome.
A little post session selfie in LA.
A little post session selfie in OC
A pic of My fav chastity cage, slaves cock was too big for it, that's good & bad.
Im a firm believer that a good slaves cock should be in a cage, only let out when Im ready to be amused by it.
Lets make that happen for you, don't you want to be a good slave..
What's coming up:
DomCon, Id like a slave to book My room & spend part of the weekend serving Me. Less than a month to go, better get your offer to serve in to Me soon or I wont care.
Mistress Party Info., will be posting more details soon.
Travel, nothing planned out right now, change that.
I take sessions in Los Angeles & Orange County,
Visit My website for tribute, deposit & booking info
I also allow slaves to serve Me worldwide,
Contact Me to schedule cam time or to connect for a phone session
Lets get kinky!