Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hussy Update Time...

Whats going on, slut puppets?!
Ive been keeping busy lately & just wanted to say hello to you all again. I do miss a few of My favorite play partners so hopefully they're reading this & miss Me too! I am patient but plan on punishing each and every one of them so good when I get My little hands on them again! Ive been collecting more toys as usual & cant wait to decorate some of My favorites :) Violet wand kit, paddles, slappers & more kinky fun toys!
A really sweet pet sent these to Me!
Very much appreciated, thank you.
I always feel so fortunate to be thought of & treated so nicely! 
Ah, My "Fuck Off" socks, thought this pic was appropriate for this next subject: wankers & time wasters. I changed the way I am now booking Fetish / BDSM sessions. If you are finding My blog through My ad or social networks & are looking for My number or email, relax :) No more 1am callers! No more begging via text message! You must now go to My website & complete the contact form & wait for more instructions. For kinksters I know and love, you may still request sessions as you currently do since you have My phone number~ an Email, phone call or text will work. I intend to eliminate insincere creeps who tend to be disrespectful!
Yay, rope for My kink bag!
I love rope and rope bondage. Theres something about being able to multi-task that as a Woman I'm all for lol! Rope allows Me to manipulate weak men & render them helpless so that I can continue to mind fuck them with all the other toys I have :) Ive been practicing rigs & knots but I really want to get a few hours in the dungeon with a pet & try some fun ties.
Just kidding. But honestly, someone should dress Me. Moneys been a little tight & I do have tons of heels & heels come almost weekly or bi-weekly... What Id really like is latex & leather. I do have them separate on wish lists so if anybody is feeling generous, items off those wish lists would melt Me practically in-to sub-space.
I'm a sucker for new toys.. & I know some of you are cock suckers & afraid to admit it publicly lol So here's a treat just for you perverts.
Thank Me.
Probably the most impressive piece of dungeon furniture Ive ever used, looove it.
Last week snapped an image of Me in the reflection behind the CBT seat..
I love this playspace so much, feels kind of like home in a weird way.
Whats coming up?!
April 6-9 Vegas! Car show & Tiger Army concert! Looking forward to getting together with a few kinksters for sessions while I'm in town, Vegas kinksters are always a blast!
Want to spoil Me?! Send visa, gas & Gift Cards to Me!
PO Box 18341 Irvine CA 92606 or Email address

Stay kinky & I'll see you soon, sweet pets! xoxo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quickie Update..

I wanted to update this blog but I haven't been sure what to say.. & I don't feel like bullshitting about that! I just try to be honest & share a little about what Ive been up to.. I try to add pictures because pictures are worth a thousand words, right? & I'm not that great of a story teller but I am glad I have a place where I can throw some honest shit up & I kill some time, you kill some time, and that's why were here right?
Ok picture time:
Ruby Luster Myself & Emily Marilyn in Vegas
They happened to be in town at the same time as We were so We got drinks
My favorite Hussy invited Me to join her in Vegas! Mistrix, she said something really sweet like "don't you need to get away?" & I totally did. I always find excuses to sneak off to Vegas but this time it was a pleasant much appreciated surprise. One of her many generous slaves requested her presence & arranged a suite for her to stay in. We got some sessions in. Im excited to go back in April & play with them more. Mistrix & I also got to hangout like normal people do lol, sushi, yogurt, wine. I really need at least 4 or 5 days at a time with her though. She is one of the very few people I can turn to for advice who I actually trust & is also who has taught Me the most about pro Domination & is nice to talk with about stuff in general. I really don't know where Id be without her.
Mistrix had set up some sessions so I got permission to bring My sweet pet along.
My view, vodka watching the pet swim :)
I love what I do. I got a call about a guy who said he has a foot fetish.. It turned out that he liked pain, ballbusting, face slapping, cock slapping, lots of cbt, trampling, and some foot worship lol. & that's way cool, I WISH I had more clients who could take a good beat down. I didn't leave marks & I didn't even really make much of his skin pink but I had so much fun degrading and laughing at him I wondered why someone would leave such good details out! Secrets are safe with Me.
After playing with a slutty pet, puddle of drool :)
Weighted nipple clamps & gag
The slut in these pictures came to Me as a newbie to pro Domination sessions. He was so polite & such a good sport I had begun to think he was more on the vanilla side.. Then, the following week, I find him using social networks to brag about his kinks which were much more fun than I had given him credit for being into when I met him. I'm pretty sure this pet has the most potential amongst almost all My pets so far to become an amazing cum dumpster at some point. I plan to exploit his kinks for My viewing pleasure, who doesn't love an obedient cum guzzling slut pet? :)
I made the slut put on some of My pantyhose & put on a show for Me..
Whats coming up???
EXPOSED~ Ive been hearing lots about & will be attending. Find info *HERE*
Nekromantix show @ HOB Sunset 3/17 (show up & buy Me drinks)
Vegas April 6-9! Sessions are available with proper notice & deposit!
San Fransisco in April with Mistrix, dates haven't been set yet.
Kink buys~
I was gifted a gorgeous red pvc lace-up dress, thanks sweet pet, I appreciate you thinking of Me :)
I also got a cb6000 in My pobox from a pet who thought it would make a great addition to My kink bag! Sweet of him to wanna help Me in torturing My pets lol
I had some dollars on to spend so I ordered some pretty paddles & slappers (you guys know I love spanking lol)
I also ordered an inflatable ball gag to hear you mumble & moan through
Thank Me~ sending gifts always makes Me smile. I spend so much on toys, gas, heels & clothes to be able to do what I do on top of monthly bills & suprise bills too- so its beyond awesome & so much appreciated when I get some help! I always stop to say a special thank you to My gifters :) or write a degrading humiliating letter to them as thanks, it depends on the pet..
Amazon wishlist *HERE*
Read *THIS* blog for info on how to schedule a play session with Me.
Lets play xoxoxo