Thursday, January 21, 2021

New Year Same Hussy

Hello fans & snoopers! ;)

I am doing great and am very happy ~ thanks for checking in on Me! I hope that you are feeling great too. I am looking forward to a fun filled year, I hope to see some of you sooner rather than later!!! Happy to see the end of what seemed to be a never ending 2020. I think I handled it better than most if Im being completely honest :)

Join My true slaves & fans at Its My AVN Stars social network page that I use as My fan club / Instagram because Insta kicks us off of there for posting anything "too sexy". 

My gimp & I. 

I was bracing Myself for an end of the year finale to 2020 but luckily I ended it with fireworks in the dungeon! I get asked a lot how I managed things last year and the truth is I tried to Mind My own business by ignoring and blocking out negativity and nonsense, per usual. Im a naturally positive person and I strongly believe perspective is everything. Being an independent thinker like that tends to attract people who feel similarly which I am fortunate for. I loved ignoring the orders to do nothing and instead spent time with My favorite local slaves as well as My devoted distance virtual slaves. Being each others distractions regardless of the outside world or events is the type of energy I want to continue to bring into all relationships that I enjoy.  

I am super mindful about My slaves as a whole, from viruses to vibes. I like My toys to be well taken care of and be in a good headspace for play at any time I call on them. So after a year of mostly distance except for the handful of favorites it was fun to end the year strong and healthy as well as with an exciting play date ~ someone who stayed home basically all year. 

And to top off finishing the year strong I was more giddy that I kicked off the new year kinky with some shiny fun too. And as you can see the new bondage suspension rig is getting used properly ;) 

He aches when he sees Me in this outfit. Who wouldnt. 

Love My grin in this photo. Happy Mistress. 

My original plan was to create a space where My orange county slaves could come serve Me in My own realm, without the restriction of time or privacy. Im a control freak and I wasnt happy being out of control of the play space like things were in 2019. Almost a full year later due to covid I finally had My first overnight guest at the new orange county dungeon! Besides spending most of the time in the dungeon suffering and serving Me domestically this slave also got to enjoy taking Me shopping, out to dinner and to enjoy a few of My favorite local things to do - all while locked in chastity of course. Im very happy I was able to remain mostly positive while staying kinky all year and for My slaves to serve so well despite all that has been going on lately. 

I love being your Goddess. 

I managed to enjoy the holidays and new year in real life only so thats why I skipped over updates between My birthday and now. I spent both holidays at home enjoying the life I created for Myself with family. Thank you to the slaves who take the time to wish Me a happy birthday, to have a nice holiday and especially those who wish for Me to have a nice day each and every day. I know that level of servitude and interaction on a regular basis isnt possible for everyone, but also thats what makes it so special. Servitude and being My slave is about making My life easier or more fun so I appreciate the gifts and tributes you guys sent and the time that you took to send them! Thank you. I am looking forward to having fun with the custom latex vac bed someone ordered for Me as well as the other fun gifts that I received! 

I am looking immediately forward to celebrating Valentines Day 2021. My best slaves have already begun to ask what I would like, which I love. A few obvious things, cash, new Louboutin heels would be fun to shop for, a new rubber outfit or two would be fun to order online with your tributes. I am only using amazon gift cards for gym gear (but Id still love to buy a bunch more of) and have moved over to gift cards from Etsy being preferred over others. Etsy is small business vs Amazon big biz. My top and main preferred method of tribute is for now. If you'd like to see what's on My wishlist and to find My Amazon WL link please visit 

I have decided to make a few new social media accounts.
These days being kinky and conservative has Me feeling like I am at times doubly limited as to what I can say or share on twitter and instagram. I joined gab and telegram this week, as well as SextPanther a few weeks ago. For a refresher here are My links:
New- social network sexting, video call & phone domination
Favorites- personal site phonesex and cam My exclusive content regularly updated fanclub My biggest collection of videos videos customs and phonesex back / promo account

I hope you take a screenshot of My links when I post them because as much as I try to behave I know that I can absolutely be kicked off some of those sites at any time especially because the rules seem to be constantly changing. I thought I had to walk on eggshells on social media before but Im certain I will need to be even more careful about what I post and how I say things. Im on those social media sites to be social and to say what Im up to and mainly to stay connected with pervs worldwide. Sometimes I might post a link or sexy photo but Im trying to do that less and less so that maybe Im allowed to keep those accounts up and running. Sex work is work. I should be able to post a link and enticing photo to direct your submission much more often but Ill try to abide by the rules as best I can. Right now gets the majority of My hot photos and nsfw stuff.

With the censorship the adult industry is facing more each day it would really help us if you could remember email is the better option for secure trading of private information. Treat social media like the moderators are all reading your conversations because they are.

Whats coming up?!
Absolutely fucking nothing. ;) Its tricky to plan anything right now so Im utilizing the time to work through phone and cam while building My dungeon. Id love more of your funds so that I can continue to do more of exactly those things. I was hoping for a vacation coming up soon but Im really against all of the weird protocols required to access public spaces right now. So instead of planning to travel any time soon Im happy to wait it out as long as I have to right here in sunny O.C. CA. I have quite a few fantasies about dungeon build-outs which Id like you to fund so email if your wallet would like some action from your Goddess. I am happy people are getting their shot. I wont. Im happy the election BS hasssssss to move forward. I hope people finally turn off their TVs and get outside and enjoy their lives before they cant. During covid I had a slave buy Me a boat! I had a lot of fun watching the boat parades this summer and it reminded Me of the fun I have on My friends boats so now I have one! Send gasoline and beer money if you ever smile trying to visualize My big natural tits bouncing around on a boat that I didnt have to buy. 

Sending love.
Serve Me.