Monday, March 24, 2014

Post Move Hussy Update Time

Hello pervs,
First I want to say thanks for understanding & being patient during this very busy time! I have been trying to catch up with all My correspondence & hope that if I did miss your message or phone call that you will reach out to politely run your request across Me again. I have spend most of the last month moving. I am single, I live alone & I shop.... So there was a ton of stuff for Me to pack & organize. I was a teensy bitter about this but now looking back I have to admit how bad ass it feels to have done this move completely by Myself. It was not fun, it was costly & I haven't gotten to play as much as I would have liked to. On top of moving I also got hit with dental bills and now a car issue. Ill be so happy once Im truly settled in!
I did manage to get My slaveforSheri to come serve Me for a full week after all this moving. These are the sexy boots he got to help Me get into, pretty much crotch high.
 It rained in LA! lol which is rare. We put hoodies on & cuddled. Yes, rain so rare I had to document it lol
This was snapped on My phone the morning I took My slaveforSheri for his first breakfast burrito on the beach with Me. I love oc & being able to visit the beach anytime that I feel like it. It was the tail end of the big storm that blew through but I still couldn't resist the beach. My slave stayed for a full week helping make My new apartment feel more like home. We spent each night dining at the best places that OC has to offer. I love being wined & dined & having My slave here to rub My feet, entertain Me & just be a sweetheart.
This is what Ive been missing in My life! Dogs love it too!
I like to spend afternoons out on the day bed with My laptop doing some work online & trying to be as polite as possible while answering some stupid emails. Id just like to say that if you cant introduce yourself politely & demonstrate that you aren't a complete rude idiot I will not spend much time on you. Ive gotten some emails that are on both ends of stupid. From "hey have a cam & Skype?" no name, no greeting. I also get very long emails from someone who said they've never served anyone before but want to try everything under the sun in an overnight session and clearly had not taken the time to read My website... I think of it as a numbers game, there are a ton of emails and calls I have to go through before I find submissives who are fun, show complete respect, gives an idea of what they like & what their limits are & then lets Me take it from there. Rant over. Guys, just think before you email please & thank you!
Happy 30 Years, DDI Mag!
I absolutely love when DDI comes out. I usually find a Girl friend to read over it with. I love seeing all the ads, looking at the fashion, heels, dungeons, gear- I love it. The articles are always interesting & relevant. Go pick up a copy of your own!

I was quoted in this edition about DommeTrips! I am already booked to return this year (October 20th - 27th) & would love a few more slaves to serve Me! Its a fun week of fetish dress up, public play, games, lounging & for you perverts: being useful and serving Me all week! Dominican Domination is probably the event Im looking forward to most this year. Visit & if you are smart & decide to join in the fun make sure you tell them I sent you! There is always an opportunity to serve even if you cant join. Ill have a list of shopping Ill be doing, paying for massages while Im there would be nice and I always need a slave to worship Me endlessly.
Ive been enjoying living back in OC a few minutes from the beach. Here are a few pictures I took while I was running by the beach. I wish I had an elliptical though, I am so not a runner. I was a dancer from the time that I was about 8 till I got out of college & running was a big no no to My instructor. She would even make Me ask for alternatives when I was in school because she said running ruins your posture & is bad for a dancers body. I really enjoy seeing all the surfers in the water & people with their dogs. I love living here in Orange County again. Plus there aren't many other Dommes around! lol
I live north of dog beach & jog by it when I can. Love it!
Even the way the sun shines in on My living room everyday begs for Me to indulge in My smoke fetish.. The best time to book a smoke fetish cam session is to make sure Wwe can meet up on cam earlier in the day & lately the sun has been setting & shining in My apartment like this from about 4:45 to about 5:45 pst. Send a message & lets coordinate a session.
I am setting up My spare room to be My new play room! My sweet slaveforSheri got Me this gorgeous throne chair perfect for endless hours of worship :) Im calling the sissy area of My apartment sissy land! Its coming soon! Cant wait!!
Whats coming up?!
Its almost that time of the year where Dommes & subs from around the world come get together for a kinky weekend of debauchery at DomCon LA!
I am the proud official sponsor of the Mistress Dinner which takes place Thursday evening. The dinner tends to be mostly Pro Dommes & their slaves, since industry only seminars are taking place that Wednesday. Thursday is the opening ceremonies / meet & greet. Id advise newbies to go to the website & look at the schedule so that you know whats going on & when. I will most likely be staying for the weekend so make sure to say hello & introduce yourself! 
 Treat yourself to My first Goodie Bag posted on Niteflirt at I was selected to test some new features & am doing so with a smile! I love that theyre adding features which will let you sluts find & buy more of My sexy teases. Make sure to buy, give good feedback & also click like so that My content gets promoted more! Look out for more being posted very soon! This first goodie bag features 7 of My most popular animated smoking fetish images, enjoy!
I have a couple auctions going on right now at,userProfile/uid,6966 Go, bid, worship! I list things here from time to time & since I just moved I have a handful of some great finds to list soon for you lucky collectors & fetishists! Right now there is a pair of custom 100% nylon stockings for you to worship, along with a used sex toy~ enjoy.
Ill be in Vegas for My yearly trip to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend From April 17-20th! If you go I hope youll say hello! Its always a blast & Ill be with My slave so Ill definitely be having a lot of fun ;) If youre lucky Ill post some exclusive pictures on 
Till then, Serve Me on cam, phone or live in LA & OC!
Lets get kinky!