Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Holiday Domination Plans

I thought since a lot of you are traveling to LA/OC this holiday season I would just post an update to outline what is coming up in Sheri World, you're welcome.
First & most important~ My birthday is November 22. Find & read the blog I posted about this important date. I will be in OC & might accept a session or two on My birthday with a premium tribute rate of course, I will also be accepting cash drops in Orange County, beach cities from now until forever lol
Thanksgiving & Christmas~ I will be in town for both holidays & would love to see you if you would like to plan some time together. I always require a deposit for new play partners & giving Me as much notice as possible would ensure that I can coordinate our busy schedules.
Happy new year~ Ring in the new year the right way, by serving Us. The next multi mistress play party is scheduled for 1/8/16. More info will be released soon. Please contact Me for details after you click around & find a recent blog I posted with info on Our last party a few weeks ago. The Mistress list will be different but there will be a few familiar faces that I'm sure you'll beg & grovel desperately to serve.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

DommeTrips 2015 recap

 Mistress is back from a kinky 9 day vacation in Costa Rica with DommeTrips!
Location: Jaco, Costa Rica
Heres an image I shot that perfectly displays what I love about DommeTrips. I am relaxing. I am poolside. you cant tell but Im wearing latex. There is a hot Mistress friend just to the right of Me, notice Her perfect little toes. I am also enjoying the free show of play this awesomely kinky couple put on, some private playtime in public. If only things could always be so relaxing & enjoyable!
A bit about DommeTrips~ This was My 4th time attending with this wonderful kinky crew. Previous trips took place in locations in Dominican Republic which were equally as fun. I can be kinky wherever, I can play as often or as little as I like but the main reason I love DommeTrips is because of the fun kinky group of people who attend. There is nothing like it. We all laugh together, play together & it makes for a really nice time to get away from responsibilities that we all manage day in & day out. In the picture above Im relaxing in a gorgeous latex dress Abigail Greydanus made Me which I wore for the Mardi Gras theme night!
This image of Myself with two hot Los Angeles based Mistresses, Goddess Eden Winter & Mistress Susie Sixx was snapped during a dinner by a slave. I could totally hangout with them here in LA & I do but its always nice to get together not just in between sessions or at parties but to enjoy some serious downtime together.
This selfie of a gorgeous latex ensemble that Abigail Greydanus made Me was snapped on the theme night "Shine". I love that the DommeTrips crew thinks up fun themes & games for Uus all to participate in. It gives Me an excuse to have some sexy second skin latex made & it makes every night totally different than the next. I do need to do a proper photoshoot to display just how sexy & luxurious this look is because its by far one of the most posh outfits I own :D
Another reason to hit up DommeTrips: clothing optional hangout by the pool time!
I had a slave sponsor Me this year who was game for pretty much anything thrown his way, which made Me super happy. This night was some sort of cross dressing night. The slave had never done anything like it & actually got down & dirty doing a sexy strip tease on the pole during a competition! Participation isn't required but is strongly encouraged & Im always pleased when a slave steps outside its comfort zone to amuse Me.
One of My favorite gowns Abigail made Me a few years ago. I should really get around to doing a proper shoot in this gorgeousnesss! This was perfect for the black or white theme night.
Poolside with one of My favorite perverts & possible future kidnap victim. Its always nice to reconnect with pervs from other countries during this once a year event & this one is a favorite of Mine. Plus Wwe kina match :)
Oh man... Some of you might know through My social media updates that this past year I have grown to love workouts. Ive become addicted to the endorphin rush & addicted to challenging Myself & My strength. There was a gym nearby but I was unable to gather a squad to go make the trip daily. I am lucky I brought My resistance bands but even then I felt like so lazy & felt like I had zero energy!
But at least I was enjoying being served by all the slaves who attended which required very little energy!
"rock out with your cock out" theme night was the perfect excuse to wear this amazing dress! It was a total hit, as usual. If you haven't noticed.. DommeTrips is the perfect reason to gather all your favorite latex pieces & be amongst perverts who appreciate it!
I did find pizza!
It was good!
This image of Myself with Goddess Soma Snakeoil & Goddess Eden Winter was shot during the DDI cocktail bar evening. Goddess Soma can whip up some delicious yet strong drinks, honestly the best drinks I had all week. I love DDI Mag, I hope to continue to be featured in it. I DID make the back cover two years ago which was a complete honor.
The back of the DDI Mag I landed :)

A video posted by Miss Sheri Darling (@misssheridarling) on


A video posted by Miss Sheri Darling (@misssheridarling) on

This was the most relaxing view / moments of the trip: poolside with a drink in My hand.
Looking forward to returning next year, I cant wait to find out which resort & location we will be staying and playing at! If youd like to join Me & serve Me for a week during this FemDom event which occurs every October then send Me a polite message & court Me into becoming interested in you.
I love traveling but I do live in the best place in the world, OC, CA.

Being out of the country for 9 days is fun but its also taxing. I really appreciate that My slave booked Me a nice ride home & sent some treats which were waiting for Me once I got there. I love being served & this kinda stuff means a lot to Me. Thanks, pet!
Pictures taken by the DommeTrips event photographers
My fav Hussies


Pizza in Costa Rica

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dominatrix Sheri Darling Kinkbomb clip store

video link: HERE
I set a new goal for November:
To publish some new footage every day this month!
(UPDATE: My computer is slow as fuck & I am still learning how to use My editing software... Also, talking to the camera alone is SUPER boring so Im now going to be filming with slaves- hence the lack of updates. I have gotten the ball rolling once again so in December you should begin to see regular updates. Thanks for your support, slaves!)
Clip store link:
bookmark it.
Ive had tons of video sitting around for years & instead of trashing it Im uploading it. youre welcome. Im excited to begin to shoot new scenes as well. Ive enjoyed being a Domme for 5 years now & am constantly getting requests to shoot content.
Thank Me by buying it!
vid link: HERE
Newly posted is this short promo video shot in 2012
vid link: HERE
I shot this video with an old slave, I love the visual of My gorgeous Louboutins on his cock. Ill probably shot more similar videos, I really like reducing a slave down to being nothing more than a cock or toy to play with for amusement & training.
vid link: HERE
This video was shot in September 2015 during the True Desires event I attended in Dallas.
vid link: HERE
I poste two parts plus the full movie which showcases Myself with Maitresse Renee & Mistress Alice (AliceInBondageLand.com who shot this scene)
vid link: HERE
This was a fun time ganging up on this smart mouth slave.
vid link: HERE
& yet another treat from 2012, the first time I shot anything on video.
Im posting a video a day in November to get into the habit of publishing new content & to get used to using software that is new to Me. I hope you enjoy this peek inside My play scenes because I do have many different scenes Im planning & am interested in shooting. Keep an eye out!
If youd like to make a request for a custom video please email Me at Sheri.Darling13@gmail.com.